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This document is for members of the Drew community taking part in an iPad pilot program.

In order to receive Apps required for your coursework, you will need to follow a few simple steps to enroll your iPad.

Enrolling your iPad

  1. Navigate in Safari to
  2. Login with your uLogin ID and password
  3. You will be presented with instructions for installing a "Root Certificate". This involves mostly tapping buttons that say "Install" or "Done." Tap away.
  4. You will also have to install a "MDM Profile" in much the same manner.
  5. There will be a "Warning" screen regarding "Mobile Device Management". Touch the Install button.
  6. Once you reach the "Enrollment Complete!" screen, you're done.

Self Service

Once your device is enrolled, you will have a "Self Service" app.

The two relevant tabs within this app are the "App Store Apps" tab, which lists and allows you to install the apps you'll need for your coursework, and the "Profiles" tab, which contains Configuration Profiles you can use on your iPad. For example, there is a profile for automatically configuring your GroupWise email, calendar and contacts on your iPad.