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For each entry listed in this index, the Drew University Archives holds at least one folder of material - containing, for example, press releases, photographs, newspaper or magazine articles - relating to the building or campus feature. Other information or collections that pertain to each particular entry or to building and campus features in general may also be available, please contact the University Archives for further information.

[Note: This file contains building plans packets, including "Buildings and Use" (June 1961), "Building Plans and Statistics" (1961), "Building Bible Plans" (1984), "Campus Utility Survey" (n.d.), and "Building Abbreviation and Number System" Memo (1985). They are placed before A in the file cabinets.]

Further Research Resources

GCAH Mission Albums (Education boxes 1, 1.2. and 2) also have images of the Drew faculty homes (now department sites). 


Alumni/ae House (previously 120 Madison Avenue)
Art Collection
Asbury Hall
Asbury Statue


Baldwin Gymnasium
Baldwin Hall
Bell: Victory Bell
Bell: Victory Bell: Documentation
Bowne Gateway, See Bowne Memorial Gateway
Bowne Gymnasium, See also Bowne Theatre and Bowne Lecture Hall
Bowne Hall
Bowne Lecture Hall, See Bowne Gymnasium and Bowne Theatre
Bowne Memorial Gateway
Bowne Theatre, See Bowne Gymnasium, Bowne Lecture Hall and Kirby Theatre
Brothers College: Clock Tower
Brothers College: Construction
Brothers College: Documentation
Brothers College: Exterior
Brothers College: Interior
Brothers College: Interior: Library, See Library, Early
Brown Hall, See Tolley/Brown Dormitories
Buttz House


Campus Guides, Plans & Maps
Campus Views
Campus Views: The Forest
Campus Views: Aerial Shots
Campus Views: 1920s
Carriage House
Child Care Center, See Carriage House
Copper Beech Condominiums: Documentation
Cornell Library
Cornell Library: Rose Window, See also Learning Center: Rose Window
Craig Chapel, See Seminary Hall: Craig Chapel


Davies House
Doc Young Field, See Young Field
Dormitories, proposed


Earp House, See Smith House
Eberhardt Hall, See Town Houses
Embury Hall


Faulkner House
Fine Arts Building, See Young Fine Arts Building
Floor Plans
Foster Hall, See The Suites


Gilbert House
Great Hall, See Bowne Hall
Greenhouse: Early


Hall of Sciences, file 1, See also P&E file: Alumni: CLA, 1965, Hall of Sciences Campaign Dinner
Hall of Sciences: Dedication
Hannon House
Haselton Hall
Health Center
Holloway Hall
Hoyt-Bowne Hall
Hurst Hall, See The Suites


Infirmary, See Health Center


Kirby Theatre


Learning Center
Learning Center: Construction Learning Center: Rose Window, See also Cornell Library: Rose Window
Lewis House
Library, Early (Brothers College)
Little Brook Farm


Madison House
Master Plans
McClintock Hall, See The Suites
Mead Hall: Early through c. 1989
Mead Hall: Fire (August 1989)
Mead Hall: Fire (August 1989): videotape
Mead Hall: Reconstruction, 1989-1991
Mead Hall: 1990-
Mead Hall: NPI (National Preservation Institute) Study
Mead Hall: Exterior Mead Hall: Interior
Mead Hall: Interior: Fire (August 1989)
Methodist Center, See United Methodist Archives Center
Methodist Episcopal Church of Madison
Methodist Library, See also United Methodist Archives Center
Morris Infirmary, See Health Center
120 Madison Avenue, See Alumni/ae House


Parking Lots
Pepin House, See Vice-President's House
Pepin Services Center
Picnic Area
Playground (between Wendel and Tipple)
Playing Fields, See individual fields Young, U.S. Field Hockey Center
President's Home


Riker Hall
Robertson House see Madison House
Rogers House
Rose Memorial Library
Rose Memorial Library: Construction
Rose Memorial Library: Exterior
Rose Memorial Library: Interior
Rose Memorial Library: Restoration


S. W. Bowne, See Bowne Hall
Science Building, See Hall of Sciences
Seal, Drew University
Seminary Hall
Seminary Hall: Exterior

Seminary Hall: Historic Structure Report (Historic Preservation Program, June 1999
Seminary Hall: Interior
Seminary Hall: Interior: Craig Chapel
Simon Forum and Athletic Center
Sitterly House
Smith House, See also Earp House
Smoke Stack, See Embury Hall
Strong House, See Faulkner House
Suites, The: Foster, Hurst and McClintock Halls
Sycamore Cottage
Symbols and Insignia


Theological School, See Seminary Hall
Tilghman House
Tipple Hall
Tipple Hall: Construction
Tolley/Brown Dormitories
Town Houses


United Methodist Archives Center
United Methodist Archives Center: Documentation
University Center
University Center: Interior: Bookstore
University Commons
U. S. Field Hockey Center (incl. Lower Playing Field)


Vice President's House


Welch Hall
Wendel Hall
Wesley House, See also President's Home
Woodcliff Drive Houses


Young Field (incl. Upper Playing Field)
Young Fine Arts Building


Zuck Arboretum
Compiler: Sharifa Williams
Updated by: Rebecca Rego Barry

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