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  • Setting up Internet Explorer for Banner Document Management
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Full document scanning, editing, and annotation capability with Banner Document Management is currently only available when using Internet Explorer on Windows. If you only need to view documents, basic BDM functionality is available using any web browser on both Macs and PCs. 

Before you can use Banner Document Management functionality with Internet Explorer you must install certain browser plugins that are part of the EMC Corporation "ApplicationXtender" product. ApplicationXtender is the third-party software upon which Ellucian Banner Document Management is built. In addition to installing the plug-ins, certain Internet Explorer settings must be changed to allow BDM to function correctly. The plugins only need to be installed once on each computer where BDM will be used. The Internet Explorer settings must be changed once per computer, per user of that computer.

Installing the BDM plug-ins

These steps must be completed once on each computer where users will access BDM. The user performing these steps must be an administrator of the computer in question. That is, they must have rights to install software. If you do not have rights to install software on the computer, please contact the University Technology Service Center for assistance. 

  1. Log in to Banner Document Management using Internet Explorer at You will see a list of "applications" which you have access to within BDM. 

  2. From the Help menu, select Check Installed Components. You will be presented with a page showing the EMC plug-ins that need to be installed.

  3. Select the icon to the left of the first component, ApplicationXtender Web Access Scan Component. Click the Run button when prompted by the browser.  

  4. The installation wizard for the component will start.  Click the Next button. 

  5. Select I accept the terms of the license agreement and then click the Next button.

  6. Select Anyone who uses this computer (all users) and then click the Next button.

  7. Click Install to begin the installation process.

  8. If you are prompted by your computer, click Yes to allow the plugin to be installed. If you are instead prompted for an Administrator username and password, please contact the University Technology Service Center for assistance. This means the account you are using to log in to Windows on the computer does not have Administrator rights. 

  9. Once the installation of the first plug-in is complete, repeat steps 4-8 for the remaining three EMC components that need to be installed.


Setting Internet Explorer options for each user

While the browser plug-ins for BDM only need to be installed once on each computer where BDM will be used, every user that will use BDM on the computer must set certain Internet Explorer options. This only needs to be completed once per user per computer

  1. Select the gear icon in the upper right corner of the Internet Explorer window to reveal the menu and select Internet Options
  2. If you will not be using a scanner attached to this computer, you may skip to step 5. Otherwise, select the Security tab from the Internet Options dialog.

  3.  From the Security tab, select the Trusted Sites icon and click the Sites button to open up the list of trusted sites. 
  4. From within the Trusted Sites dialog, enter *://* and click Add to add it to the list. Uncheck the box Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone. Click Close when done.
  5. Select the Privacy tab from within the Internet Options dialog. Under the Pop-Up Blocker heading, click Settings
  6. From within the Pop-up Blocker Settings dialog, enter the address and click Add to add the site to the list. Click Close when done. 
  7. Click OK from within the Internet Options dialog.
  8. You may now begin using Banner Document Management.  If you have never used Banner Document Management from any computer before, please log in directly at at least once before attempting to use the View Document links from within Banner. Your initial login to BDM will create your user account if you have been granted access. Attempting to use BDM from within Banner before having logged into BDM in "standalone" mode at least once will result in an error indicating that you do not have a BDM user account or that you have not been granted access to BDM.