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Moodle Policies

Introduction to Moodle for Students

Moodle for Faculty (Working Document - Last Updated 3/10/20)

Remote Instructions Resources - a Moodle course for faculty

Student Remote Learning with Moodle (Working Document - Last Updated 3/10/20)

Moodle Status (Moodle is currently hosted by Moonami, so this link takes you to their site)

Common Problems and Suggested Steps

NOTE: P stands for Problem, S stands for Suggested Steps.

P: I can't log in to Moodle!
S: First check If nothing is reported there, are you able to log in to TreeHouse or your Drew email?
If not, please email with information about what is happening: what browsers have you tried? What error do you get?

P: I am getting a 500 error when logging in/logged in to Moodle.
S: Recently, Drew’s Moodle Site has transitioned to a hosting service. Check the Moonami Status Page for degradations in service or outages: A 500 error is typically resolved in under 10 minutes.

P: My “Quick Grading” page in Moodle is taking a long time to load.
S: We are currently investigating this issue as it pertains to transitioning to the hosting service. As an alternative, you are able to download all submitted assignments and grade them directly in the grader report.

P: My “Quick Grading” page in Moodle isn’t showing any of my students’ work.
S: Please make sure that any filters in the “View all submissions” screen are reset to default. For example, look at the Students’ first name/last name filter and make sure it says “All.”

P: I am trying to message my students using Quickmail and no one is receiving an email.
S: Please make sure to select “All in course” when composing an email.

P: I am trying to message my students from the Participant List, but it reads, “"formatnotsupported". No message went out.
S: Sending a message in Moodle from the “Participant” tab is not a reliable way to send a message. Please use either the Announcement Forum (remember, there is a 30 minute editing time-delay by default), or use “Quickmail.”

P: My students can’t see their course.
S: First, please double check that your course is visible to students by going to “Edit Settings” and choosing “Show” next to “Visibility.” Remember to click Save and display.

P: My professor says the course is visible, but I cannot see it.
S: Please confirm in TreeHouse on your course schedule, or with the Registrar’s office, that you are enrolled in the course. If you are, please email with the course information (name, number, section) and professor’s name.

If the suggested steps above do not resolve your problem, please reach out using any of our support resources (,, 973-408-4357, 973-408-3001, ITC Chat, Virtual Helpdesk on Zoom) to request help. Please be prepared with the course number, including name and section, and the assignment details if relevant.