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Summary Information

Oden, Thomas C.

Title and dates
Thomas Oden Publications, 1960-2000

Thomas Oden was the Henry Anson Buttz Professor of Theology and Ethics in the Theological School and Graduate School of Drew University from 1980-2004.

.8 linear feet (2 boxes)

Drew University Archives, Madison, NJ

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Thomas Oden born October 21, 1931 in Altus, Oklahoma, the son of an attorney and music teacher. He married Edrita Pokorny on August 10, 1952. They had three children: Thomas, Edward, and Laura. Oden was the Henry Anson Buttz Professor of Theology and Ethics in the Theological School and Graduate School of Drew University from 1980-2004.

Oden received a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Oklahoma in 1953, a Bachelor of Divinity from Southern Methodist University, Perkins School of Theology in 1956, a Master of Arts from Yale University in 1958, a Ph.D. from Yale University in 1960, and a Doctor of Letters from Asbury College in 1990.

Oden had a long teaching career, which included positions at Yale University, Southern Methodist University, Phillips University, Texas Medical School, Princeton Theological Seminary, Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, the School of Theology at Claremont, the General Theological Seminary, and Drew University. He also held positions at Ruprecht-Karl Universitaet in Heidelberg, Germany, the Ecumenical Institute in Bossey, Switzerland, and Moscow State University.

A prolific writer, Oden wrote and edited books, articles, essays, and speeches on such topics as church and the world, church controversies, evangelicalism, Kierkegaard, the Methodist church, church discipline, John Wesley, postmodernism, and numerous others.

Throughout his career, Oden also served in many professional and political organizations, including the American Theological Society, American Academy of Religion, Phi Beta Kappa, American Society for Christian Ethics, Rotary Club, Americans for Democratic Action, World Federalist Movement, National Association for the Advancement of Colored Peoples. He observed the Vatican Council II (1965), participated in the White House Conference on Urban Initiatives (1985), peace walks, demonstrations, and many other religious and political conferences.

Oden retired from Drew University in 2004, and is now Faculty Emeritus.

Scope and Content Note

A prolific writer, Oden wrote and edited books, articles, essays, and speeches on such topics as church and the world, church controversies, evangelicalism, Kierkegaard, the Methodist church, church discipline, John Wesley, postmodernism, and numerous others.

This collection contains originals or photocopies of Oden's articles and speeches.


The Thomas Oden Publications are arranged alphabetically by title.

Access and Use

The Thomas Oden Publications collection is available for research.

Restrictions on Use and Copyright Information
One photocopy may be made of each document for the purpose of research. Permission to publish must be obtained from the Drew University Archivist. Researcher responsible for further copyright restrictions.

Related Materials

Related Archival Materials
Books written by Thomas Oden are located in the Drew University Library, Methodist Library at Drew University, and the Drew University Archives Faculty-Alumni Collection.

Processing and Other Information

Processing Information
The finding aid was written by Cheryl Oestreicher in 2006.

Descriptive Rules Used
Finding aid content follows the guidelines suggested by Describing Archives: A Content Standard.


Preferred Citation
Identification of item; Date (if noted); Thomas Oden Publications, Box and Folder Number; University Archives, Drew University Library, Madison, New Jersey

Contents List

Box 1

  • “After-Modern Evangelical Spirituality: Toward a Neoclassic Critique of Criticism.” Concord Journal, v. 20, no. 1, January 1994: p. 6-24.
  • “The Alleged Structural Inconsistency in Bultmann.” Reprinted from The Journal of Religion, v. 44, no. 3, July 1964: p. 193-200. Offprint.
  • “Analogia Fidei Und Psychotherapie.” Evangelische Theologie, v. 26, 1966: p. 597-614. Detached offprint, two copies.
  • “Articles on Current Literature Laity and Vocation.” Reprint from Encounter, v. 26, no. 4, undated: p. 484-505. Offprint, two copies.
  • “Back to the Fathers: An Interview by Christopher A. Hall.” Christianity Today (?), September 24, 1990: p. 28-31. Xerox stapled to article, “Then and Now.”
  • “Back to the Future with Thomas C. Oden.” Good News, November/December, 1993: p.10-16.
  • “Beyond an Ethic of Immediate Sympathy.” Hastings Center Report, February 1976: p. 13-14. Incomplete, single sheet.
  • “Bultmann as Lutheran Existentialist.” Dialog: A Journal of Theology, v. 3, Summer 1964: p.207-214.
  • “The Catholic Spirit” in The Historical Trail: Yearbook of Conference Historical Society and Commission on Archives and History, Southern New Jersey Conference, The United Methodist Church . Issue 31, 1994: p. 11-21.
  • “The Celebration of Now.” The Parkhurst Lectures, Lecture III, The Revolutionary Now, Speech delivered February 1, 1968. Mimeograph.
  • “Confessions of a Grieving Seminary Professor.” Good News, January/February 1994: p.10-13.
  • “Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs, Dinosa.” Presbyterian Outlook, v. 152, no. 43, November 30, 1970. Front cover.
  • “Ecumenics and Psychiatry.” The Christian Century, v. 83, no.21, May 25, 1966: p. 689-690.
  • “The End of Psychotherapy.” The Journal of Pastoral Care, v. 27, no. 3, September 1973: p. 178-179.
  • “Episcopacy and COCU.” Christian Advocate, June 15, 1967: p. 15+. Detached and incomplete.
  • “The Errors of ‘Pop' Theology.” National Review, v. ?, p. 976. Photocopy.
  • “An Evangelical Perspective on the Bible, the Early Confessions of Faith, and Tradition: Toward an Orthodox Hermeneutic.” World Council of Churches Orthodox/Evangelical Consultation: Feb. 7-12, 1993, Stuttgart, Germany. Speech.
  • “Experience Therapeutique et Revelation: un Symposium.” E xtrait de la Novelle Revue Theologique. Sept.-Oct. 1965: p. 785-810.
  • “From Event to Language: the Church's Use of Gnostic Mythology.” Article based on a chapter in Contemporary Theology and Psychotherapy, Westminster Press, 1967. Detached.
  • “Full Disclosure: Broadcast Ministries Can no Longer Have Financial Secrets.” Christianity Today, v. 32, no. 5, March 18, 1988: p. 40-41. Two copies.
  • “God's No to False Community.” Motive, v.21, no. 7: p. 25-29.
  • “Human Potential and Evangelical Hope.” Photocopy of speech given September 12, 1972 at the Service of Matriculation for the Theological School, Drew University.
  • “Inconsistencies and Miscalculations of the Encounter Culture.” The Christian Century, v. 89, no. 4, January 26, 1972: p. 85-88. Second Xeroxed copy.
  • “The Institutional Church.” The Christian: International Weekly of the Christian Churches Disciples of Christ, v. 105, no. 20, May 14, 1967: p. 4-5.
  • “Is the Demand of God Ambiguous? An American-European Dialogue.” Ecumenical Review, January 1961: p. 153-171. Detached.
  • “Is the Fire Invisible?: A Challenger Rises to Defend the Message and the Method of Tom Driver's Oratorio Presented at the Recent Methodist General Conference.” The Christian Century, v.76, no. 30, July 27, 1960: p. 872-874.
  • “Ist Die Forderung Gottes Zweideutig?” Zeitschrift Fur Evangelische Ethik, November 1961: p. 321-338.
  • “The Learning Process.” The Magazine of Phillips University, v.5, no. 4: p. 14-16.
  • “The Long Journey Home.” Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society, v. 34, no. 1, March 1991: p. 77-92. Offprint.
  • “Mainstreaming the Mainline.” Christianity Today, v. 44, no.9, August 7, 2000: p. 59-61.
  • “Meditation for Ash Wednesday.” Cross Currents, Winter, 1965: p. 1-8. Detached.
  • “Methodist Theology: Its Need and Promise.” Christian Advocate, v. 5, no. 8, April 1961: p. 7-8.
  • “Moscow State Discovers Religion; a Theologian Reflects on His Visit to the Soviet's University's Former Department of Atheism.” Eyewitness, June 24, 1991: p. 27-29.
  • “My Dad's Death Brought Christmas Home.” Christianity Today, v. 25, no. 21, December 11, 1981: p. 21-22.
  • “The New Pietism.” A chapter to be published in the volume The Intensive Group Experience: The New Pietism, Westminster Press, 1972: p. 24-41. Detached copy.

Box 2

  • “Oedipus the King and Christ the Lord.” Pulpit Preaching, v. 13, no.1, January 1961: p.17-20.
  • “On Doing Theology.” Ash Wednesday Chapel Service, Feb. 24, 1971, Drew University . 4 leaves.
  • “An Opinion on the Quinlan Case.” Union Seminary Quarterly Review, v. 31, no. 2, Winter 1976: p. 137-140.
  • “Optimal Conditions for Learning.” Reprinted from The Drew Gateway, v. 42, no. 1, Fall 1971: n.p. Offprint.
  • “Optimal Conditions for Learning.” Religious Education, v. 67, no. 2, March-April 1972: p. 131-141.
  • “Overview of Tillich: a Review of The Systematic Theology of Paul Tillich, by Alexander J. McKelway.” The Christian Century, v. 82, no. 48, December 1965: p. 1481-1482.
  • “Pastoral Care and the Unity of Theological Education.” Theology Today, v. 42, no. 1, April 1985: p. 34-42.
  • “Populist Psychotherapy.” Journal of Religion & Health, v. 12, no. 4, October 1973: p. 386-394.
  • “Populist Therapy.” The Christian Century, v. 90, no. 20, May 16, 1973: p. 561-563.
  • “A Populist's View of Psychotherapeutic Deprofessionalization.” Journal of Humanistic Psychology, v.14, no.2, Spring 1974: p. 3-18. Photocopy.
  • “The Priority of Pardon to Penitence.” Pastoral Psychology, vol. 20, no. 193, April 1969: p. 19-24.
  • “Recovering Lost Identity.” Plenary Session Annual Conference, American Association of Pastoral Counselors, April 21, 1979. Speech, ms. copy.
  • “Recovering Lost Identity.” (Includes reaction from Edward V. Stein) The Journal of Pastoral Care, v. 34, no. 1, March 1980: p. 4-19.
  • “Recovering Lost Identity.” (Includes response by Wayne E. Oates) Military Chaplains Review, DA Pam 165-127, Fall 1980: p. 29-57.
  • “Seminary and Preseminary Education: Analysis of Two A.A.T.S. Reports.” The Christian Century, v. 84, no. 17, April 26, 1967: p. 536.
  • “Straight Talk about Christ.” Response: United Methodist Women, April 1972: n.p. Incomplete photocopy.
  • “Then and Now: The Recovery of Patristic Wisdom.” The Christian Century, December 12, 1990: p. 1164-1168. Xerox stapled to article, “Back to the Fathers.” See “Back to the Fathers.”
  • “A Theologian's View of the Process of Psychotherapy.” Journal of Individual Psychology, v.20, May 1964: p. 69-78. Offprint.
  • “Theology.” New Directions: number 3 in a series. Together for Methodist Families, Decemeber 1964: p. 47-50.
  • “A Theology of the Christian year.” Reprinted from Religion in Life, Winter, 1963-64.
  • “Theology and Therapy: A New Look at Bonhoeffer.” Dialog: A Journal of Theology, v. 5, Spring 1966: p. 98-111.
  • “Tom Oden on Paleo-orthodoxy: Interview with Tom Oden.” Modern Reformation, v. 10, no. 3, May/June 2001: p. 41-42.
  • “Wesleyan Doctrines Under Question.” Good News, March/April, 1988: p. 10+
  • “What are ‘Established Standards of Doctrine'?: A Response to Richard Heitzenrater.” Quarterly Review, v. 7, no. 1, Spring 1987: p. 41-62. Offprint.
  • “What is Mental Health?” The Journal of Pastoral Care, v. 14, no. 4, Winter 1960: p. 193-202. Offprint.
  • “Without Excuse: Classic Children Exegesis of General Revelation.” Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society, v. 41, no. 1, March 1998: p. 55-68. Offprint.
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