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Employee Authorization Codes (a.k.a. Long Distance Codes)

Authorization codes are provided to most new employees. All new authorization codes given out by the ITO Office are linked to a departmental org# and account# (typicaly 70400) for billing purposes. Phone invoices will be posted online once a month. This invoice lists calls made with your authorization code, as well as other phone-related charges incurred during the month. Click here for instructions on viewing your phone invoice.Employee authorization codes have been discontinued as of September 11, 2015. Telephone usage is no longer being charged to departmental budgets as of July 1, 2015.

Student Personal Authorization Codes (PACs)


Faculty/Staff: For your convenience, there is a special button on your phone that directly accesses your voice mail box. By pressing the feature button (usually labeled either VM, VMB or Voice mail, InteMail), you will be automatically forwarded to x3131 (the voice mail system extension). At this point, simply enter your voice mail password to log in and check your messages.