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Teaching, Learning and Working Remotely Resource Pages

What do I need to work remotely?


Use this service to reach your personal F: drive or any department drives you have access to (listed in either O: or G:)

Note, if there is any sensitive information contained in the files, please use CloudPC instead. 

Tip: Working within CloudPC allows you to access and edit network drive files without the need to download and upload through MyFiles. See Working With Network Drive Files in CloudPC for more information.

Tip: If you download files to work on at home, remember to periodically upload those files back to the network drive you got it from, so the network drive has a current copy. 


There are many software services available in CloudPC, including the Office suite.


You may have heard of Google Voice, another Google service that allows you to both place and receive audio calls. Unfortunately, this service is not available on the Drew domain (nor is it free!). 

Offering Virtual Appointment Slots

Google has an option to add "appointment slots" to your calendar, with a link you can share for those interested in scheduling time with you. Check out Google's instructions at, and reach out to the Helpdesk (contact information at the bottom of the page!) if you have any questions. 

Remote meeting options



New to video meetings? Take a look at these etiquette tips from OWL Labs, or these recommendations for screen-sharing prep or general video conferencing tips from How-To Geek.

Review Geek also published an article with suggestions for audio and video quality on these calls.


We recommend Google Chat, a Google service available in your Drew Google account, for speaking with your colleagues while working remotely. 


A chat room could be invaluable to an office team accustomed to talking to each other through the walls! They can also be used to share files and images.


Duo or Password troubles when working from home


  1. Make sure you have a second way to approve Duo logins.
    1. If you were given a token, find it and make sure it works. 
      1. We have videos linked from the uLogin, Your Way! page showing you how to use the YubiKeys or classic tokens.
      2. If it does not work, please reach out to
    2. You can add another phone number or internet-connected device (iPad, for instance) if you have access to one
      1. Steps to add an additional phone number/device can be found at Duo Security: Managing Your Devices
  2. Make sure Drew has a current personal email address (not your account!) on file for you.
    1. Visit the Students or Employees tab on TreeHouse and choose the “Update E-mail Addresses” link in the Personal Information box
      1. OR if you are already logged in to TreeHouse, follow this link to View Email Addresses
    2. To add a new email address, change the drop down to "Personal" and click Submit.
      1. OR click the link for an existing account to make changes (for instance, if you need to remove an account you no longer use)
    3. Enter the new email address, a comment if desired, and click Submit.
    4. Questions about adding or updating your personal email address can be directed to Human Resources (  or, for students, the Registrar's Office (

I Can't Log In!

Please email from an email account that is currently on file with Drew explaining the situation and requesting assistance. Be sure to provide as much detail as possible to reduce the need for back and forth questioning.