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  • Does Duo Security only apply to Drew web sites using uLogin? What about logging into my computer? At present, Duo Security applies to web-based services protected by Drew's uLogin system. Duo authentication is not required for local logins to your computer. 
  • I have encountered an issue which requires me to present ID, but I am unable to come to campus.  If you need to present ID, but are unable to come to campus, you may designate an Authorized Proxy to vouch for your identity. An Authorized Proxy is a supervisor or coworker who can positively identify you by phone call or other means and is able to visit a Duo Administrator in person and sign a proxy authorization form. 

    The proxy procedure is as follows:
    • Contact the UT Service Center and explain the issue you are experiencing. Explain that you are unable to come to campus and will be designating a proxy to vouch for your identity. The Service Center will create a ticket and indicate that a proxy will be vouching for your identity. 
    • Contact your proxy. Your proxy must be a Drew employee and should be someone you know, a coworker or supervisor, member of the Deans office staff in your school, etc. who is able to positively identify you on the phone call and is able to sign a form accepting responsibility for making such an identification in the presence of one of the Duo Administrators. Note that as part of the internal controls and audit procedures we have established within University Technology for the Authorized Proxy process, Duo Administrators are expressly forbidden from serving as proxies themselves. 
    • Your authorized proxy will then contact one of the Duo Admins (listed below) and agree to meet in person to complete a Proxy Authorization form. With Proxy Authorization form in hand, the Duo Admin will perform the required actions on your account and update the ticket. An electronically scanned copy of the form will be attached to the ticket for audit purpose later. We will contact you at the callback number or email address in the ticket to confirm that the required action on your account is complete. 
    • Periodically a University Technology employee who is not a Duo Administrator will conduct an audit of proxy actions. As part of this audit, you may be contacted by the office phone number on your HR record or in person to confirm the proxy action. If abuse of the proxy process is identified, an immediate investigation will be initiated.
  • I have been designated as an Authorized Proxy by a coworker.  If you have agreed to be a Proxy for someone, please call ahead to the UT Service Center (973-408-4357) to make an appointment with one of the Duo Administrators, who will meet with you to complete a Proxy Authorization form. The Duo Administrators are as follows: