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  1. A computer
  2. Internet service
  3. Power
  4. Your Drew login credentials
    1. If you have separate credentials for additional services (ex, PyraMED), be sure you know these as well.
  5. Duo approval method 
    1. For most people, this is their personal cell phone or a University-provided token.
  6. If you will be asked to participate in video calls, you may need a video camera (webcam) and/or microphone that work with your computer (or a level of comfort using your cell phone with the chosen platform)

This list focuses on the technology needs. OWL Labs includes a monitor, headset, keyboard, mouse, desk, chair, lighting and a surge protector in their equipment list. Many articles have been published with recommendations for setting up an office space at home - away from your bedroom is one common suggestion - so that you can work efficiently and comfortably. Here is one home office setup list from OWL Labs.


  1. Zoom  

    1. A free Zoom account allows you to host group meetings up to 40 minutes in duration.

    2. Many Drew employees have Pro user accounts that would enable them to host longer meetings, and to record if needed.

      1. If you would like to request a meeting or two, please email with the following:

        1. Name of meeting(s)

        2. Date and time of meeting(s)

        3. Is a webcam needed?

      2. If you would like to request a Zoom Pro account, please email with a brief explanation.

      3. Information about using Zoom can be found at Drew University Zoom Video and Web Conferencing.

  2. Google Hangouts Meet 

    1. This service is available through your Drew Google account.

    2. System requirements are listed at the link above.

New to video meetings? Take a look at these etiquette tips from OWL Labs.


We recommend Hangouts Chat, a Google service available in your Drew Google account, for speaking with your colleagues while working remotely.