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If you have enabled Duo Restore, you should follow the instructions to Restore your account found here.

  • I want to set up Duo Restore. Duo Restore lets you set up your new phone to approve logins with Duo. See our instructions at Duo Restore.

  • I need to re-activate Duo Mobile. If you have a new phone (or have done a factory reset on an existing phone) and have kept your phone number, you will need to re-activate the Duo Mobile app. Your options here depend on what devices you have on your account. If you cannot log in to your account using an alternate means, you will need to reach out to the UT Helpdesk for identity verification and assistance.

    (Please click here if you would like to print a copy of this document for your office!)

     If you are still able to log into your Drew account via a phone call, or by using another phone or token registered to your account, follow these steps.
    • Go to the Two-Factor Self-Service site ( on a computer (not the phone you are re-activating)
    • Click on the My Settings & Devices link on the left. 
    • Choose the device you would like to use and click the appropriate green button to log in (usually, you will use Call Me).
    • Click the button for "Device Options" next to the appropriate device.
    • Click "Reactivate Duo Mobile".
    • Follow the prompts, which will be similar to those you followed when enrolling in Duo the first time, including scanning a barcode.
      • You may need to allow the Duo Mobile app to use your camera.
    • You will return to the My Settings & Devices page when finished.
  • To learn more about using self-service to manage your devices, please see Duo's help page.
  • If you are working on an IOS device, you need to allow the Duo Mobile app to access your camera. If you've already said no:
    • Go to "Settings" (for your phone)
    • Scroll down the left to the list of apps and select "Duo Mobile"
    • On the right, select "Privacy"
    • Make sure the toggle for the Camera is on
  • To install the Duo Mobile app on your mobile device: