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The Theological Collection, begun with the founding of the Theological Seminary as the first school of the University in 1866, is a specialized research collection serving theological and religious study at several levels. As the major resource for the University's instructional and research programs in theology, it provides basic literature in a wide range of subjects as well as highly specialized materials for advanced studies.

The long tradition of theological study at Drew has resulted in a collection of exceptional scope, especially noted for its depth in the biblical, historical, and philosophical fields. An extensive collection of the major religious periodicals is also owned by the Library. The Library systematically acquires, or makes available through cooperative library networks, the full international range of theological literature. Major research collections in microform continue to be an important part of Drew's holdings, while full-text electronic resources are continually being added to our collection.

The Theological Collection includes circulating materials which are kept separately in Dewey Decimal and Library of Congress classification schemes. Call numbers from 200-229 are on Level F, call numbers 230-299 are on level E.  Circulating materials classified in the A, B, and BY (Methodist) call numbers are also located on level E in the "Cornell Room." The posted throughout the building will help you find the materials you need.

Theological reference works are found in the 200s (religion), the 016's (bibliographies), and B (religion) section of the Reference collection on level C.