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  1. When you create your document in PowerPoint, Publisher, or another program, use the Page Layout function to make the dimensions of the electronic document conform to the size of the final poster you want before you begin to put in any text or other elements.
    1. Maximum width or height will be 40 inches.  This is due to the size of the poster paper.
    2. Maximum length of a poster depends on how much paper is left in the printer. 
    3. In PowerPoint, change the "Slides sized for" to "Custom".
    4. Please note: PowerPoint will not allow you to create a poster larger than 56" on one side. 
      1. We recommend using Microsoft Publisher for creating posters that will be larger than 56 inches on any one side.
      2. Publisher will suggest that you use a template. You can start with one of the "Blank sizes" in the "Signs" category (look for one that is 36" on one side), or you can choose "More Blank Page Sizes" and choose "Create new page size" under the Custom heading.
      3. Publisher is not available on the Mac OS. The program is available in the computer labs in the BC basement.
  2. Making posters smaller or larger after they've been designed causes formatting problems and images are often pixellated or unclear images.
  3. Please use a white background for your posters. 
    1. Color backgrounds are beautiful, but they will drain the ink supply AND create an undesirable ripple effect in the paper as too much ink is laid down on the paper.
    2. Rule of Thumb: At least 55% of your poster should be white. The FacLab ITC reserves the right to refuse printing of any poster with more than 55% color (including images and text boxes with background color).


Preparing to Print

  1. Save the file as a PDF to a Drew network drive, Google Drive, or a USB drive in order to access the files from FacLab ITC computers.
    1. We have had the most success printing PDFs, but Publisher and PowerPoint often work as well.
  2. The poster printer is in the Instructional Technology Center, Library, Room 110.
    1. Poster printing hours: M-F, 9:00pm - 4:30pm. No posters will be accepted for printing after 4:30pm.
    2. Printing is first come, first served. Please be prepared to wait during busy times of the year.
  3. A Banner account number (FOAP) is required for printing. Posters will not be printed without an account number at the time of service.


Large Format Printer (Poster) Black & White or Color- $5.00/foot


Help Creating a Poster

  1. If you need help learning to use Publisher or another program to create your poster, make an appointment by calling the UT Service Center at 973-408-4357.
  2. Appointments should will be at most 1 hour in length.
  3. Appointments can be made M-F 10:00AM-5:00PM
  4. MS Publisher is available on lab computers in BC 1, in the BC basement, and on the computers in the Vivian A. Bull Academic Commons, in the Library.


Trouble Printing?

If you are having trouble printing, check to make sure the following print options are set correctly: