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To request a particular collection, please contact us at You can also find an overview of the department and additional information at the following link:


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Methodist Collections

University Archives


  • Aquinas Faculty Seminar Records (Finding Aid: PDF, HTML)*
  • Audio/Visual Collections
    • George Eberhardt Audio Collection
    • Susan V. Russell Sermon Collection (Finding Aid: PDF, HTML)
    • Roger Wescott Lectures (Finding Aid: PDF, HTML)
  • Baldwin Collection (Finding Aid: PDF, HTML)
  • Board of Trustees Records Biography Files (Finding Aid: PDF, HTML)
  • Buck, Oscar Papers
  • Buildings & Campus Features (Finding Aid: PDF, HTML)
  • Buttz, Henry Anson and Charles Sitterly Collection (Finding Aid: PDF, HTML)
  • Caspersen School of Graduate Studies Records
  • College of Liberal Arts Records (Preliminary Folder list: PDF, HTML)
  • Commencement (Finding Aid: PDF, HTML)
  • Craig, Clarence Tucker Papers (Finding Aid: PDFHTML)
  • Drew Theses and Dissertations
  • Drew Seminary for Young Women Records
  • Eakin, Mildred Moody Papers
  • Faculty and Alumni Publications (Finding Aid: PDF, HTML, Search Catalog for books)
  • Faculty Biography (Finding Aid: HTML)
  • Felton, Ralph Papers
  • Fishburn, Janet Publications (Finding Aid: PDF, HTML)
  • Gibbons Family Papers (Finding Aid: PDF, HTML)
  • Giffin, Mortimer P. Papers
  • Graduate School Records (Preliminary Folder list: PDF, HTML)
  • Graybeal, David Papers
  • Herberg, Will Papers (Finding Aid: PDF, HTML)
  • Historical Ephemera (Finding Aid: PDF, HTML)
  • Hough, Lynn Harold Papers (Finding Aid: PDF, HTML)
  • Kelsey, George Papers (Finding Aid: PDF, HTML)
  • Library Records
  • Long Jr., Edward LeRoy Papers (Finding Aid: PDF, HTML)
  • Manuscripts Collection (Finding Aid: PDF, HTML)
  • Michalson, Carl Papers (Finding Aid: PDF, HTML)
  • Middle States Reports
  • News Releases (Finding Aid: PDF, HTML)
  • Oden, Thomas Publications (Finding Aid: PDF, HTML)
  • Office of Financial Assistance
  • Oxnam, Robert Fisher Papers (Finding Aid: PDF, HTML ; See also President Oxnam, Preliminary Folder List: PDFHTML; See also President's office preliminary folder list: PDFHTML)
  • Photograph Collection
    • Early Student Photographs Collection Finding Aid (Finding Aid: PDF, HTML)
    • People & Events (Finding Aid: PDF, HTML)
    • Slide Collection (Finding Aid: PDFHTML)
  • President's Office Records
    • John McClintock
    • Randolph Sinks Foster
    • John Fletcher Hurst
    • Henry Anson Buttz (Finding Aid: PDF, HTML)
    • Ezra Squier Tipple (President's office preliminary folder list: HTML)*
    • Arlo Ayres Brown (President's office preliminary folder list: PDFHTML)
    • Frederick Garrigus Holloway (President's office preliminary folder list: PDFHTML)
    • Robert Fisher Oxnam (Preliminary President's Office Folder List: PDFHTML; See also President's office preliminary folder list: PDFHTML)
    • Paul Hardin III (President's office preliminary folder list: PDFHTML)
    • Thomas H. Kean
    • Robert Weisbuch
  • Ranck, James Gilmour Papers (Finding Aid: PDFHTML)
  • Registrar's Office Records (Finding Aid: PDF, HTML)
  • Riemer, Neal Papers (Finding Aid: PDF, HTML)
  • Serial Publications (Finding Aid: PDF, HTML)
  • Shippey, Frederick Papers (Preliminary folder List: PDFHTML)
  • Sitterly, Charles (Finding Aid: PDF, HTML)
  • Strong, James Papers
  • Student Documents (Finding Aid: PDF, HTML)
  • Student Organizations (Finding Aid: PDF, HTML)
  • Theological School Records (Preliminary Inventory: PDF)
  • Treasurer's Office Records
  • University Communication
  • University Publications Records
  • University Relations Records (Finding Aid: PDF, HTML)
  • Wells, George Frederick Papers
  • Wendel Family Papers (Finding Aid: PDF, HTML)
  • Wescott, Roger Publications (Finding Aid: PDF, HTML)

Named and Cataloged collections

Institutional Papers

Papers of Individuals

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