First Time Enrolling?

  1. Navigate to in your browser.
  2. Log in with your Drew credentials.
  3. Follow the steps to add your phone as an approval method.
    1. Please install the Duo Mobile app, available in the Play Store and App Store, so that you can use the Duo push.
  4. Log out and return to to test the push notification and phone call methods for logging in.

You can read more about the different options for logging in at uLogin, Your Way!

New Phone?

If you have a new phone, you will need to re-activate the Duo Mobile app. Please follow the directions at New Phone and Duo.

Drew is currently partnered with Duo Security to offer additional protection to your uLogin account. This service, known as Two-Factor Authentication, adds a second step to the login process. After entering your uLogin ID and password, you will use your phone to confirm your identity. This prevents anyone but you from accessing your account, even if they know your password. 

This service is not enabled by default. In order to use Duo Two-Factor Authentication, you must first enroll in the system using Duo Self-Service Enrollment. New employees who have not self-enrolled will be enrolled automatically approximately two weeks after their hire date (we refer to this as "compulsory enrollment", and you will be unable to log in without contacting UT). Until you are enrolled in the system - either on your own or automatically -, you will continue to log in to Drew University web sites using your uLogin ID and password without the second authentication factor.


Am I required to enroll in Duo Two-Factor Authentication?

Drew University requires all facultystaff, and contractors with uLogin accounts to enroll in the system in order to protect the sensitive University records that employees have access to as part of the course of their work. Please review the Responsible Use of University Data Policy for more information.

Students are not required to be enrolled in the system, although are welcome to do so if they choose. Student Employees may be required to enroll depending on the nature of their work and the electronic records they have access to. 

Completing Self-Service Enrollment

It's easy to enroll yourself in Duo Two-Factor Authentication using our self-service pages. After logging in, Duo Security will walk you through the steps to enroll one or more phone numbers into the system. We recommend enrolling multiple phones, such as your mobile phone and office landline. If you are enrolling multiple phones, enroll your primary cell phone first. Go to the self-service enrollment site ( to get started with the process or learn more about the multiple methods Duo supports for logging in

To learn more about the enrollment process, read the Enrollment Guide on Duo Security's web site

Please keep in mind that, when enrolling devices/landlines yourself, you will need to have that first device ready to verify ownership. Also, pay attention to the order in which you add phone numbers, as this will affect how you log in later.

What happens if I do not enroll?

New employees and affiliates who do not enroll in the system after activating their Drew accounts will be reminded to enroll and given a date by which they must comply. They will not be able to access some University applications until after enrolling.

Those not enrolled in the system within that amount of time will have their uLogin accounts disabled. They will not be able to access email, TreeHouse, Moodle, or other Drew applications.

If this applies to you, please contact the UT Helpdesk at 973-408-4357 to discuss your options.

Using Your Account After Enrollment


Once you have enrolled in Duo Security, you will be required to complete the verification step whenever you see a uLogin form. You can log in from any computer (or smartphone) but you will need to approve the login using one of the devices that you have enrolled in the system. 

Simply enter your uLogin ID and password as usual and Duo will automatically use the Default method to log in. If you have enrolled a smartphone, Duo will send a Push message to the first smartphone listed and prompt you to approve the login using the Duo Mobile app. If you do not have any smartphones on your account, Duo will make a regular telephone call to the first number and you will be prompted to approve the login by pressing any key on your phone. 

Using Duo Security options to select another login method

By clicking the Duo Security link on the uLogin form, you can select another method to use to log in. Click the drop-down to view the available options. The phones you have enrolled are designated Phone 1, Phone 2, and Phone 3 in the order in which you registered them during the enrollment process. 

Please note: To use these alternate methods, you should still enter your username and password, but do not hit Enter after typing your password! Click Duo Security to see the drop-down menu and third text field.

  • Defaults - If you do not select any Duo Security options, Duo will automatically use the Default method. If you have enrolled a smartphone, Duo will send a Push message to the first smartphone listed and prompt you to approve the login using the Duo Mobile app. If you do not have any smartphones on your account, Duo will make a regular telephone call to the first number and you will be prompted to approve the login by pressing any key on your phone. 
  • Push (recommended) - If you have registered a smartphone and installed the Duo Mobile app, the Push method of authentication is recommended. In this mode, Duo will send a notification to your smartphone. Simply accept the pop-up message on your phone and touch Approve to authorize the login request. 
  • Text - You may use the Text option with any phone capable of receiving text messages. When you select the Text option, Duo will send a set of 10 one-time passcodes to the phone you have selected. After the text message has been sent, you will be returned to the uLogin form with a login failed message. Once you have the text message, you can enter one of the ten codes in the third field that appears beneath the password field. You can use each code in the message to log in once using the Passcode option. Once you have exhausted your 10 passcodes, use the Text option again to get more. Whenever you use the Text option to send passcodes, any previously texted passcodes are invalidated immediately, even if unused. 
  • Call - When you select the Call option, Duo will place a voice call to the phone selected. The call will come from 973-408-4357. Answer the phone and listen to the voice prompt. Pressing any key on your touch tone phone will approve the login request. 
  • Passcode - You may obtain a 6-digit one-time login passcode from one of several sources. Simply enter the passcode into the box below the drop-down to log in. 
    • Using the Duo Mobile app on your phone - If you have registered your smartphone with Duo, you can use the app to generate a passcode. Open the Duo Mobile app on your phone and touch the Drew University account line to view a new one-time passcode. Enter this passcode into the third text box.
    • Using a YubiKey - If you have a personal YubiKey that UT has added to your Duo account, position the cursor in the third text box and press the button on your YubiKey to enter the passcode. 
    • Using a classic hardware token - If you have a personal hardware token that UT has added to your Duo account, simply press the button to generate a new passcode and enter it into the text box.
    • From a text message - If you have used the Text option to send yourself 10 one-time passcodes, enter a passcode you have not used previously. When you have run out of passcodes, you can use the Text option again to send 10 more. 

Getting "Locked Out"

If you attempt, and fail, to log in to your account ten times in a row, you will be locked out of your account. This safety measure is put in place to protect your account (and the data you have access to) from someone who has stolen your password.

A Helpdesk ticket will be logged automatically once you are locked out.

In order to unlock your account, your identity will need to be verified. This can be done in person, at the Helpdesk, or via Drew's video call platform with a photo ID. You will need to have a conversation with a team member regarding why you were locked out and how to avoid being locked out in the future.

Using Your Device with Duo

  • uLogin, Your Way! Duo supports a wide-variety of different devices for authentication. Learn more about how to log in using your preferred method. 
  • Adding devices, reactivating the Duo Mobile App, or changing the order of devices for authentication. By logging in to the Two-Factor self-service site ( and clicking the Other options link (at the bottom), then choosing the Manage devices option at the bottom of the list, you can do things like removing or adding a device. You will have to confirm that it is really you before you can make any changes. Learn more about managing your devices from Duo's documentation

Frequently Asked Questions and Common Issues

Many questions are answered at the Duo Security Support Issues page here in U-KNOW.

  • Do I still need to change my uLogin password every 180 days after enrolling in this serviceNot at present, though this is likely to change. Once you have completed Duo enrollment, the password expiration policy will be removed from your uLogin account automatically.   
  • Does Duo Security only apply to Drew web sites using uLogin? What about logging into my computer? At present, Duo Security applies to web-based services protected by Drew's uLogin system. Duo authentication is not required for local logins to your computer.      

Reviewed 04/09/24

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