Why Should I Worry About This?

Some Drew resources require one to be connected either physically to the network with a network or ethernet cable, or to be logged in to the drew1x wireless network. Examples include network printers and network drives. If your device defaults to a wireless connection and you need to access a protected Drew resource, follow the directions below for the operating system you use to prioritize the drew1x wireless network.


To rearrange the order of wireless networks by preference/automatic connection:

  1. First click on the wifi/ethernet symbol in the upper right. Then select "Open Network Preferences..."

  2. Select "Wi-Fi" on the left hand panel. Then click the "Advanced..." button in the lower right hand corner of the window
  3. Next, simply drag/drop and arrange the order of Preferred Networks in the white box, putting drew1x higher than drew. Once completed, hit "OK".


To connect automatically to drew1x instead of drew:

  1. Click the networks icon in the System Tray to see available wireless networks.
  2. Click on drew1x, check the "Connect automatically" box, and press Connect. Enter your Drew uLogin credentials.
  3. Expand the drew wireless network option and uncheck the "Connect automatically" box. You can always come back and connect to the drew network if needed by pressing the Connect button.

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