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Drew Special Collections and University Archives

Drew University Library's special collection of 19th century printed material is large and complex. Its more than 15,000 items cover literally scores of subjects, both secular and sacred. Besides many individual pamphlets, there are partial runs of serials including annual reports and minutes of numerous organizations, as well as fragile monographs which require protection.  There is a strong emphasis on religious materials, where the holdings have particular range and depth.  With the exception of about 30 volumes of bound-together German and Latin dissertations, most of the works are in English.

Religious materials include a strong denominational representation. There are histories, minutes, annual reports, tracts, and various miscellaneous publications from about 30 different religious bodies, among them the Presbyterian, Congregational, and Lutheran Churches; the Churches of England and Scotland; the Reformed Episcopal, Protestant Episcopal, Dutch Reformed, Christian Catholic, and Catholic Churches; and the Mennonites, Shakers, Baptists, Moravians, Seventh Day Adventists, Christian Scientists, Mormons, Quakers, Unitarians, Universalists, and Swedenborgians, as well as Judaism and several eastern religions.

Religious benevolent societies are also significantly represented, including Bible societies, foreign and home missionary societies, organizations working for social reform, and the Salvation Army. In addition, there are 17th, 18th, and 19th century sermons, works on spiritualism, comparative religion, Martin Luther, Calvinism, and publications of at least 30 Sunday school and Sabbath organizations.

Non-religious materials cover a very wide range of subjects, among them African-American history, slavery, World War I, witchcraft, the American Indian, Masonic orders and secret societies, criminals and criminology, the YMCA, the WPA, Ireland, India, temperance, women's suffrage and anti-suffrage, and U.S. history. There is a significant collection of almanacs, including single issues or partial runs of roughly 50 different British and American publications. Work on the collection is on-going. 

Page: 19th Century Dissertations Page: Africa Page: American Anti-Imperialism Page: American Indians (Unprocessed) Page: American Tract Society tracts (Unprocessed) Page: Baptism Page: Baptists (Unprocessed) Page: Bible Page: Bible in the Public Schools Page: Bible Societies Page: Burial, Cremation and Cemeteries Page: Calvinism Page: Capital Punishment Page: Chauncey M. Depew Page: Child Labor Page: Christian Catholic Apostolic Church in Zion Page: Christian Doctrine (Unprocessed) Page: Christian Science Page: Christian Union Page: Church and State Page: Church Bells Page: Church Finance Page: Church History in England Page: Church History in France Page: Church History in Ireland Page: Church History in Mexico Page: Church History in Scotland (Unprocessed) Page: Church Music Page: Church of England Page: Citizen's Union of the City of New York Page: Civil Service Page: Commerce and Shipping Page: Comparative Religion Page: Congregationalism Page: Cooperation Page: Crime and Punishment Page: David F. Strauss Page: Disciples of Christ Page: East India Company Page: Ecumenical Missionary Conference Page: Education (Unprocessed) Page: Erasmus Page: Evangelical Alliance Page: Faith Healing Page: Foreign Missions Page: Free Thought Debate Page: Free Trade Page: Gerrit Smith Page: Home Missions and Relief Work with Various Groups Page: Immigration Page: India (Unprocessed) Page: Inland Navigation Page: International Arbitration Page: Irish History Page: Islam Page: John Watts de Peyster Page: Judaism (Unprocessed) Page: Labor Page: League of Nations Page: Local Sunday School Associations Page: Lutheran Church Page: Marriage Page: Martin Luther Page: Masonic Orders (Unprocessed) Page: Massachusetts Page: Medical Missions Page: Medicine Page: Melanchthon Page: Memorials and Eulogies Page: Mennonite Page: Ministry Page: Missions in China (Unprocessed) Page: Money and Currency Question in the United States Page: Moravian Page: Mormon Page: National League for the Protection of American Institutions Page: New York State Page: Opium Page: Pamphlets and Dissertations (Unprocessed) Page: Peace (Unprocessed) Page: Pilgrims and Puritanism Page: Politics in Great Britain Page: Popular Science Page: Practical Politics (United States) Page: Prayer Page: Presbyterian Church Page: Presbyterian Church in New Jersey Page: Presidents of the United States Page: Protestant Episcopal Church (Unprocessed) Page: Public School Question Page: Quaker Page: Railroads Page: Reformation Page: Reformed Church in America (Dutch) Page: Reformed Episcopal Church Page: Reformed Presbyterian Church Page: Reformed Serials Page: Religious Tract Society Page: Revivals Page: Roads Page: Robert G. Ingersoll Page: Roman Catholic Church (Unprocessed) Page: Russia Page: Sabbath (Unprocessed) Page: Science and Christianity Page: Sermons Page: Seventh-Day Adventist Page: Shaker Page: Slavery Page: Socialism and Social Reform Page: Society for Ethical Culture Page: Southern States Page: Spiritualism Page: Student Volunteer Movement (Unprocessed) Page: Sunday School Page: Swedenborgian Page: Temperance (Unprocessed) Page: Theses Page: Unitarian Page: United States History (Civil War) Page: United States History (General) Page: United States History (Revolutionary War) Page: Universalism Page: Vices Page: Waldensian Page: William H. Seward Page: Women Page: World War I Page: YMCA (Unprocessed) Page: Zwingli (Unprocessed)