Connecting to Drew's wireless network is similar to connecting with most other wireless networks. Your computer should automatically see and connect to Drew's wireless network so long as your Wi-Fi is turned on.

To see if you are connected to a wireless network, click the Internet Access icon on your desktop as shown on the right.  

The wireless network you are connected to will be indicated  - usually at the top - with the word "Connected"; additional networks available are also listed. 

The "drew" network 

This network does not require login information to use. It allows access to the internet and Drew web services available from off-campus, providing the same access you would have at any public WiFi hotspot. 

To connect to this network, simply choose it from the list of available networks.

The "drew1x" network

This network should be used if you need to reach internal Drew services such as network printers or shared network drives.

  1. Click the Internet access icon in the system tray to open the menu.
  2. Choose drew1x.
  3. Enter your Drew credentials (username and password).

The drew1x network is not available in all locations on campus at this time, so configure your computer to access both networks. 

Checking the status of your connection and troubleshooting

Please see the section appropriate to you at Internet Access.

Reviewed June 9, 2023

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