Blog from January, 2015

Project Description

To lay the technical groundwork for future development with the Computing Experience Revitalization initiative, we have begun the migration of user data from Novell file servers to Windows file servers. This data includes personal drives (U: F:), organizational drives (O:, P:, G:), course-related drives (T:, R:, K:), and applications (M:). Drew computers now log in mounting the drives through Windows instead of via the Novell Client. A new web-based interface for accessing files off-campus has been launched, MyFiles.

Our team is also underway in the implementation of a Citrix environment to replace CloudPC's current vWorkspace installation, updating our back-end technology supporting Macs on campus, and updating our development environment of TreeHouse in preparation of its relaunch.


Beginning January 21st, computers were switched to using a Windows script to mount network drives instead of the Novell Client. Starting that weekend and continuing every weekend through February 14th, volumes are being migrated over to the new file servers. More information and a full schedule can be found here. MyFiles has been released, with a formal launch to follow shortly.

Coming Next

Once the Citrix environment is ready, we will be launching an improved CloudPC for the university. After the file migration is complete, the team will work to develop an improved computing model taking advantage of SCCM and Casper to ensure an optimal computing experience, keeping in mind both existing computers already out there and new computers. An updated version of TreeHouse using the latest version of the underlying software (Luminis) will begin testing soon, after which will follow a redesign for the relaunch.

University Technology Operations Team

Jay Barnes

Enterprise Systems Engineer

James Bell

Enterprise Systems Engineer

Paul Coen

Senior Systems Architect

and Instructional Technology Consultant

Frank Manna

Enterprise Systems Engineer

Russell Sprague

Director of Operations

Christopher Stave

Network Administrator




Project Description

As part of a User Services Revitalization initiative, calls to the Service Center during business hours will be answered by full-time staff starting at the end of January. The team will also be reviewing and formalizing support processes with the goal of improving response and resolution times as well as better handling of service requests that involve multiple areas of UT. As they always have, our students will continue to play a vital role in customer support.


On January 26, 2015, University Technology full-time staff began answering Service Center calls during business hours. Experienced student assistants are covering the phones between 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm, as well as during evening hours (5:00 pm - 10:00 pm).

University Technology Full-Time Staff Operators 

Peter Albar
Staff Technology Consultant 

Gamin Bartle
Senior Director,
Instructional Technology
and User Services 

Betsy Black
Manager of
User Support Services 

Verna Holcomb
Training Coordinator 

Audrey Joubert
User Services Coordinator 

Axel Larsson
Interim Chief Information Officer

Destiny Nelson
Software Support Specialist 

Mike Richichi
Chief Technology Strategist  

Rian Spivak
Hardware Support Specialist 

Coming Next

University Technology will present the results of our Drew Employee Customer Satisfaction Survey, which was conducted late last year. 130 members of the Drew Community responded to the survey, and the feedback is informative and actionable. User Services is working on plans for responding to the information, comments, and suggestions gathered from the survey. We thank everyone who participated for taking the time to supply valuable responses to inform this revitalization.