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Box 1Family File 1 
 Family File 2 (2 folders) 
 Family Correspondence1815
 Early – Prior to 1820 (Documents relating to Weber)Prior to 1820
 Family Papers1821-1829
 Letters Introducing the Bearers1830-1836
 Papers (John D. Wendel)1838-1839
 S.T.M.Fall 1839
Box 2Mary Dew and T. E. Stansbury Letters (2 folders)1834-1847
 Correspondence1842, January – May
 Correspondence1842, June – December
 Correspondence1843, January – May
 Correspondence (2 folders)1843, June – December
Box 3Correspondence1844, January – May
 Correspondence1844, June – December
 Bills and Receipts1844
 Correspondence1845, January – June
 Correspondence1845, July – December
 Bills and Invoices1845
 Correspondence1846, January – June
Box 4Correspondence1846, July – December
 Bills and Receipts1846
 Correspondence1847, January – June
 Correspondence1847, July – December
 Correspondence Geisse Family1847-1849
 Correspondence1848, January – June
 Correspondence1848, July – December
Box 5Bills and Invoices1848
 Correspondence1849, January – June
 Correspondence1849, July – December
 Correspondence Geisse Family1850-1857
 Correspondence1854, January – June
Box 6Correspondence1854, July – December
 Correspondence and Papers1855
 Correspondence1855, January – June
 Correspondence1855, July – December
 Correspondence1856, January – June
 Correspondence1856, July – December
Box 7Correspondence1857, January – June
 Correspondence1857, July – December
 Correspondence1858, January – June
 Correspondence1858, July – December
 Correspondence1859, January – June
 Correspondence1859, July – December
Box 8Correspondence, John D. Wendel’s Letters From Europe1858-1862
 Correspondence, Hibbard to J.D. Wendel: Civil War1860-1861
 Correspondence1860, January – June
 Correspondence1860, July – December
 Correspondence1861, January – June
 Correspondence1861, July – December
Box 9Correspondence1861, July – December (2)
 Correspondence1862, January – May
 Correspondence1862, June – December
Box 10Correspondence1866
Box 11John D. Wendel: Death Instructions to his wife1876, May 2
 Family Papers1876
 Family Papers1877
 Business Correspondence1877
 Family Papers1878
 Business Papers1879
 Family Papers1879
 Family Papers1880
 Family Papers1882
Box 12Correspondence1882
 Business Papers1883
 Family Papers1883
 Family Papers (2 folders)1884
 Family Papers1885
 Business Papers1885
Box 1318861886
 Business Papers1886
 Family Papers1886
 Family Papers1887
 Family Papers1888
 Family Papers1889
Box 14Family Papers1890
 Family Papers1891
 Family Papers (2 folders)1892
Box 15Correspondence1893
 18931893, July – December
 Family Papers (2 folders)1893
 Family Papers (2 folders)1894, January – June
 Family Papers1894, July – December
Box 1618941894
 Family Papers1895, January – June
 Family Papers1895, July – December
 Family Papers1896, October – December
 Family Papers1896
Box 1718971897
 Family Papers1897, January – June
 Family Papers1897, July – September
 Family Papers1897, October – December
 Family Papers1898, January – June
Box 18Family Papers1898, July – December
 Family Papers1899
 Family Papers1900
 Correspondence (2 folders)1900
Box 1918981898
 Family Papers1901
 Business Papers1901
 Family Papers (2 folders)1900-1902
 Family Papers (2 folders)1902
Box 20Family Papers (2 folders)1903
 Josephine Wendel, Christian Science Correspondence1902-1905
 Family Papers1904
 Business Papers1905
 Family Papers1905
Box 2119051905
 Family Papers1906
 Family Papers1907, January – May
 Family Papers (2 folders)1907, June – December
Box 2219071907
 Hotel Bills and Expenses of the 1907 Europe Trip1907
 Family Papers (2 of 4 folders)1908
Box 23Family Papers (2 of 4 folders)1908
 Family Papers1909
 Rebecca (Wendel) Swope Correspondence1909
 Family Papers (2 folders)1910
Box 2419101910
 Family Papers1909-1910
 Family Papers (2 folders)1911
 Family Papers1911-1912
Box 2519121912
 Family Papers1912
 Augusta’s Estate Papers1912-1913
 Letters to J.G. Wendel, Responses to his newspaper article1912-1914
 Correspondence (1 of 2 folders)1912, August – December
Box 26Correspondence (1 of 2 folders)1912, August – December
 Correspondence (2 folders)1913, January – June
 Family Papers (2 folders)1913, July – December
Box 2719131913, April – June
 1913 (2 folders)1913
 Correspondence to Rebecca Wendel Swope1913
Box 28Letters to Rebecca Wendel Swope1914
 1914 (3 folders)1914, January – June
 Family Papers1914, July – December
Box 2919151915
 Family Papers1915
 Family Papers (2 folders)1916-1917
Box 30Letters1919
 Selected Charitable Gifts1920s
 Family Papers1920
 Family Papers1921
 Family Papers1922
 Family Papers1923
 Family Papers1924
 Family Papers1925
Box 31Family Papers1926
 Family Papers1927
 Family Papers1928
 Family Papers1929
 Family Papers1930
Box 32Family Papers1931
 Family Papers1932
 Sale of Household Effects (2 folders)1933, July
Box 33Family Papers (2 folders)1895-1911
 Family Papers1896, January – March
 Family Papers1896, April – June
 Family Papers1896, July - September
Box 34Photo Portraits, unidentified Wendels and friends 
 Photographs, Carte de visite, unknown1860s
 Correspondence, various, to John G, postcards, Union Club receipts1900s
 Bills and Accounts, Rebecca and Georgiana1890s
 Wendel Family Newspaper Clippings1918, 1931
 Knighthood of George Wendel von Echtzel (1663)undated
 Notes and Drafts John G. Wendelundated
 Photographs Employees of the Familyundated
 Papers relating to John G. Wendel trip of 18621860, 1862
 Correspondence to John D. Wendel1866-1876
 Photograph Rebecca, Luther Swope, Ellla at Giza, Egypt1909
 Photographs Hellen M. Whitehouse1890s
 Copybook, John D. Wendel1853-1858
 Invoices and Bills, Personal and Business1840
 Bills, John D. Wendel1840-1861
 Business Papers1820 - 1873 (mostly 1837 and 1846
 Coat of Arms; Land Deedsundated
 Copy, Correspondence, John G. Wendel to John D. Wendel1857
Box 35Photographs and Diary, Notebooks/House Accounts 
 Photographs (4 folders)1870s-1890s (some earlier)
 Photograph: Mr. and Mrs. Swope4-Apr-05
 Photographs; various; Wendel von Echtzel; news clippings (1931) [copies]   1860 (photos, Nuremberg, Germany)
 Photographs and images: ancestors and possible ancestorsundated and 1889
 Photographs: Places, buildings, not identifiedundated
 Notebook: Georgiana Wendel essays1869-1870
 Rent Book of Miss Rebecca A. D. Wendel1840s-1870s
 Date Book by Miss Georgiana Wendel 1866
 Rent Book of Miss Rebecca A. D. Wendel1878-1890s
 House Book, Georgiana Wendel1909-1919
 Notebooks and Diary, John D. Wendel1858, 1876
 Notebook, John G. Wendel1898, 1907
 Photographs and correspondence re: Odd and Eccentric book1991
 Book: Odd and Eccentric People, Time-Life Books1992
 Diaries (2) of Martha Schroeder1885-1885; 1886-1887
Box 36Photographs, Wendel Home 5th Ave 39th St NY, NYundated
 Correspondence draftsundated
 Correspondence, transcribed, Ella Wendel1880-1907
 Correspondence, transcribed, Ella Wendel, "Love Letters"1897-98
 Correspondence, poem drafts, John Wendel's handundated
 Correspondence, postcardsundated
 Photographs Wendel portraits, carte de visiteundated
 Photographs, Henrietta Wendel portraits1860, 1873
 Photographs, Mary Wendel portraits1860, 1921
 Photographs, John G. Wendel portraits, some Helen Whitehouseundated
 Photographs, Mary Ann Dew Wendel portraits1860s
 Photographs, John Daniel Wendel portraitsundated
 Photographs, Wendel family portraits, Quoque House (Long Is.)undated
 Photographs, Rebecca Wendel Swope, Luther Swopeundated
 Photographs, Ella Wendel portraitsundated
 Photographs, Wendel familyundated
 Photographs, Wendel family home in Irvington, NYundated
 Photograph, Cased portrait, Henrietta D. Wendel, age 12late 1840s
 Photographs, Wendel Family taken in Nuremberg, Germany1860
37J. D. Wendel letterbook, family Bible, wills, legal docs 
 Pocket ledger of properties, values and taxes, John D. Wendel1865-1868
 Family Bible (annotated with family history), John G.Wendel1825  [cover detached]
 Letterbook: business correspondence J. D. Wendel; Lowery for J. D. Wendel1859-1870
 Legal documents1913-1914
 Legal document: New York Supreme Court Appeal Book vs. John G. Wendel1911
 Legal documents: Wendel estate; estate of Ella V. Von E. Wendel1933, 1935, 1936
 Appraisal of Personal Property, estate of Ella V. Von E. Wendel1932
 Inventories of Wendel Fifth Avenue house contents (2 envelopes)undated
 Inventory; correspondence (translations)  J. D. Wendel to J. G. M. Wendel1815-1821
 Family Papers: Chart of descent of  Ella V. von E. Wendel (and siblings)1932 [photocopy]
 Letters, John Wendel in New York and Europe1856-1868
 Legal documents: re: Last Will and Testament of  Ella V. von E. Wendel1931
 Legal document; Correspondence: estate of Ella V. von E. Wendel1893, 1934
 Minutes of Wendel Management Committee [Noel E. Bensinger of Drew U.]1936 (September 8)
 Last Will and Testament and Codicils of Rebecca A. D. Wendel Swope1915-1922 [original with signatures]
 Ben A. Matthews, Confidential Papers, re: Rebecca Wendel Swope estate1932-1941
 Legal documents and Inventory of docs from Seamen's Bank safe deposit box1931; 1944 [inventory; docs sent to Drew U.]
 Correspondence: Hollwedel; Martha Hollwedel statement re Wendel family1921-1929; 1935 [transcribed in law office]
38No Box 38 
39Legal Papers, Estate Settlement Documents, Unsorted Correspondence 
 Notebook: Materia Medica [doctor's notes on medical remedies]1874, January
 Notebook (pocket sized, accounts): Mrs. Woodcock for Mr. Wendel; letter1839-1850; 1864
 Correspondence; German bank documents1839; 1910-1913
 Notebook, J. D. Wendel "Extracts"; newspaper--The Hour1870; 1882, March 18.
 Agreements with Claimants to Wendel Estate 
 Wendel receipts (2 folders)1842
 Wendel receipts1850-1851
 Wendel legal papers1872; 1897
 John G. Wendel business correspondence1902
 Legal documents, mostly Gunther family and John G. Wendel1827; 1896
 Unsorted correspondence 
 Correspondence (family letters)undated
 Business correspondence 1901
 Legal documents,notes on actions, interviews, beneficiaries of  R. W. Swope, Ella Wendel1929; 1932 [people, relationships identified]
 Legal notice and documents, estate of Ella V. von E. Wendel1932
 Legal documents (leases, etc.)1896-1900
 Financial records: property values and taxes1921-1925
 Receipts, John D. Wendel1854
 Correspondence (busineness), John D. Wendel1850-1863
 Correspondence (business) , John D. Wendel1874 (mostly)
 Correspondence (re: Dobbs Ferry real estate); newsclippings, J. G. Wendel1870-1915
 News clippings1915; 1931
 Correspondence (Georgiana Wendel, and others); family papers (geneology)undated; 1925; undated
 Correspondence and business papers1870-1889
 Correspondence 1912
 Family bills and receipts [including Misses Green's School for Young Ladies]1853-1854
 Wendel estate executors, will and documents1929-36
 Wendel estate executors, legal papers (Rosa Dew Stanbury, complaintant)1931
40Estate Legal and Real Estate Documents; Papers of Georgiana G. R. Wendel  
 Legal Documents and Correspondence, estate of Josephine J. S. Wendel 1914-1915 [in envelope]
 Farmer's Almanac, briefly annotated1927
 Legal Documents and Correspondence, estate of Georgiana G. R. Wendel1929, June-December [originally bound together]
 Legal Documents and Correspondence, estate of Georgiana G. R. Wendel1929, January-May
 Legal Documents and Correspondence, estate of Georgiana G. R. Wendel1929-1933 [Wendel real estate a/o  1/17/1929]
 Legal Documents and Correspondence, estate of Georgiana G. R. Wendel1930-1933
 Ledger: Cash Book, Georgiana G. R. Wendel Estate1929-1934
 Correspondence; various documents [much re Georgiana mental competence]1879-1926
 Newpaper articles, Christian Advocate, Wendel Family1931, April 2
 Certificate of Baptism, Georgiana G. R. Wendel1850
 Legal Documents, Estate of Georgiana G. R. Wendel, claim of M.W. Strauch1935-1937
 Newspaper Clippings, Georgiana Wendel's insanity trials1899-1900
 Legal Documents (Wendel v. Wendel), correspondence, receipts1896-1931
 Notebook: compositions by Georgiana Wendel1867-1868
 Correpondence, Georgiana Wendelundated
 Various Family Papers1848-1899
 Correspondence, Augusta Wendel estate1913, April 21
41Wendel Foundation and Wendel Management Committee Records: 
    Minutes, Correspondence, and Estate Settlement Documents 
   (Drew University involvement, Noel Bensinger Treasurer, on committee) 
 Book: TheChild's Scripture Question-Book 
 Correspondence, unsorted, and various receipts, Legal Documentsvarious
 Correspondence, Wendel Estate distribution; Wendel Foundation; Drew1931-1935
 Wendel Foundation Minutes1939
 Wendel Foundation Minutes1940
 Wendel Management Committee: Minutes and Correspondence1934-1935
 Swope Bequest1930-1932
 Wendel Bequest1934-1936
 Correspondence, Mrs. Rebecca Wendel Swope1913-1930
 Wendel Management Committee 1925-1937
 Wendel Management Committee 21935-1937
 Reports of Managing Agent1935
 Correspondence: Wendel and Swope Receipts1936-1937
 Legal Documents: Swope Accounting; Drew Receipt1937-1938
 Real Estate Report 1937-1944 from Cross and Brown1944, June 7
 Wendel Foundation Minutes1937
 Correspondence: various, unsorted (Mr. Diaz, and others)1910s, various
 Correspondence: Wendel Estate Documents 1934-1935
 Correspondence (business): Wendel Estate Documents 1924-1931
 Correspondence (business): Wendel Estate Documents 1924-1936
42Legal Documents 
 Legal Documents: Estate of Miss Mary E. A. Wendel1922-1929
 Legal Documents: Estate of Rebecca Wendel Swope; Will; Distribution 1924-1936
 Legal Documents: Rebecca Wendel Swope Estateca. 1930 (illegible)
 Legal Documents and Business Correspondence (real estate)1913-1932
 Legal Documents: Estate of Ella V. Von E. Wendel1933-1934
 Correspondence, documents: Georgiana Wendel insanity; Mrs. Mary Wendel will1884-1909
 Correspondence: Estate of  Georgiana Wendel 1933
 Estate of John G. Wendel: Legal bills of Burlock E. Rabell (in envelope)1915-1916
 Estate of John G. Wendel: Legal bills of Burlock E. Rabell (in envelope)1910-1912
 Estate of John G. Wendel: Legal bills of Burlock E. Rabell (in envelope)1913
 Estate of John G. Wendel: Legal bills of Burlock E. Rabell (in envelope)1914
 Estate of John G. Wendel: Legal correspondence (in envelope)1915-1916 (mostly)
43Wendel Papers: Account BooksVery Heavy Box
 Estate Account Books: for John G., Augusta, and Josephine Wendel  (3)1912-1914
 Account Books (5)1830s-1860s, possibly later
44Wendel Papers: Wendel Estate Legal Papers, 1930s 
 Legal Documents, Correspondence, Affadavits: Wendel Estate1930s
 Legal Documents: Wendel Estate Executors: Account Proceedings1934
 Legal Documents: Estate of Georgiana Wendel, Claim of Meta Wendel Strauch1933-1936
 Legal Documents, Copy of original handrwitten 1884 will: Georgiana Wendel1933
45Correspondence, Documents, Account Books: Wendel Foundation & Estate 
 Correspondence: Wendel Foundation business (2 folders)1930s-1954 [year of dissolution]
 Correspondence: Wendel Foundation re George Shearer death1946
 Correspondence: Income Tax Rent Clause: Harper and Matthews to Shearer1942
 Business Reports: Wendel Foundation: Semiannual and Yearly Statements1938-1954
 Business Correspondence and Records: Bricken Building Rents, etc.1938-1944
 Business Correspondence and Records: Fashion Centre and Bricken buildings1940s
 Business Report: Wendel Foundation Balance Sheet [for 1947]1948
 Wendel Executors' Statement : Estate of  Ella V. Von E. Wendel1939-1940
 Records: Wendel Foundation Members Lists, Certificates of appointment1936-1954
 Reports and Correspondence: Wendel Real EstateTaxes1939-1940
 Wendel Foundation Distribution of Income from Real Estate, etc. ; receipts1937-1953
 Real Estate Documents: Block 814, some photographs (2 folders)1940s
 Account Books (5) [Cash Books: one unnumbered, and 6,7,8,9]1910-1911; 1913-1920
46Wendel Papers:Very Heavy Box
 Receipts and Check Stubs, Business Correspondence (5 folders)unprocessed  
47Albums of  collected advertisments, Estate Documents: Wendel Foundation, 
    and Leases:, Kress and Co.; Georgiana Wendel Diaries, Appointment Books 
 Leases: Drew University to  S. H. Kress and Co.; legal document1946; 1934
 Notebook: Statement of Properties, John G. Wendel 
 Album: New York City in Business Letterheads from Wendel Rental Properites1890-1901
 Album of Letterheads; additional letters up through 19031840s-1850s [modern adhesive album]
 Legal Document: Properties of Rebecca Wendel Swope since 1911, transferred1911, January 13
 Legal Documents: Estate of John G. Wendel1915
 Correspondence: Ella's Dog and Bequest to Hospital for Special Surgery1974; 1963
 Extracts from wills of Ella Wendel and Rebecca W. Swope re: Drew bequest1923; and undated extracts
 Newsclippings, local: Wendel bequest to Drew1933-1934
 Diaries and Appointment Books: Georgiana Wendel (1 folder; 10 items): 
 Excelsior Diary (appointments, etc.; many blank pages)1900
 Standard 211 Diary [pocket] (blank after June; includes address list)1899, January - June 4
 Standard Diary [red cover] (intermittent entries)1898
 Standard No. 16 Diary [pocket] (brief entries)1894
 Excelsior Diary [pocket] (travel notes: Washington, D.C., Yosemite, etc.)1889
 Travel Diary [pocket, red]:  Italy, Greece, and elsewhere:  Rome, Athens, etc.1885
 Notebook [pocket, red and brown] (notes in French)undated
 Standard Diary 1901 [black] (brief, intermittent entries)1901
 Notebook ["Notes" on black cover]  (a few notes; travel itinerary)1885
 Notebook [pocket]: travel notes Italy to Middle East, Dec. 1885-18861886
 Correspondence, Papers, Documents: John D. Wendel and others1870s, 1880s, various other dates
 Check Ledger (stubs): Fifth Avenue Bank1879-1880
 Legal Document: Will of Rebecca A. D. Wendel Swope (probate copy)[original dated 1924]
 Legal Document: Wendel Foundation, Act to Incorporate1935
 Legal Document: Wendel Foundation, Proposal to Incorporate1934, January 25
 Wendel Foundation By Lawsundated; ca. 1935
 Essay and note:  Wendel Family by Ezra Squire Tipple, for Christian Advocate1931, for April 2 edition
 Legal Documents: Wendel Estate; Correspondence, Drew University1930s
48Wendel Papers: Copy Books:Unprocessed: Very Heavy Box
 Ledger Copy Books1820s-1850s
 Ledger Copy Booksvarious dates
49Reports: Wendel Estate; Wendel Foundation Minutes and Correspondence; 
   Letters of Ella Wendel, 1928-1931 
 Correspondence: Letters of Ella Wendel [typed/transcribed, bound in 2 sections1928-1929
 Correspondence: Letters of Ella Wendel [typed/transcribed]1930-1931
 Correspondence; Membership Lists: Wendel Foundation Trustees1936-1951
 Special Committee on Management of the Wendel Foundation1937
 Meeting Minutes: Wendel Foundation1938, 1939, 1940
 Meeting Minutes: Wendel Foundation1941
 Meeting Minutes: Wendel Foundation1942
 Meeting Minutes: Wendel Foundation1943
 Meeting Minutes: Wendel Foundation1944
 Meeting Minutes: Wendel Foundation1945
 Meeting Minutes: Wendel Foundation1946
 Meeting Minutes: Wendel Foundation1947
 Meeting Minutes: Wendel Foundation1948
 Meeting Minutes: Wendel Foundation1949
 Meeting Minutes: Wendel Foundation1950
 Meeting Minutes: Wendel Foundation1951, 1952, 1953, 1954
 Meeting Minutes: Wendel Foundation (in binder)1941-1953
 Report on Wendel Foundation as of December 31, 19531954, January 28
 Correspondence and Reports: Wendel Foundation Trustees; Cross & Brown Real Estate1938-1946
 Correspondence: Wendel Foundation: Noel E. Bensinger (Drew)1936-1950
 Report, Correspondence: Wendel Management Committee Final Account1936-1937
 Reports: Wendel Estate, Rebecca Wendel Estate1934-1934
 Reports: Wendel Foundation1938-1943
 Reports: Wendel Foundation 
50Letters of Ella Wendel 1908-19271908-1927
 Correspondence: Ella Wendel  (entire box holds folders of typed letters) 
51Wendel Papers: Deeds 
 Real Estate Deeds; Cancelled bills: Boxed by Property Address (22)   
 Real Estate Deeds: various additional deeds, unsorted 
52Wendel Papers: Deeds 
 Real Estate Deeds in envelope packets (19) 
53Diaries, Calendar Day Books; Children's [School] Notebooks;  
    Thermometer Book (R. Wendel); Household Expenses (Irvington & NYC) 
     [Many sequential domestic diaries of Rebecca W. Swope; writer to] 
       be determined after 1924] 
 Receipt Book, Payments by John Wendel, recipients' signatures (J.J. Astor)1800s (early)
 Personal Diary: John D. Wendel (travel)1821-1824
 Personal Diary: John D. Wendel (poems and reflections)undated; 1849 entry
 Personal Diary: John D. Wendel (European travel)1824-1825
 Personal Diary: John D. Wendel1825, 22 November
 Notebook: John D. Wendel, "Tales" including the Maid of Hamburgundated; perhaps 1823
 School Notebook: Henrietta Wendel [in French]1853
 School Notebook: Georgiana Wendel1863 and undated
 School Notebook: G. W. [Georgiana Wendel], Englishundated
 School Notebook: Josephine Wendel, "Geografia" [in French]undated
 School Notebook: Josephine Wendel  [in French]undated
 School Notebook: [writer unidentified; in French] [covers missing]undated
 School Notebooks: (2) [writer(s) unidentified; in French] [covers missing]undated
 Notebook: N.Y.  Bowery Fire Insurance Co....By Laws: John D. Wendel 1863
 Memory Book "Carnet de Memoire" [names, births, deaths, birthdays, etc.]1870s-1890s
 Diary, Rebecca D. Wendel [inscribed] 1878
 Diary, R. Wendel [inscribed]1884
 Notebook: Cashbook and travel itineraries (Chicago Exposition)1880s, 1890s
 Notebook: "Thermometer Book" [weather]; diary entries [Rebecca W. Swope]1888-1907
 Memorandum Book: Hotel and Travel Notes [Josephine Wendel?]1890s
 Diary: ["Excelsior Diary" with almanac] various notes, ideas, engagments  1896
 Diary: "Agenda" [travel, German entries; Paris, London] [writer unidentified]1897
 Diary [Rebecca Wendel Swope]1908
 Diary (travel, Europe): Rebecca1908
 Cash Book: [some travel references: Zurich; writer unidentified]1908
 Diary (some travel: Bombay, Jerusalem)1911
 Diary (travel,incl. California; S.S. Siberia voyage1911
 Cash Book: Rebecca W. Swope1911-1922
 Diary [Rebecca Wendel Swope]1912-1913, November-June
 Diary [Rebecca Wendel Swope]1912-1913, March-April 
 Diary [Rebecca Wendel Swope]1913, April 29-January 2
 Diary [Rebecca Wendel Swope]1914, January 6-September 29
 Diary [Rebecca Wendel Swope]1914-1915, September 29-February
 Diary [Rebecca Wendel Swope]1915-1916, March-February
 Diary [Rebecca Wendel Swope]1916, February-June
 Diary [Rebecca Wendel Swope]1916, June-October
 Diary [Rebecca Wendel Swope]1916-1917, October 29-February 13
 Diary [Rebecca Wendel Swope]1917, February 14-June 7
 Diary [Rebecca Wendel Swope]1917, June 7-September
 Diary [Rebecca Wendel Swope]1917-1918, September 21-January 13
 Diary [Rebecca Wendel Swope]1918, January 17-July 4
 Diary [Rebecca Wendel Swope]1918, July 5-November 15
 Diary [Rebecca Wendel Swope]1918-1919, November 16-March 24
 Diary [Rebecca Wendel Swope]1919, March 26-August 6
 Diary [Rebecca Wendel Swope]1919, August 7-December 25
 Diary [Rebecca Wendel Swope]1919-1920, December 26-May 12
 Address Book: [Rebecca Wendel Swope?; contains letter, "Dear Beckie"]1920s
 Diary [Rebecca Wendel Swope]1920, May 12-August 18
 Diary [Rebecca Wendel Swope]1921, February-August
 Diary [Rebecca Wendel Swope]1921, August 13-December 24
 Diary [Rebecca Wendel Swope]1921-22, December 25-May 9
 Diary [Rebecca Wendel Swope]1922, May 10-August 25
 Diary [Rebecca Wendel Swope]1922, August 26-November 9
 Diary [Rebecca Wendel Swope]1922-1923, November 10-January
 Diary [Rebecca Wendel Swope]1923, March 25-September
 Diary [Rebecca Wendel Swope] [note handwriting changes, but refs to Luther]1923-1924, September-January
 Diary [Rebecca Wendel Swope] [death of Luther Swope]1924, January 27-July 14
 Diary [unidentified: Rebecca Wendel Swope ?]1924, July 15-December 31
 Diary [unidentified: Rebecca Wendel Swope ?]1925, January 1-June 19
 Diary [unidentified: Rebecca Wendel Swope ?]1925, June 20-December 14
 Diary [unidentified: Rebecca Wendel Swope ?]1925-1926, December 15-July 18
 Diary [unidentified: Rebecca Wendel Swope ?]1926-1927, July 19-February 17
 Diary: February 17-September 29, 19271927, February 17-September 29
 Diary: September 30, 1927-June 13, 19281927-1928, September 30-June 13
 Diary: [unidentified, but not Rebecca]1928-1929, June 14-April 30
 Diary [not Mrs. Rebecca Wendel Swope]1929, May 1-September 7
 Household Expenses of E. V. Von E. Wendel (Irvington & 442 5th Ave, N.Y.)1929-1931
54Tipple-Wendel Correspondence; Wendel Estate Executors files & corresp.; 
    Photographs: Toby, Ella's Dog, and Ella Wendel; Account Books; 
    Francis W. Lasak matters and estate, 1989-1890; Woodcock family 
 Various Notebooks: 
 Account Book: John D. Wendel, executor, estate of George C. Reed1855
 Receipt Book: John D. Wendel [George C. Reed estate]1855-1856
 Shipping Receipts: John D. Wendel via Adams Express Co.1855-1862
 Travel Diary: John D. Wendel1856
 Account Book: John G. Wendel1870s-1890s
 Account Book: "Day Book" [domestic expenses]1872-1877, July-April
 Address Book: Georgiana Wendel1876
 Bank Book: Mary A. Wendel [only 2 pages of entries]1877, 1881
 Account Book: John G. Wendel [details of domestic expenses]1877-1881, May-March
 Rent Book: Ella Wendel1877-1884
 Memo and Cash Book: John D. Wendel1878
 Receipt Book: Francis W. Lasak1878-1880
 Notebook: European Travel Expenditures, payments to Louis Ferrari [Georgiana?]1884
 Diary/Memo Book: Rebecca Wendel1889, August 31-December 30
 Bank Book: Georgiana Wendel in Trust for Michael Lynch1892, 1893, 1897
 Notebook: Rebecca Wendel accounts, expenses1894-1908
 Diary/Memo Book1895
 Memo Book [European Travel Expenditures]undated
 Memo Book [Travel, Addresses, Expenditures; note attributes to Josephine]1880s
 Cash Book1915-1923
 Notebook: Charity Accounts, "Book 2"1923-1926
 Notebook: Charity List1927-1930
 Post Card: Wendel Cottage, Ivington-Upon-Hudson, N.Y. (3 cards)ca. 1909
 Various Papers in Folders: 
 Unsorted: John D. Wendel, Rebecca, Augusta; Real Estate Ethics; John Reed1830s-1900s; 1857  
 Family Papers: Willliam P. Woodcock family1839; mostly 1880-1883
 Legal Documents: Francis W. Lasak Estate 1889-1890
 Legal Documents and Papers: Francis W. Lasak, John G. Wendel as executor1889-1890
 Correpondence: Letters from Rebecca Wendel Swope to Tipples1920s
 Correspondence: President Tipple's Wendel  file; photographs; will; various docs1931-1935
 Photographs: Ella Wendel; mostly Ella's dog, Toby at Irvingtonundated
 Various Documents: Wendel Estate Auction inventory and  Drew Purchases1933
 Correpondence, Legal Documents, News Clipping: Wendel Estate Executors File1933-1938
 Correspondence: Wendel and Swope Estates Real Estate; Bensinger, Drew U.1934-1936
 Pamphlet: Old New York: Kress Co replaces Wendel Mansion; Tipple Dedication1935
 Legal Document: Wendel Foundation Incorporated 19351935
 Meeting Minutes: Wendel Foundation Trustees1935-1936
 Meeting Minutes: Wendel Foundation Trustees1936-1937
 Meeting Minutes: Wendel Foundation Trustees1938
 Correpondence: Wendel Enclosure in Drew Library [storage of Wendel papers]1942-1950
55Family Genealogy and History; Luther Swope; Various Letters and Documents 
    News Clippings on Wendel Family 
 Last Will and Testament John Gottlob Wendel1834
 Various Papers of  John D. Wendel; estate of John Gottlob Wendel1807-1842
 Various Personal Papers: Luther A. Swope1850s-1870s
 Correspondence: John D. Wendel, account of Civil War1861, May 29-November 29
 Family Papers from safe at 442 Fifth Avenue, retrieved after 1931various
 Various Documents, Correspondence1908-1914
 Correspondence: Adolphe Giobbe to Georgiana Wendel, and translated transcript1920; 1935
 Correspondence: Luban to Mr. Koss; to Christian Wendel1929; 1935, July 9
 Genealogical Papers and Notes: Wendel Family Tree; Dew Family; names, datesca. 1930s and later archivists' notes
 Business Correspondence Packet: Ella Wendel, Stanley Shirk, sent to Root firm1920s-1931; 1932
 Business and Estate Correspondence: Wendel Family, Stanley Shirk, and others1924-1931
 Various Documents: Wendel Servants 1882-1903; Wendel church affiliations, 1932
 News Clippings: New York World Telegram Wendel articles by Earl Sparling1933, June [photocopies only]
 News Clippings: New York World Telegram Wendel articles by Earl Sparling1931, March-April [photocopies]
 Legal Papers: Wendel v. Wendel [Georgiana insanity case]1882-1908
 Legal Papers,Correspondence: Wendel v. Wendel case; map of Newark, N.J.1908, mostly
 Index and notes by Rachel M. Jones on Wendel Family, NY Times1875-1935ca. 1970 [for University in the Forest book]
 News Clippings on Wendel Family: Index and Photocopies1908-1936 [photocopies only]
56Legal Documents [entire box][needs some sort of inventory of cases]
      Includes case of Wendel v. Wendel [Georgiana insanity case] 
      Other legal cases; leases 
57No Box 57  
58Account Books, John D. Wendel1820s, 1830s, 1840s, 1850s, 1860s
    (7 ledgers),  much on fur trading business 
59Deeds, Property Maps, and Documents 
 Deeds (6 Packets)various
 Album: Maps of Property [of] John D. Wendel; with real estate news clippings1858, January
 Album: Maps of Property [of] John D. Wendel; with real estate news clippings1823, 1858, 1865, 1869, 1876, 1906, 1907-08
 Real Estate Property Maps and Surveys to Scale, with Index [Wendel properties]undated
    [entire box full of packets of deeds grouped by property address] 
61Photographs, Ambrotypes, Daguerrotypes, 1850s; News Clippings of John Wendel;  
    New York City Corporation Manual and Directory; Prayer Book 
 Prayer Book: Vallstaendiges Marburger… Elizabeth Astor brought from Germany1778
 Book: Trow's New York City Directory, Year Ending May 1, 18561856
 Book: Manual of the Corporation of the City of New York1859
 Album of News Clippings on [death of ] John G. Wendel, Stanley Shirk law firm1914
 Portrait Sketch of John Gottlob Wendel  [d.1841]; identification on versoundated; ca. 1820s-1830s
 Ambrotypes (3) [young man, John G. Wendel?] [1 damaged; 2 covers missing]1850s
 Ambrotype (1) middle aged man1850s
 Ambrotype (1) [young woman]1850s
 Daguerrotypes (2) [young man; girl] undated
 Photographs: 4 Wendel family portraits in cloth frameundated
 Visas: John D. Wendel1858-1861
 Deeds: 14 boxed packets grouped by property addressvarious
 Deeds: various, for approximately 10 propertiesvarious
 Deeds: (2) on parchment [Haight family]1840s
 Ledger Book, Index: Drew University, p. 52; Griggs, Baldwin & Baldwin, p.461934-1937
63Estate Documents Wendel Foundation; Account Books; Furniture Memo Books 
    Two boxes with packets of correspondence and documents on legal cases, 
    with several transcriptions of letters of Georgiana, Rebecca, and John Wendel 
    and some German translated letters regarding Mary Wendel's state of mind 
 Memo Book: Furniture purchases, John D. Wendel1840s; 1850s
 Memo Book: Household, Silver, and Furniture Purchases1850s; 1860s; 1870s
 Account Books: Bank of New York and Trust Co., Estate of Ella Wendel,  (3)1934-1937           [labelled C151, C152, C153]
 Check Books: Chemical Bank, Wendel Estate, G. S. Shirk, Managing Agent (5)1934-1938                      [labelled C154-C158]
 Account Book: Chemical Bank, Wendel Estate, Tenants' Deposits1935-1937, Oct. 18-Oct. 25     [labelled C159]
 Check Books: Bank of N.Y., Temporary Administrators of E. Wendel Estate (5)1931-1937 April 13-March 18    [C173-C177]
 Various Correspondence, memos, telegrams: re Georgiana and Mary Wendelvarious         [Box marked 81A]  [Fragile]
 Legal Correspondence, Documents: Georgiana Wendel case  to John G. Wendel1907-1909  [Box marked 81B]   [Fragile]
 Photograph: 1399 Broadway, N.Y1936, February 29
64Estate Documents; Kress and Co., Drew U.; Wills, Legal Documents 
 Legal Documents: Letter Box marked "Wendel Law Suits" [business related]various
 Legal Documents: Wendel Estate, Wendel Foundation; Beneficiaries; Correspondence:  Hollwedel Claim1930s
 Legal Documents: Wendel Estate, Wendel Foundation Deed of Real Properties (2)1936, August 1
 Legal Documents: Hudson & Manhattan Rail Road v. Josephine Wendel & Frasse Co.1905-1909  [tied bundle of documents]
 Legal Document: Georgiana Wendel appeal in Wendel v. Wendel case1907
65Various Family Correspondence; Some Legal Documents; Genealogical papers[Several items in German; several fragile items]
    [Several letters between John D. & Mrs. Mary Wendel--see hers of 1865; his of 1876] 
    [Materials all noted in 1932 by executors; some used to contest claims to estate] 
 Family Papers: Draft of John D. Wendel's willundated
 Family Papers and Transcriptions [found in "Deed Safe"]1700s-1800s 
 Unsorted Family Papers: "Sundry Papers" (2 folders)1800s (early)-ca. 1920s
 Correspondence: Inter-Family: Wendels, Stansburys, Astors [some not in English]1822-1865
 Correspondence: Various, to John D. and Mary A. Wendel1830s, 1840s
 Correspondence: Tobias E. Stansbury to J. D. Wendel and Mary Wendel [transcriptions]1834-1847
 Papers Referring to Family History; notes from C.H. [C. Halsted] on estate claims1840s, 1850s; notes 1932-1935; undated
 Correspondence, Reports: German Genealogists on Wendel and Dew ancestors1850s, and various [very fragile papers]
 Family Papers and Correspondence: John D. Wendel1861; 1876; various dates
    [See important letter of instructions from J.D.W. to wife Mary and son--1876] 
 Family Papers: John D. Wendel Deed of Pew, signed by Daniel Drew; receipts1865; 1870s
    [One of the historical connections with Drew University; Drew was President 
      of St. Paul's Methodist Episcopal Church in N.Y.] 
 Correspondence: Genealogical Registry of New York to J. D. Wendel1870s
 Business Correspondence: VariousTenants to John G. Wendel1886
 Correspondence:  L. F. Boyes to Miss Rebecca A. D. Wendel1895, 1897, 1899
 Correspondence: To John G. Wendel; To Rebecca from Mary and Josephine1890s; 1904-1908
    To or Concerning Georgiana [a few letters]; Candy and Flower Receipts1900-1910; various
    Memo Book: [dates, names, destinations]1870s
    Address Book: [mostly travel destinations, hotels; doctors in Cairo, etc.]undated
 Correspondence A: Miscellaneous, Various references to Georgiana 1890s-1900
      Group marked 1: to Rebecca from physicians re: Georgian's mental state1894-1900
      Group marked 2: to John G. Wendel 1895
      Group marked 3: to Rebecca1894-1895
      Group marked 4: to various; news clipping re Georgiana1890s-1900
      Group marked 5: Rebecca from F. Bixner refs to Georgiana1897
 Correspondence D: Georgiana's Insanity, various letters1890s-1900
 Correspondence: John G. and [mostly] Rebecca re: Georgiana1891-1900
 Correspondence C: Georgiana to John G. [on Koss legal letterhead]1895; 1896, 1897
 Correspondence J: Rebecca to John [1 letter]1896
 Correspondence: Rebecca and Josephine personal property tax1898
 Correspondence M: From Thompson and Koss [legal firm] to Rebecca, John G.1899-1900
 Correspondence: To Rebecca from Josephine1899-1900
 Correspondence: Georgiana [3 items]1900
 Correspondence E:  John G. to Rebecca1900
 Correspondence G: Mary to Rebecca1900
 Correspondence [Wendel siblings and German doctors] re: Georgiana: 1900; 1907-1908 [mostly]; 1913
 Legal Documents: Wendel v. Wendel Stenographer's Minutes and Legal Papers1907-1908; earlier papers [all in plastic bag]
 Correspondence: Real Estate Inquiries re: 444 Fifth Ave [family home]1912-1922
 Correspondence and Legal Documents: Rebecca W. Swope; Holwedell claim1914-1930s; and various dates
 Correspondence: Requests for Charity; Photos (2): Ella Wendel1931; undated
66Bank Books, Check Stub Books 
 Account Books: John Gottlob Wendel (1); John D. Wendel (8), Mechanics Bank 1821; 1828-1852
 Account Book: John D. Wendel [real estate mortgage and rent records]1837-1844    [marked 108]
 Check Stub Books: John D. Wendel (5)1860-1875    [marked 111]
 Bank Books: John D. Wendel;  Estate of  John D. Wendel1873-1908; 1885-1896 and 1898-1922
 Check Stub Book; Bank Books: John G. Wendel; Estate of John G. Wendel1876-1880; 1876-1915; 1915-1923
 Check Stub Books: (2)1879-1881   [marked 3 and 4]
 Check Stub Books: John G. Wendel (13)1884-1911
 Bank Books: Rebecca Wendel Swope1914-1930
 Bank Book: Estate of John G. Wendel1915-1917
 Check Stub Books: (3)1919-1921   [marked 56, 57, 58]
 Bank Books: Rebecca Wendel Swope1923-1930
 Check Stub Book: Rebecca Wendel Swope "Special, No. 2"1924-1926
 Check Stub Book: Rebecca Wendel Swope [later by agent]  "Special, No. 4" 1927-1930
 Bank Books: Ella V. von E. Wendel1927-1929; 1926-1930
67Property Books; Account Books; various other books [one or two for children] 
 Receipt Book: John Gottlob Wendel1813-1828
 Account Book: "Payable"1839-1872
 Receipt Book: John D. Wendel1841-1866
 Account Book: "Receivable"1843-1887
 Property Books (3): [Valuations and Taxes]1899-1916
 Property Books (2): [Tax and Improvement Records for each property--typed]1918-1926; 1926-1930
 Property Books (2): As of 1931, with maps and financial and legal commentaryca. 1931   [in large binders]
 Small Book owned by J. D. Wendel Collection des Costumes de la Suisse[inscribed by Wendel, Zurich, 1825]
 Book owned by J. D. Wendel on Innsbruck, Austria, Court Church bronzes[inscribed by Wendel, Innsbruck, June 23, 1859]
 Book: Legends of the Black Forestundated
 Pamphlet: Back Bay District: The Vendome, Boston1883
 Book: Fourth Decennial Catalogue of the Chi Psi Fraternity1883  [J. G. Wendel entry, Columbia U., 1855]
68Legal Documents and Correspondence, Estate of Ella Wendel1931-
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