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Constructed: 1883

One of the original Victorian-era homes built for Drew faculty in the 1870s, the building came to house 15 students (men) of the CLA by 1935. In 1945 it housed women because of a housing shortage. In 1955-1956 Faulkner housed college men and the coffee shop (which had been with the bookstore in seminary hall). By 1960-1961 it was remodeled to accommodate more office space and laboratories. In 1968 Faulkner House contained seminar rooms and offices for the art department, and in 1969 went back to having office space, classrooms and labs. In 1981-1983 the building additionally housed the history department and the University Chaplains office. In 1985-1987 Faulkner House contained the anthropology, religion, and classics department faculties and the university chaplains office. Today the Faulkner House houses the religion and anthropology department offices and a few classrooms. It is also home to the Continuing University Education Office.


Composed by Anthony D. Rogers, Courtesy of the Drew University Archives.

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