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Reference Sources

Critical Thinking and Learning: An Encyclopedia for Parents and Teachers
    (Greenwood Press, 2004) [Ref. 370.152 C934c]
Encyclopedia of Educational Psychology (Sage, 2008) [Ref. 370.1503 E56e]
Gender and Education: An Encyclopedia (Praeger, 2007) [Ref. 370.8203 G325g]
Handbook of Research on Teacher Education (Routledge, 2008) [Ref. LB1715 .H274]
Learning Theories: A to Z (Greenwood, 2002) [Ref. 370.152303 L581L]
Sage Handbook of Curriculum and Instruction (Sage, 2008) [Ref. 375.001 S129s]
Sage Handbook for Research in Education (Sage, 2006) [Ref. 370.72 S129s]

Library of Congress Subject Headings

(consider the scope notes!)
Critical Pedagogy
Curriculum Planning
Grading and Marking (Students)
Learning and Scholarship--Outlines, Syllabi, etc.
Learning, Psychology of 
    see also: Learning Strategies [and many other subdivisions!]
    see also: Creative Teaching [and many other subdivisions!]
    see also: Teaching--Philosophy [and many other subheadings!]
Teacher-Student Relationships
Theological Seminaries--Curriculum
Theology-Study and Teaching-United States
Transformative Learning [and many other kinds of learning]

Library Catalogs

Browse vs Keyword searching
Drew catalog and Worldcat
Seeking bibliography

Online Books

Oxford Scholarship Online 
Google Books
Dissertations and Theses (for bibliography)


Note: Educational Level, Thesaurus
    Example: Lecture Method and Limit=Postsecondary Education
    Example: syllabus design as keyword
    Example: Pedagogy and Limit=Reference Materials Bibliographies\]    
[PsycInfo\]    Note: Classification Codes, Document Type, Methodology, Thesaurus
    Example: Lecture Method and Limit=Educational Measurement
    Example: Lecture Method and Limit=References Available
[ATLA\]    Subject headings: Theological Seminaries-Curriculum; Teaching-Methodology
Ethnic Newswatch and Gender Watch

Periodical Databases
Education Research Complete
    Note: Document Type, Publication Type, Peer-Reviewed
    Seeking bibliography, e.g. Critical Pedagogy

    Teaching Theology and Religion
    Theological Education
    Religious Studies News [see: Spotlight on Teaching]

    Wabash Center for Teaching and Learning in Theology and Religion
        Internet Guide [note Advanced Search for syllabi and bibliography]
    American Academy of Religion
        Syllabi Project
        Section on Teaching Religion
        Job Postings

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