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  • Connecting a Mac to Drew's Wireless Network
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Please refer to the Macs at Drew page for general information about this service.

Connecting to Drew's wireless network is similar to connecting with most other wireless networks. Your Mac should automatically see and connect to Drew's wireless network so long as your AirPort card is turned on. The most up to date information can always be found by searching for these topics at

To see if you are connected to a wireless network, click the AirPort icon on your desktop as shown on the right.  

The check mark indicates which wireless network you are connected to. Drew's primary wireless network is called "drew".  In some locations, the drew1x network is available, which offers 802.1x authentication.

The "drew" network 

If using the "drew" network, the first time you connect any laptop to Drew's wireless network in a given usage session, you will have to authenticate to the network.  To do this, open a web browser and access any off-campus/non-Drew website.  Enter your Drew uLogin credentials (aka your Drew username and password) when prompted. IM and other Internet services on your computer will not work properly until then.

The "drew1x" network

If you are familiar with 802.1x authentication, you can enter your credentials once and then access the network every time from then on. The drew1x network is not available in all locations on campus at this time, so configure your computer to access both networks. Configuring your Mac for 802.1x access is not supported by University Technology, so if you're unfamiliar with it then we recommend using the "drew" wireless network.


  1. I'm worried that referencing the drew1x wireless network will just add confusion, especially since it's not present in a lot of areas on-campus.  If we do keep it in, could we specify that setting up their computers for 802.1x is up to them?

    1. Yeah, I meant to add that before I ran out of time.

      1. What do you think of this layout?

  2. Drop the reference to airport "card." All laptops made in the past not so few years have Airport built in. Just say "Airport."

    1. So would the correct way to say it be, " long as your AirPort is turned on."?  Or would it be, "so long as AirPort is turned on."?  I just want to get the syntax right! :-)