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For each entry listed in this index, the University Archives holds at least one folder of material - containing, for example, press releases, photographs, newspaper or magazine articles - relating to the person or event. Other information or collections that pertain to each particular entry or to Drew-related people and events in general may also be available, please contact the Archives for further information.


Activities, Student: Combined Schools, undated, black students
Activities, Student: Combined Schools, 1937, anti-war protest
Activities, Student: Combined Schools, 1960s, black students
Activities, Student: Combined Schools, 1960s, student uprisings
Activities, Student: Combined Schools, 1963, boycott & demonstration
Activities, Student: Combined Schools, 1969-1971, anti-war protest
Activities, Student: Combined Schools, 1970, anti-war protest, documentation
Activities, Student: Combined Schools, 1970-1971, anti-war protest, documentation
Activities, Student: Combined Schools, 1970s, black students
Activities, Student: Combined Schools, 1978-1979
Activities, Student: Combines Schools, 1980s, apartheid demonstration
Activities, Student: Combined Schools, 1983, demonstration for freedom of Tang Ahsan (G'77)

Activities, Student: Combined Schools, AAUW Book Sale

Activities, Student: CLA, undated
Activities, Student: CLA, 1930s-1940s
Activities, Student: CLA, 1930s, drama
Activities, Student: CLA, 1940s, songs of the 40s
Activities, Student: CLA, 1950s
Activities, Student: CLA, pre-1960, drama
Activities, Student: CLA, 1960s
Activities, Student: CLA, 1962, Goodwill Tour in the Rotary DUCK

Activities, Student: CLA, 1963-1968, drama (combined from 1963-1966 and 1967-1968)
Activities, Student: CLA, 1963-1966, drama
Activities, Student: CLA, 1967-1968, drama
Activities, Student: CLA, 1968-1979, student life, file 1

Activities, Student: CLA, 1970s, file 2
Activities, Student: CLA, 1970s
Activities, Student: CLA, 1977-1978
Activities, Student: CLA, 1978, student demonstration
Activities, Student: CLA, 1978-1979
Activities, Student: CLA, 1978-1979, children of alumnae
Activities, Student: CLA, 1979-1981
Activities, Student: Graduate, 1970s
Activities, Student: Graduate, 1978-1979
Activities, Student: Theological, undated
Activities, Student: Theological, 1888-1891, The AForest@ Quartette
Activities, Student: Theological, 1960s
Activities, Student: Theological, 1968-1969, Paterson Seminar protest and demonstration
Activities, Student: Theological, 1970s
Activities, Student: Theological, 1978-1979

Admissions: Late 1980s
Admissions Fair, Spring Saturday: 1970-1980
Alda, Alan: 1979, Commencement
Aldersgate Memorial Tablet
Alumni: Combined Schools, undated

Alumni: Combined Schools, 1985-1986
Alumni: Combined Schools, 1987
Alumni: Combined Schools, 1988
Alumni: Combined Schools, 1989
Alumni: Combined Schools, Alumni Events, 1978-1982
Alumni: Combined Schools, Alumni Trip, 1977
Alumni: Combined Schools, Alumni Trip, 1977-1979
Alumni: Combined Schools, Alumni Trip, 1979
Alumni: Combined Schools, Alumni Trip, 1989
Alumni: Combined Schools, Alumni Video, 1991
Alumni: Combined Schools, Foreign Students Alumni Group
Alumni: CLA, 1930s

Alumni: CLA, 1948-1949
Alumni: CLA, 1950s
Alumni: CLA, 1958
Alumni: CLA, 1962-1966
Alumni: CLA, 1964
Alumni: CLA, 1965
Alumni: CLA, 1965, Hall of Sciences campaign dinner
Alumni: CLA, 1966
Alumni: CLA, 1970
Alumni: CLA, 1976
Alumni: CLA, 1978
Alumni: CLA, 1989
Alumni: CLA, 1990s
Alumni: CLA, 1991
Alumni: CLA, alumni plaque
Alumni: CLA, awards
Alumni: Graduate, 1962
Alumni: Theological, prior to 1900s
Alumni: Theological, 1907
Alumni: Theological, 1940s
Alumni: Theological, 1950s
Alumni: Theological, 1967-1968
Alumni: Theological, 1976
Alumni: Theological, 1980s
Anniversary: 1917, Theological 50th
Anniversary: 1953-1954, CLA 25th
Anniversary: 1966-1968, Centennial
Anniversary: January, 1966, Centennial convocation, honorary degrees
Anniversary: April 15, 1966, Centennial banquet and reception, faculty pictures
Anniversary: August 1966, Centennial banquet, London
Anniversary: February 12, 1968, Centennial, charter day
Anniversary: 1977-1978, CLA Golden 50th, See also Commencement 1978, Fall Convocation
Anniversary: 1992, University 125th
Appenzeller, Henry G.
Aquinas Faculty Seminar: 1978
Aquinas Faculty Seminar: 1990, 20th Anniversary
Aquinas Faculty Seminar: undated
Archaeology: 1973
Archaeology: 1974
Archaeology: 1979-1983
Archaeology: Drew Forest
Archaeology, Museum of: 1980-1981
Archaeology: Pluckemin
Arnott, Peter
Art Exhibit: Pre-1967
Art Semester


Baker, William O.
Bell Atlantic Ceremony
Bethage, Edward
Bicknell Reception: 1968
Black, Dr. Cyril E.: November 1980, lecture
Black Ministerial Caucus to 1982
Brown, Seymour
Brugmans, Hendrik: lecture
Brussels Semester (European Community): 1960s-1970s
Brussels Semester: 1989
Bush, George, V-P candidate: October, 1980
Bush, George, President: 1992
Bush, George W., Presidential candidate: November, 2000


Camerata, Consort
Campbell Colloquium
Campus Club
Campus Security, See Public Safety
Caradon, Lord (Hugh MacKintosh): October, 1980
Center for Holocaust Studies
Center for Public and Corporate Affairs
Chapin, Tom: concert, 1980s
Charter Signing: June 4, 1969
Cheerleading (women): 1967-1973
Chemistry Day
Children on Campus, 1978-1979
Choir, CLA: pre-1960s
Choir, CLA: 1966-1967
Choir, CLA: 1967-1968
Choir, CLA: 1968-1969
Choir, CLA: 1969-1970
Choir, Theological: 1964
Choir, Theological: 1967-1968
Choir, Theological: 1968-1969
Choir, Theological: 1969-1970
Choir, Theological: 1970-1971
Choir, Theological: 1971-1972
Choir, Theological: 1972-1973
Choir, Theological: 1974-1975
Choir, Theological: 1975-1976
Choir, Theological: 1976-1977
Choir, Theological: 1977-1978
Choir, Theological: 1978-1979
Choir, Theological: 1980s
Choir, Theological: programs
Choir, University: programs
Chorale, College: undated
Chorale, College: 1970-1971
Chorale, College: 1971-1972
Chorale, College: 1972-1973
Chorale, College: 1973-1974
Chorale, College: 1974-1975
Chorale, College: 1975-1976
Chorale, College: 1976-1977
Chorale, College: 1978-1979
Chorale, College: 1979-1980
Chorale, College: 1980-1981
Chorale, College: 1981-1982
Chorale, College: programs
Chuck Davis Dance Co.: October 22, 1977
Church Without Walls and Related Works: 1966-1968
Church Music Conference: 1954-1991, programs
Ciby-Geigy: Frontiers in Biomedical Research
Ciby-Geigy Symposium
Civil Religion in America: February 1973, conference photos
Classrooms/Labs, CLA: 1950s
Classrooms/Labs, CLA: 1960s
Classrooms/Labs, CLA: Art department
Classrooms, Theological: pre-1950
Clinton, Hillary Rodham: Commencement speech, 1996
Clinton, William J., President: October, 1992
CLA Barron's profile: 1969
College Fellows
Colonial Symphony to 1982
Commencement: 1930s, Founder's Day and Commencement
Commencement: pre-1962
Commencement: 1962
Commencement: 1963
Commencement: 1965
Commencement: 1967
Commencement: 1968
Commencement: 1969
Commencement: 1970
Commencement: 1971
Commencement: 1972
Commencement: 1973
Commencement: 1974
Commencement: 1975
Commencement: 1976
Commencement: 1977
Commencement: 1978, Fall, CLA Golden Anniversary, See also Anniversary: 1977-78, CLA Golden 50th
Commencement: 1978, Spring
Commencement: 1979, Fall
Commencement: 1979, Spring
Commencement: 1980, Fall, Baldwin Professorship Ilona Coombs
Commencement: 1980, Spring
Commencement: 1981, Fall
Commencement: 1981, Spring, Kean remarks (LAB), See also Kean faculty file
Commencement: 1983
Commencement: 1989
Commencement: 1990, Fall
Commencement: 1990, Spring
Commencement: 1991, Fall
Commencement: 1991, Spring
Commencement: 1997
Community Day: Sept. 12, 1992
Computer/Knowledge Initiative
Computers: "Using Computers as Tools to Teach Expository Prose" workshop
Computers at Drew: 1979-1981
Computers at Drew: undated
Conference on Arms Control: April 21, 1973, A.S. Alexander and Charles Mathias
Conference on the Future: 1972
Conservation Commissions Meeting: March 26, 1969
Consultation, See Theological School Consultation
Convocation: 1966, See also Centennial Celebration
Convocation, CLA: 1950s, Founder's Day
Cosby, Bill: 2002, Commencement
Council of Families
Council of Friends
CUE Students/Program
Cunningham, John: University Historian


D. U. D. S.
Dabbs, James McBride: lecture
Dance Performances
DARE: 1970
Davidson, William F., executive in residence: October 29, 1979 B November 2, 1979
Dean, John: 1982, audio tapes
Denman, Thomas: Video of AThe Life and Times@
Denman, Thomas: videos
Drew, Daniel
Drew, Daniel: 1879, funeral service documentation
Drew, Daniel: Brady portrait
Drew, Daniel: Descendants
Drew, Daniel: Will and Biography
Drew, Roxanna Mead, wife of Daniel Drew
Drew Chamber Players: 1982-1983
Drew Theological Seminary: November 6, 1867, opening events
Drew Theological Seminary and Peking Theological School: 1930s
Drew Victory: 1945, WWII Victory Ship, U. S. S.
Dulles, John Foster


Earth Day: 1970
Election Night Watch: 1968
Election Night Watch: 1972
Environment, Action for the: September 26, 1970
Events: 1941
Events: 1960s
Events: 1966-1967
Events: 1967-1968
Events: 1968, Miss Drew Pageant
Events: 1968-1969
Events: 1969-1970
Events: 1970-1971
Events: 1971-1972
Events: 1972-1973
Events: 1973-1974
Events: 1974-1975
Events: 1975-1976
Events: 1976-1977
Events: 1977-1978
Events: 1978-1979
Events: 1981-1985
Events: 1986-1987
Events: 1988-1989
Events: 1990s


FRM (Facilities Resource Management)
Faculty Groups: early undated
Faculty Groups: 1930s-1940s
Faculty Groups: 1950s
Faculty Groups: 1960s
Faculty Groups: 1967-1968
Faculty Groups: 1968-1969
Faculty Groups: 1969-1970
Faculty Groups: 1970s
Faculty Groups: 1970-1971
Faculty Groups: 1980s
Faculty Wives: early undated
Faculty Women's Club
Field Trips, CLA: 1969-1970, botany
Field Work, CLA: 1974-1975
Field Work, Theological: 1960s
First Annual Picnic (FAP): early (annual)
Forbes, Malcolm Sr.
Friends of the University: Advisory Board
Fund Raising: 1914
Future of Morris County Conference: September 1970


Gallo, Dean
Ghandi, Madame Indira: April 26, 1962, lecture
Gibbons, Thomas
Gibbons, William
Governor's School
Great Swamp
Graduate School Colloquium: undated


Hagerty, James C.: lecture
Holocaust Conferences
Housing Shortage: 1920s
Hudson River Sloop Project: 1969-1970
Huxley, Sir Julian: April 1964, lecture


Janer, Chris: Art Exhibit


Karpati, George and Alicia
Kennedy, Bishop: 1966
Khan, Muhammad Zafrulla: December 7, 1962, lecture
King, Dr. Charles: 1982, "Crisis in the 80s"
King, Dr. Martin Luther Jr.: 1964
King, Rev. Martin Luther Sr.: 1981


Liberty Tree: 1989
Library Reception: 1964
London Semester
Lovell, Sir Bernard: 1964, lecture


Madison: selected pictures from the city
Madison: Tercentenary, 1964
Martin Luther King Day: Annual Event
Martin Luther King Jr. Lecture Series
McArthur, Alastair: Regional Authorities Seminar, 1971-1972
Mead Hall Ghost and Other Campus Phantoms
Medieval Festival, See That Medieval Thing
Memory Symposium
Methodist Centennial: 1866
Methodist Church: General Conference, 1964

Methodist Church: Drew connected UMC Bishops at Lake Junaluska, November 1989
Methodist History: General
Methodist Hymnal Workshop: 1989
Metropolitan Problems Lecture Series: 1963-1973
Miller, Bebe
Missions: Drew Theological Seminary
Morris, Kline: University Lecture Series, October 24, 1968
Morse, Wayne, Senator: 1966, lecture
Multi-Cultural Awareness Day (later Multi-Cultural Awareness Week): 1988B


Navy Officers and Students: 1944-1945
Nelle Morton Lectures
New Jersey Shakespeare Festival
Nielmoller, Dr. Martin: February 1963, lecture


Outler, Albert: 1964, lecture
Orientation: CLA, 1950s
Orientation: CLA, 1964, audio tape
Orientation: CLA, 1965
Orientation: CLA, 1967
Orientation: CLA, 1969
Orientation: CLA, 1970
Orientation: CLA, 1971
Orientation: CLA, 1975
Orientation: CLA, 1990
Overseas Pastors Program: 1963-1964


Parent's Weekend: 1989
Parent's Weekend: 1992
Parent's Weekend: 1994
Parlin, Charles C.: January 21, 1962, Drew's First Honorary Degree
Peace Activism: 1971
Peck, Dale
Perspectives on Drew: 1989-1990
Phi Beta Kappa: 1979-1980
Photography Exhibits
Plato Day: 1979
Public Safety: 1970-1971
Puerto Rican Seminar


Radio Telescope Dedication: April 16, 1981
Retirees Reception: 1976
Reunion: 1990
Reunion: 1991
Riker, Grace
Rose, Mr. & Mrs. Lenox


September 11th Conference and Commemoration Events: September 2002
Services of Lessons and Carols: Documentation
Seymour, Harold Cy
Shakespeare Festival, See New Jersey Shakespeare Festival
Shechem Archeological Expedition: 1957-1962
Song, Choan-Seng
Soper, Julius
Sports: Up through 1920s
Sports: 1930s
Sports: 1940s
Sports: 1950s
Sports: 1960s
Sports: 1970s
Sports: 1980s
Sports: Baseball
Sports: Basketball
Sports: Basketball, 1972 NCA Tourney
Sports: Cross Country (Men's)
Sports: Field Hockey, 1989 Intercontinental Cup
Sports: Rugby
Staff: 1960s-1970s
Staff: 1990s
Stambaugh, David
Steinem, Gloria: 1980-1981
Students, Combined Schools: Undated
Students, CLA: 1930s
Students, CLA: 1940s
Students, CLA: 1950s
Students, CLA: 1959
Students, CLA: 1960s
Students, CLA: 1970s
Students, CLA: 1980s
Students, CLA: 1990s
Students, Graduate: 1960s
Students, Graduate: 1970s
Students, Graduate: 1990s
Students, Graduate: Receptions, 1963-1966
Students, Theological: 1870s-1890s, See Early Student Photo Collection
Students, Theological: 1900s
Students, Theological: 1910s
Students, Theological: 1920s
Students, Theological: Class of 1927
Students, Theological: 1930s
Students, Theological: 1940s
Students, Theological: Class of 1942
Students, Theological: Class of 1945
Students, Theological: Class of 1946
Students, Theological: 1950s
Students, Theological: Class of 1956
Students, Theological: 1970s
Students, Theological: 1980s
Synchers: 1964-1965


Taylor, BP Prince: September 10, 1964
Taylor, David and family of Drew alumni
That Medieval Thing
Theological School: Faculty and Students, 1920s-1930s
Theological School Consultation: 1968-1969
Theological Seminary: 1925
Thomas, Norman: 1964, lecture
Trustees: 1960s-1970s
Trustees: 1990
United Methodist Youth Day, 1979-1981


United Nations Semester
University Performing Ensemble
USA/Recognition Luncheon


Visiting Committees: 1969-1970
Vonnegut, Kurt
Vosburgh Lectures


Walton, Ernest, Noble Prize Winner in Physics: March 3, 1965
Washington DC Semester
Wesley, John
Wesley Consultation: 1974
Willebrands, Cardinal Jan: August 30, 1971

Compiler: Rebecca Rego Barry

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