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This service is not enabled by default. In order to use Duo Two-Factor Authentication, you must first enroll in the system. If you are not enrolled in the system, you will continue to log in to Drew University web sites using your regular uLogin ID and password. 

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Am I required to enroll in Duo Two-Factor Authentication?


To learn more about the enrollment process, read the Enrollment Guide on Duo Security's web site

What if I do not have a cell phone?

If you do not have a cell phone, you may obtain a Hardware Token from University Technology. Tokens are distributed freely to faculty and staff who need to enroll in the two-factor authentication service. Please come to the University Technology Help Desk with a photo ID to obtain a token. 

Using Your Account After Enrollment


  • Defaults - If you do not select any Duo Security options, Duo will automatically use the Default method. If the first phone you registered is a smartphone, Duo will automatically send a Push notification to that phone to approve the login. If the first phone is not a smartphone, Duo will place a telephone call to that number instead. 
  • Push (recommended) - If you have registered a smartphone and installed the Duo Mobile app, the Push method of authentication is recommended. In this mode, Duo will send a notification to your smartphone. Simply accept the pop-up message on your phone and click Approve to authorize the login request. 
  • Text - You may use the Text option with any phone capable of receiving text messages. When you select the Text option, Duo will send a set of 10 one-time passcodes to the phone you have selected. After the text message has been sent, you will be returned back to the uLogin form with a login failed message. Once you have the text message, you may use each code in the message to log in once using the Passcode option. Once you have exhausted your 10 passcodes, use the Text option again to get more. Whenever you use the Text option to send passcodes, any previously texted passcodes are invalidated immediately, even if unused. 
  • Call - When you select the Call option, Duo will place a telephone call to the phone selected. Answer the phone and listen to the voice prompt. Pressing any key on your touch tone phone will approve the login request. 
  • Passcode - You may obtain a 6-digit one-time login passcode from one of several sources. Simply enter the passcode into the box below the drop-down to log in. 
    • Using a hardware token - If you have been issued a hardware token, simply press the button to generate a new passcode. 
    • From a text message - If you have used the Text option to send yourself 10 one-time passcodes, enter a passcode you have not used previously. When you have run out of passcodes, you can use the Text option again to send 10 more. 
    • Using the Duo Mobile app on your phone - If you have registered your smartphone with Duo, buy you are out of cell coverage and cannot use the normal Push method, you may use the app to generate a passcode. Using your Duo Mobile app, touch the key icon next to the Drew University account to generate a new one-time passcode. 



Using Your Device with Duo

Duo supports a wide-variety of different devices for authentication. Select the type of device you are using to learn more: