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  • Best Practices for Remote Access
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Whether you are abroad for a semester, or simply working from home,  you can access nearly all the available technology at Drew when you are off-campus. Since most of the services are accessible from through TreeHouse, our online portal which can be found at

Please use the following guides for accessing services off-campus:

Email for Remote Users

Your email is available from any computer connected to the internet, with a web browser.  Just use in your internet browser and you will be prompted to login using your uLogin and password.  Remember to check your Drew email regularly, as this is the mailbox used for all official email communication with you.

For more information about using Google Mail, visit the Google support site.

If you are logging in through Google Mail, you only need to enter your email address and you will be redirected to the Drew uLogin page. 

Accessing Files from Off-Campus

Sharing Files

Course-Related Programs and Applications

Administration and Student Life

Library Resources

A Note About Non-Drew Laptops

Some faculty and staff have non-Drew issued laptops which they use on campus.  This section points out what is and what is not available to users of non-standard laptops.

Note: User Services can only provide limited support to computers not issued by Drew.

Connecting to the network wirelessly

Please refer to the wireless information at the Internet Access information page.

You will not have access to your network drives (F: or K:) through My Computer* or be able to access campus applications, such as SPSS.

*You will be able to use MyFiles ( access your files using a web browser.*