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Currently, the primary focus of the Drew History Wiki is on the Drew University History and Archives.

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Page: 12 Campus Drive
Renovated in 1989, this building was originally a private residence, constructed circa 1925. Today the house provides office space for members of the Theological School faculty. (Text courtesy of University Communications.)
Page: 1866 Incorporation Act
State of New York, document no. 302 of Senate. Introduced by unanimous consent by Mr. Low—read twice and referred to the committee on charitable and religious societies—reported favorably from said committee, and committed to the committee of the whole. T
Page: 1868 Charter
CHARTER OF DREW THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY __________ From Laws of New Jersey 1868 CHAPTER II. AN ACT TO INCORPORATE THE DREW THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY OF THE METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH. Section 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and General Assembly of the State of New
Page: 1928 Name Change
Attached here is a scan of the document making official Drew's name change from "Drew Theological Seminary of the Methodist Episcopal Church" to "Drew University." The Text reads: I, LUTHER B. WILSON, President of the Board of Trustees of Drew Theol


Page: A Short History of Drew University
Drew University was conceived in 1866 when there arose a growing demand for organized theological education in the Methodist Episcopal Church (that year was also the centenary of American Methodism). In response to this need, Daniel Drew, a Wall Street fi
Page: Academy of American Poet's Prize
Endowed in 2006 by Susan Barba. Recognizes an outstanding group of poetry by the winners of an open competition. Year Awardees 2016 Sanah Athar 2015 Max Orsini 2014 Lindsey Altongy 2013 Rachel Pitman 2012 Kathleen Michelle Burke John Justin Dabrowski
Page: Acorn
Courtesy of Drew Magazine. Article originally appeared in the Summer 1996 edition, by Jessica Papin C'95 Since 1928, The Acorn, the self-styled "independent newspaper of the College of Liberal Arts" has chronicled the growth and growing pains of Drew Univ
Page: African-Americans
According to John T. Cunningham's University in the Forest, "The Seminary never had a color line. The Class of 1889 had two black graduates, Benjamin Franklin Wheeler, who came to Drew after graduation from Lincoln University, and William Robert Palmer, w
Page: After Dark
Courtesy of Drew Magazine. Article originally appeared in the Fall 1993 edition, by Ray Smith C'89 What struck me first is what always strikes me when I return to campus: the stillness. Even after an hour in a darkened bus, arriving at Drew from Manhattan
Page: Alan Candiotti
alan3.jpg Dr. Alan Candiotti (d. 2013), Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science 1980-2013, Assistant Vice President University Technology 1994-2013, Interim dean of the College of Liberal Arts 2013. Candiotti took the lead in bringing new technolog
Page: Albert Norton Wettstein Prize
Endowed in 1999 by friends, family and classmates in memory of this member of the CLA Class of 1958 and the Theological School Class of 1961. Awarded annually to an actor and an actress for outstanding achievement in a Drew theatrical production. Year Awa
Page: Alfred B. Haas Prize
Theological School Division V. Established in 2006 by the Theological School Class of 1957, to honor the inspired teaching of Alfred B. Haas T '36, G '46, associate professor of practical theology from 1944 to 1968. Awarded to students in the master of di
Page: Alfred M. Waller Jr. Memorial Prize
Theological School, Division IV. Established in 2001 by family, friends and Mrs. Bernita S. Waller in memory of her late husband, Alfred M. Waller Jr. Awarded annually for excellence in the practice of Christian ministry to a second-year M.Div student wit
Page: Allen Ware Rodes Memorial Prize
Endowed in 1986 by Dr. and Mrs. Robert Rodes in memory of their son, Allen. Dr. Rodes was professor emeritus of political science at Drew. Given annually to the graduating senior who has demonstrated the most significant academic improvement during his or
Page: Alma Mater
(See also: The Drew Song) Words by John E. Barclay C'35 Amid the tow'ring forest Thy halls of learning stand; They name our purpose to uphold, We'll spread through all the land. The colors ever glorious Still wave on high so true; All hail to Drew forever
Page: Alton Raynor Prize
Theological School Division V prize. Established in 1998. Awarded annually to a second-year student with financial need who shows great promise for success in town and country ministry. Year Awardee 2016 Michael Callahan 2015 Amy L. Sandlin 2014 Nikki Ad
Page: American Bible Society Award
Theological School Prize, New Testament. Sponsored by the American Bible Society. Awarded to the student of outstanding achievement in biblical studies.
Page: American History Award
Established in 2005 by the Society of Colonial Dames. Awarded annually to a student who has shown interest and accomplishment in early American history. Year Awardees 2013 Hannah Christine DeGenova 2012 Stephen Lawrence Petro 2011 Miya Candace Carey 2010
Page: American Institute of Chemists Award
Sponsored by the American Institute of Chemists. Awarded annually to an outstanding senior chemistry major. Year Awardees 2016 Stephanie Carolina Sanchez 2015 Kia Shalyn Bourdot, biochemistry Kelsie A. Kolb, chemistry 2014 Maria E. Falzone, biochemistry K
Page: Anna-Lisa Barofsky Prize in Biology
Endowed by family and friends in memory of Anna-Lisa Barofsky C '62. Awarded to a junior or senior majoring in biology or psychobiology who presented the best research paper at a scholarly biology conference. Year Awardee 2016 Ryan A. Healy 2015 Marie Czi
Page: Annin Memorial Prize in Theology
Theological School, Division III. Endowed in 2005 by Anne V. Annin T' 00, in memory of William E. and David E. Annin. Awarded to graduating students in the Master of Divinity program who have displayed both interest and excellence in theology. Year Awarde
Page: Annual Award in Music
Established by the music department. Awarded to outstanding seniors who have made a significant contribution to music at Drew. Year Awardees 2016 Olivia Grace Victoria Rutler Sarah Natalia Silvestri 2015 Kaydian Danille Barrett Rachel Alyssa Flintz Cathe
Page: Arlo Ayres Brown
ArloBrown.jpg Arlo Ayres Brown (1883-1961) was the sixth president (1929-1948) of Drew University. In 1929, when Arlo Ayres Brown became president of Drew University, he was in his forty-sixth year and already had behind him a rich and varied experience o
Page: Arnold S. Boxer Memorial Prize in Physics
Endowed by colleagues and friends in memory of Arnold S. Boxer, former part-time Drew professor. Awarded for dedication, diligence and distinction in the study of physics. Year Awardees 2016 Zoe Hughes 2015 Robert Gelosa 2014 Ian Lowry 2013 Christopher P.
Page: Asbury Hall
History Formerly: Carriage House for the Gibbons Construction Date: 1834 Built by William Gibbons in 1834, the building originally housed the stables of Gibbons’ “famed thoroughbred horses.” In 1867, after Daniel Drew donated $75,000 for renovations, Asbu
Page: Athletics
Drew Athletics and academics merged for me in my first week as a student in 1935. Skipping my 4 pm biology lab, I jogged towards the gym to get my spikes, glove, and someone to hit me a few grounders. Fate tripped me immediately. Walking briskly toward me


Page: Baldwin brothers
BaldwinBros.jpg Arthur and Leonard Baldwin, two brothers who grew up on a farm in the nineteenth century and went on to become very successful lawyers, made a donation to Drew that forever changed the small Theological Seminary into a university. Leonard,
Page: Baldwin Brothers and Brothers College
Courtesy of Drew Magazine. Article originally appeared in the Winter 1999 edition, by John T. Cunningham C'38 If I were to ask the first 50 people whom I met on the Drew campus if they knew of Brother's College, nearly all would point toward the colonial
Page: Barent Johnson
Rev. Barent Johnson, teaching fellow in philosophy, 1962-1964, University Registrar 1964-1986. University Archivist 1988-1993. According to Drew Today, September 26, 2013: "Johnson arrived at Drew in 1962 after serving as pastor of the Trinity United
Page: Bernard Harrison Nadal
Nadal,Bernard1.jpg Nadal (1812-1870) was born in Talbot County, Maryland in 1812. He received his A.B. in two years from Dickinson College. During this time he won the good opinion of Professor John McClintock. He taught belles lettres at Indiana Asbury U
Page: Bernhard Anderson Prize
Endowed by the Theological School Class of 1959, to honor the inspired leadership and teaching of the late Professor of Biblical Theology Bernhard W. Anderson, Dean of the Theological School from 1954 to 1963. Year Name 2016 Nikki Lynn Edelman Ji Sung Lee
Page: Bessie Stak Schiffman Award for Excellence in Women's Studies
Established by Professor Ann Saltzman (1994 recipient of the President's Award for Distinguished Teaching), family and friends in honor of Dr. Saltzman's grandmother, who as a young woman learned Hebrew and became the "prayer reader" for the women of her
Page: Birds of Drew Forest
For the study of birds there are at least two reasons why Drew Forest furnishes a highly favorable situation. First, it is one of the great highways of migration between the North and the South. Second, the trees and shrubs provide a wide variety of nesti
Page: Bishop Edmund S. Janes Prize for Outstanding Academic Achievement.
Graduate Division of Religion Awarded for academic excellence to a Ph.D. student in Coursework. Year Awardee 2014 Kerri Whipple 2013 Elijah Prewitt-Davis 2012 Leah Thomas 2011 Amy Beth Jones 2010 Matthew Riley
Page: Bowne Hall
History Former Names: University Refectory, University Graduate Center Constructed: 1912-1913 Opening and Dedication: 1913 This building was the final gift of S.W. Bowne. It was originally used as a dormitory/dining hall and also housed faculty for a shor
Page: Brothers College
History Former Names: College Hall, Brother’s Hall Constructed: 1928-1929 Dedication: 1929 Brothers College was the gift of Leonard and Arthur Baldwin. The building originally housed a reception hall, large lecture hall, auxiliary library, 16 classrooms,
Page: Buildings & Campus Locations
12 Campus Drive Alumni/ae House Asbury Hall Baldwin Hall Brothers College Bowne Hall Carriage House Davies House Dorothy Young Center for Arts Eberhardt Hall Embury Hall Faulkner House Foster Hall Gateway Gilbert House Hall of Science Hannan House Haselto
Page: Burke Prize in Language and Literature
Started in 1975 and endowed in 1990 by Inez Nelbach, the first female Dean of the College, this prize in honor of James B. Burke, trustee emeritus of the University, is awarded to a graduating senior who has majored with distinction in language or literat
Page: Business Studies Prize
Awarded to the graduating senior who has demonstrated the best overall performance in the business studies major. Year Awardee 2015 Melinda Anne Ziemski 2014 Caroline Monica Kuras 2013 Samantha Lynn Friedman 2012 Alexandra Adamson 2011 Benjamin Anthony Le
Page: Busts in the Library
In answer to the question: Who are the four busts on display in the Pilling Room of the Library? We believe that, as of Feb. 28, 2010, they were: Unidentified Man*, possibly Thomas Jefferson Unidentified Man*, possibly Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Unidentif


Page: Carl Michalson
Michalson.jpg Carl Michalson, a prominent theologian, was Andrew V. Stout Professor of Systematic Theology at Drew University, where he taught from 1943 to 1965. He was a prolific author, editor, and translator. His tragic death in an airplane crash in 19
Page: Carriage House
History Constructed: 1880s This building was initially a private residence. The Carriage House was used for faculty housing at least as early as the early 1960s. The Courtney family lived there from 1965-67. In 1981-1983 the building was used for faculty
Page: Caspersen School Graduate Student Teaching Award
This award recognizes graduate students in the Caspersen School of Graduate Studies who demonstrate consistent excellence in teaching in the Drew undergraduate program based on student comments and evaluations and class observations. Awardees: Year Names
Page: Chalice Press Book Award
Theological School. Presented in recognition of outstanding achievement. Year Name 2014 Michael Anthony Howard 2013 Lorie Beth Caulfield 2012 Kathleen Jones Harris 2011 Elizabeth Rauen Sciaino 2010 Donna Olivia Powell
Page: Chalk Message Project
Since 2005-06, one day a year Drewids find "You are Loved" notes-- such as "You are loved," "You are beautiful" and "Be yourself"-- chalked on the sidewalks. The "Chalk Project" was started by Jen Dugan, '08 in her junior year. According to Wikipedia, Dug
Page: Charles Fremont Sitterly
Sitterly2.jpg Charles Fremont Sitterly A.B., A.M., Ph.D., S.T.D., B.D. Adjunct-Professor of New Testament Greek and Exegesis of the English Bible, 1892-1895; Professor of Biblical Literature and Exegesis of the English Bible, 1895-1935. Summary Charles Fr
Page: Charles Sitterly
See Charles Freemont Sitterly . Courtesy of the Drew University Archives
Page: Christopher Goin Memorial Prize in Writing
Endowed in 1989 by New Jersey Bell colleagues and family, in memory of Chris Goin C '78. Awarded to one or more seniors winning a manuscript contest sponsored by the English department. The manuscript must merit distinction for its substance, style and im
Page: Clarence Tucker Craig
Clarence Tucker Craig was named dean of the Seminary in 1949. A superior scholar, Craig also held the chair in New Testament studies. His time at Drew, however, was brief; Craig died in 1953. Courtesy of the Drew University Archives
Page: Clarence Tucker Craig Prize in Biblical Studies
Theological School Division I prize, established by the Class of 1955 to honor the former dean Clarence Tucker Craig and awarded to the graduating M.Div. candidate who has excelled in this field. Year Awardee 2016 Pedro Antonio Pillot 2015 Ji Eun Kim 2014
Page: Class of 1983 Senior Gift Award
Endowed by the Senior Gift Fund of the Class of 1983. Awarded to one or more outstanding juniors with proven dedication to the improvement of student life. Year Awardees 2016 Rachel Tavani Keiran Wilson 2014 Dylan Jones Michael Pellessier 2013 Zainab Sul
Page: Class of 1985 Senior Gift Award Prize
Endowed by the Senior Gift Fund of the Class of 1985. Endowed by the Senior Gift Fund of the Class of 1985. Awarded to a college student with financial need whose academic promise and vision for a more just community are strong. Year Awardees 2016 Julissa
Page: Class of 1988 Senior Gift Prize
Endowed by the Senior Gift Fund of the Class of 1988. Awarded to a senior in the sociology department who has done significant work in one of the area studies programs. Year Awardee 2015 Genesis Hernandez 2014 Valerie F. Dohrer 2013 Julia Florence Friedma
Page: Clubs and Organizations
Student Clubs/Organizations: That Medieval Thing The Other End This entry is a stub. Email with more information to fill out this entry.
Page: College Seminar Librarians 2011
Contact Your Librarian Number Faculty Seminar title Librarian 1-003 Anderson, Erik Personal identity and immortality Beth Patterson, x3480 1-014 Bai Di Beijing and Shanghai: two stories of Chinese modernity Beth Patterson mailto:
Page: College Seminar Librarians 2012
Contact Your Librarian Number Faculty Seminar title Librarian CSEM 1-009 Andrews, Christopher Outliers: the sociology of success Jody Caldwell, x3481 CSEM 1-015 Bai Di Thought for food: Chinese foodways Jenne Heise mailto:jheise
Page: College Seminar Librarians 2013
Contact Your Librarian Number Instructor Seminar title Librarian 100-005 Arnold, Lee Imagining the future Bruce Lancaster, x3487 100-001 Baring, Edward What is freedom Beth Patterson, x3480 100-020 Bartl
Page: College Seminar Librarians 2014
Contact Your Librarian Number Professor Title Librarian 100 - G09 Crowther, Molly Science in fiction (but NOT science fiction) Margery Ashmun, x3483 100 - G01 Golden, Jonathan Global peacebuilding and leadership (GVLLV) Jody Caldwell mailto:jcaldwel@d
Page: Concert Stories
Share your concert and event stories.
Page: Concerts
Many famous (and not-so-famous) bands played on Drew's campus, especially from the 1960s through the 1980s. Here is a list of such concerts and other events. From Drew Magazine: When Rock Ruled (2
Page: Copy of Drew Seminar Librarians 2015
Contact Your Librarian Professor Course Number Title Librarian Barker, Brianne DSEM 100-C01 Origins: The origins of infectious disease Margery Ashmun, x3483 Bazewicz, James DSEM 100-C02 Shakespeare: Whodunnit? Bruce Lancaster,
Page: Cornell Library
The Cornell Library, dedicated in 1888, was the first library building constructed at Drew Theological seminary. It is best remembered for the surviving "Rose" Window, now in the Learning Resource Center. The Cornell Library was torn down 1937 when the la


Page: Daniel Drew
DanielDrew1.jpg Daniel Drew, the Wall Street financier whose gift made possible the founding of Drew Theological Seminary, was born in Carmel, New York, in 1797. He had limited formal schooling and began his career in the cattle industry. Drew married Rox
Page: Daniel Kidder
The Rev. Daniel Parish Kidder A.B., A.M., D.D., LL.D. Professor of Practical Theology, 1871-1881 See also: DANIEL PARISH KIDDER (1815-1891) Dr. Daniel Parish Kidder had been a member of the original faculty of Garrett Biblical Institute for fifteen years,
Page: Daniel P. Kidder Prize
Theological School Division V prize. For the best academic record in practical theology. Year Awardee 2016 Philip Salter 2015 Hyoungkyu Park 2014 Eun Sung Han Kristie Lynn Soutar 2013 Bruce Hartman 2012 Margaret Burbank Kribs 2011 Elizabeth Rauen Sciaino
Page: David Graybeal Prize
Theological School Division IV. Awarded for use in a ministry that will enhance community life. Year Awardees 2016 Katherine Myers 2015 Selina D. Carter Ivelisse Garay Castellano 2014 Jennifer L. Berry 2013 Saffet Catovic Young Dong (Steve) Kim Fernando L
Page: David Kohn Award in Close Textual Reading
Awarded to a Drew Modern History and Literature student in recognition of a specific seminar paper, published article, or dissertation chapter that is both of outstanding merit and that is devoted to the close textual analysis of a major work of history,
Page: Dean Pain Prize
Established in 2006 to honor Dr. James Pain for fifteen years of service as Dean of the Caspersen School of Graduate Studies. Awarded annually for the best interdisciplinary doctoral dissertation that is singularly distinguished by creative thought and pr
Page: Dean's Award for Excellence in Art
Three annual awards for distinguished work in art. Year First Second Third 2015 Clara Keane Kether Tomkins Haley Witko 2014 Michael Brown Julie Gonzalez Alexandra Green 2013 Anita Knezevic Jennifer Costa Austin Machado 2012 Andrew P. Pungot Amandalynn Glu
Page: Dean's Master of Arts in Teaching Prize
Awarded to a student graduating from the M.A.T. program who has excelled in all facets of the program, including coursework, field experiences, and student-teaching. Year Awardees 2016 Nicole Ashley Davis 2015 Mallory Louise Mortillaro 2014 Meeghan M. Smo
Page: Dean's Medical Humanities Dissertation Prize
Awarded annually for the Doctor of Medical Humanities dissertation that is singularly distinguished by creative thought and prose style. Year Awardee 2016 Christine Chiosi 2015 Kevin Christopher Flynn 2014 Tracy L. Clark-German 2013 Nancy Elaine Masters 2
Page: Dean's Prize for Excellence and Creativity in Poetry
Awarded to a student graduating from the M.F.A. program who has excelled in all facets of the program, including coursework, the residencies, and their final manuscript. Year Awardee 2016 Alexandra Pollock 2015 Tamara Zbrizhe 2014 Mary V. Brancaccio 2013
Page: Deans of the CLA
1928-31 Willian P. Tolley 1931-50 Frank G. Lankard 1950-59 Raymond A. Withey 1958-59 Harry M. Taylor 1959-60 Robert Schultz 1960-63 Allen L. Weatherby 1963-65 James A. McClintock (acting dean) 1965-71 Richard J. Stonesifer 1971-72 James A. McClintock (act
Page: Deans of the Graduate School
1954-1967: Stanley Romaine Hopper 1967-1969: John W. Bicknell (acting dean)* 1969-1986: Bard Thompson 1986-1993: Merrill M. Skaggs 1993-200?: James Pain (acting dean) 2009- 2010?: Richard Greenwald 2010-present: Robert Ready Dean Hopper was on a sabbatica
Page: Deans of the Theological School
Dr. Lynn Harold Hough was named the Seminary's first dean in 1934. Lynn Harold Hough, a prominent Methodist preacher, writer, and former president of Northwestern University, had taken a B.D. degree at Drew in 1905. He returned to Drew in 1930, at the age
Page: Design Award
Given to a graduating senior for quality of work and commitment as a designer. Year Awardee 2015 Valerie Drake
Page: Donald J. Fariello Memorial Prize
Awarded on the basis of both outstanding accomplishment and future promise to an economics major who plans a career in the legal profession. Year Awardee 2015 Kishan Vinay Patel 2012 Naveen Akkapeddi 2010 Courtney Lynn Reed
Page: Donald K. Baxter Prize for Drew Community Engagement
Established in 2015 by Mrs. Christine J. Baxter in memory of her late husband, Donald K. Baxter, a kind-hearted man and engaged Community Fellow at Drew Theological School. Awarded annually to a graduating Theological School student from any of the degree
Page: Donileen R. Loseke Prize for Excellence in the Study of Religion and Social Contexts
Awarded through the generosity of Dr. Donileen R. Loseke, Professor of Sociology at the University of South Florida. Year Awardee 2014 Natalie Williams
Page: Dorothy Young
Dorothy Young (1908-2011) of Ocean Grove, NJ, was the daughter of Rev. Robert S. Young, an early alumnus of the Theological School; sister of legendary professor and baseball coach Doc Young; grandmother of McKinley Parker CLA '09; and generous benefacto
Page: Dorothy Young Center for the Arts
The main portion of the Dorothy Young Center for the Arts opened in January 2003; a Music Wing and 400-seat performance hall opened in February 2005. Made possible by a $14 million gift from namesake Dorothy Young and a $5 million gift from the State of
Page: Dorr Diefendorf Award
Theological School Division V. Established in honor of Door Diefendorf, Theological School graduate and Professor of Practical Theology and Applied Christianity. Awarded for excellence in homiletics. Year Awardees 2016 Benjamin Lee Odessia Nicole Brown 2
Page: Dr. Franz Hildebrandt Award
Theological School. Established in 2006 by the Theological School Class of 1956, and endowed in 2008,to honor the inspired teaching of Franz Hildebrandt, Visiting Professor of Christian Theology from 1953 to 1967. Awarded to outstanding student who have
Page: Dramaturgy Award
Newly instituted in 2015 to reflect the growing interest and vitality in the department in the the field of dramaturgy. Year Awardee 2015 Dana Therese Bishop
Home page: Drew History
Currently, the primary focus of the Drew History Wiki is on the Drew University History and Archives. To see all the pages currently on the Wiki, see the page listing Or sea
Page: Drew Magazine
Drew Magazine (ISSN 0889-0153) is published quarterly by Drew University. The current editor is Renee Olson, and current and back issues of the magazine can be viewed at
Page: Drew Seminar Librarians 2017
Contact Your Librarian Instructor Section Title Librarian Anderson, Erik DSEM100-C10 Personal Identity and Immortality Jenne Heise, 973-408-3675 Barker, Brianne DSEM100-C11 HIV/AIDS: Biology in Global Context Margery Ashmun mailt
Page: Drew Student Life
This is a Stub, to provide an anchor page to histories of various Drew student activities and clubs.
Page: Drew University Alumni Association Senior Female Career Athlete of the Year
Year Awardee 2016 Emma ALvarez Campbell 2015 Nicole Lillian Kleiman 2014 Brooke Briana Gagliano 2013 Jennifer Van Wingerden 2012 Danielle Nicole Barber 2011 Kati Ann Eggert 2010 Nicole DiBattista
Page: Drew University Alumni Association Senior Male Career Athlete of the Year
Year Awardee 2016 Michael James Klinger 2015 Michael John Pezzuti 2014 James A. Weiss 2013 Raul Navarr Smego 2012 Asmar Capers 2011 Matthew Thomas Greenberg 2010 Jonathan William Bucknam
Page: Drew University Archives
The Drew University Archives, located on G-level of the Drew University Library, preserve and provide access to the historical records of Drew University, including the Theological School, College of Liberal Arts, and Caspersen School of Graduate Studies.
Page: Drew University Robert Fisher Oxnam Ensemble Studio Theatre Award for Playwriting
Endowed in 1992 by Mr. and Mrs. Harry Jaecker, in honor of Mrs. Jaecker's late husband, Robert Fisher Oxnam, former president of the university. Awarded for excellence in playwriting. Year Awardees 2015 Andrew Reid Barnes Evan Egan O'Reilly 2014 Courtney
Page: Drew Veterans of the Civil War
(excerpted from the exhibit: "Gladly Laid Upon the Country's Altar": Methodists and the Civil War, by Christopher Anderson.) * * Private Ellis Franklin Biscoe Birth: July 30, 1847 in St. Mary's County, Maryland Student: Drew Theological Seminary, B.D. 187


Page: Eberhardt Hall
Eberhardt Hall, located near the Town Houses, was named by students, after George Eberhardt, long time staff member at Drew. Apartment-style units that have housed various Theme Houses.
Page: Economics and Business Department Leadership Prize
Awarded to the graduating senior who, in addition to displaying academic excellence, has made significant service contributions to the department and Drew University. Year Awardee 2016 Kristin Grace Zeigler 2015 Sabrina Fruci
Page: Economics Prize
Awarded to the graduating senior who has demonstrated the best overall performance in the economics major. Year Awardees 2016 Luis Alberto Baca 2015 Midori Tagawa 2014 Zoë Marie Grenier 2013 Brooke E. Bode 2012 Krzysztof Wnorowski 2011 Jin Shi Liu 2010 Al
Page: Edward D. Zinbarg Prize
Established in 1999 by Barbara Zinbarg to honor her husband upon the completion of his Doctor of Letters degree at Drew. The Prize is awarded annually to a student in any of the University's schools who has creatively linked Jewish studies and the study o
Page: Edward L. Long Peacemaking Fund Award
This award honors Christian ethicist Edward Le Roy Long, Jr., who was the James W. Pearsall Professor of Christian Ethics and Theology of Culture at Drew from 1976-1985, by supporting scholarship on themes closely linked to Professor Long's work on church
Page: Edward Le Roy Long
Edward Le Roy Long, Jr. was the James W. Pearsall Professor of Christian Ethics and Theology of Culture at Drew University. Drew Library's archival Edward Le Roy Long Jr. collection includes correspondence, photographs, syllabi, and other papers relating
Page: Edwards-Mercer Prize
Prize in the Graduate Division of Religion. Endowed in 1998 by Juanita Edwards-Mercer and her family to honor Mrs. Mercer's mother, Alpha Duncan Edwards. Awarded to a Ph.D. candidate for travel expenses associated with religion-related dissertation resear
Page: Elbridge and Edna Smith Prize
Endowed in 2008 by Elbridge M. Smith C'35 and Edna W. Smith. Awarded to students of outstanding achievement, majoring or intending to major in sociology or French, who have not yet begun their senior year. Year Awardees 2016 T.J. Chiang Alexis Martino 20
Page: Eleanor Mason Intramural Service Award
Awarded to a student for total service to intramurals through dedication, contribution and participation. Year Awardee 2015 Andrei Ciprian Kovacs 2014 Neena France Robertson 2013 Brooke Kaufman 2012 Caroline Kuras 2011 Thomas Henry Lawrence 2010 Joseph Mi
Page: Election Night Watch
Drew's history of "Election Night Watch" goes back to 1960. Students gathered in the University Center to wait for results. Here are a few select photos
Page: Embury Hall
History Built as part of Gibbon's estate, Embury Hall was originally a granary. After being refurbished the building was used as a “club house” in which students would “board themselves.” The students who used this building formed a Boarding Club and was
Page: Evelyn Jacobs Ortner Prize
Awarded annually by Evelyn Jacobs Ortner G '73 to a woman in the Caspersen School Program, or the Continuing University Education program in the College of Liberal Arts, who is continuing her education after a period of family responsibilities. Year Award
Page: Ewing Award for Leadership and Public Service
Given to the graduating political science major who has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills and a deep commitment to community engagement and public service. Created with the support of Drew's John H. Ewing Center for Public Service and Public Affa
Page: Ewing Distinguished Political Science Major Award
Given to the graduating political science major who has demonstrated exemplary performance in his or her coursework in the department and exceptional comprehension of the discipline. Created with the support of Drew's John H. Ewing Center for Public Servi
Page: Ezra Squier Tipple
ESTipple.jpg Ezra Squier Tipple (1861-1936) was the fifth president (1912-1929) of Drew Theological Seminary, later Drew University. Tipple had something of the mien and manner of a country squire, (which, it may be said, was the way his intimates pronoun


Page: F. J. Yetter Prize
Theological School Division I Prize. Awarded to a seminary student of the Old Testament. Year Awardee 2016 Rachael Phelps Claudia Santa Cruz 2015 Angel Abakah 2014 Jean Felipe de Assis 2013 Johanna Chenowith 2012 Douglas T. Ncebere 2011 Kyung Sik Park Yon
Page: FACULTY 1901
Faculty1901.jpg Front: Samuel F. Upham, Prof. of Practical Theology; Henry A. Buttz, President and Prof. of New Testament; Robert W. Rogers, Prof of Hebrew and Old Testament Back: Samuel G. Ayres , Librarian; Merle N. Smith, Registrar and Prof. of Elocuti
Page: Faulkner House
History Constructed: 1883 One of the original Victorian-era homes built for Drew faculty in the 1870s, the building came to house 15 students (men) of the CLA by 1935. In 1945 it housed women because of a housing shortage. In 1955-1956 Faulkner housed col
Page: Fellowship Seminarian Award
Theological School Division V prize. Awarded to a graduating seminary student who displays outstanding leadership in music and/or worship arts. Year Awardee 2016 Matthew Hubbard 2015 Simone Ladson Baitey 2014 Borham Lim 2013 Teresita Matos 2012 Juyeon Lee
Page: Florence A. Bell Prize
Awarded to a Ph.D Student in recognition of outstanding scholarly contributions to the field of Wesleyan/Methodist studies. David Fowler Evans Myong shin Jeon
Page: Forum
The snowiest winter in recent memory couldn't freeze the community's reception of the Simon Center. Since it opened in January, the building has become the campus's social mecca, drawing people out of their residence halls, classrooms, and offices to see
Page: Fred Garrigus Holloway
FGHolloway.jpg Fred Garrigus Holloway (1898-1988) was the seventh president of Drew University and served from 1948-1960. He graduated from Western Maryland College in 1918 and received a B.A. from Drew in 1921. Holloway had been both professor of Biblica


Page: Garyth Nair
Professor Garyth Nair (1943-2013), Professor of Music 1990-2013. Leader of Drew's Chorale and University Orchestra; Music Director of the Summit Chorale. According to Drew Gateway: Nair’s role in the Dorothy Young Center for the Arts’ Music Wing – includi
Page: George deStevens Award for RISE Research
Established by Ruby de Stevens in memory of her late husband, a leading chemist and the founder of the Charles A. Dana Research Institute for Scientists Emeritus (RISE), annually provides generous support to students engaged in cutting-edge research proje
Page: George Kelsey
George D. Kelsey was Henry Anson Buttz Professor of Christian Ethics at Drew University, where he taught for 24 years. While teaching at Morehouse College, Kelsey became a mentor to Martin Luther King, Jr., then a student. Kelsey served as an executive wi
Page: George R. Crooks
A.B., A.M. D.D., LL.D. Professor of Historical Theology, 1880-1897. Summary George R. Crooks joined Drew in 1880 as professor of historical theology, upon the departure of President Hurst. An ordained minister, Crooks had been a long-time advocate of theo
Page: George R. Crooks Prize
Theological School prize. Established in 1914 and awarded to a graduating M.Div. candidate for excellence in hymn and scripture reading. Year Awardees 2016 M. Elouise Hill-Challenger 2015 Sung Woo Lee 2014 Rodney James Lynch Juntae Park 2013 Latisha Darri
Page: George R. Warren Memorial Prize
Theological School Division I prize. Endowed in 1985 by family in memory of George R. Warren T'28. Awarded for outstanding New Testament scholarship. Year Awardees 2016 Chelsea Corinne Jackson 2015 Hwankyu Kim 2014 Jwan Kyu Kim Hyuante Shin 2013 Eun Sung
Page: Ghost Stories
Several buildings on campus, including Mead Hall and the Seminary Building, have been rumored to hold ghosts at one time or another. Share your personal Drew ghost stories. "Guess Who's Sleeping in Your Attic?" , Acorn article, September 30, 1983, by Lisa
Page: Ghosts
"Guess Who's Sleeping in Your Attic?", Acorn article, September 30, 1983, by Lisa Spitz. Share your Ghost Stories. "It's just a feeling you get; there are certain buildings you won't walk in to by yourself - you couldn't pay me to go in by myself," said a
Page: Gilbert House
History Constructed: 1923 Gilbert House was named after Rev. William Marshall Gilbert, the nation's first chair of Home Missions. Initially a faculty residence, it became a women’s dorm in the 1940's. In the 1960's it was Dean Stonesifer's home. In the 19
Page: Goldwater Scholars
The Barry Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Program was established by Congress in 1986 to honor Senator Barry M. Goldwater, who served his country for 56 years as a soldier and statesman, including 30 years of service in the U.S. Senate:
Page: Grace Weggeland Prize
Established in 2002 by Robert Layne Weggeland C '61, P '84, Monique Weggeland Flynn C '84 and family and friends in memory of Dr. Grace K. Weggeland C '58, G '67, P '84. To be awarded to a student, active in campus life, who will achieve junior standing b
Page: Greek Letter Honor Societies
Phi Beta Kappa Baldwin Honors Drew Civic Scholars Lambda Alpha (Anthropology) Beta Beta Beta (Biology) Omicron Delta Epsilon (Economics) Sigma Tau Delta (English) Epsilon Omega Psi (EOS) Chi Alpha Epsilion (EOS) Pi Delta Phi (French) Delta Phi Alpha (Germ


Page: H. Jerome Cranmer Prize in Economic History
Established in memory of H. Jerome Cranmer C'47, former professor of economics. Awarded to the best student in the history of economic thought or economic history. Year Name 2016 Melanie Christine Santos 2015 Omaru Layee Washington 2014 Raymond A. Voorman
Page: Hall of Science
History Constructed: 1966 Dedication: 1968 When the Hall of Science opened, it housed the departments of botany, chemistry, mathematics, physics, psychology, and zoology. In 1976 the building contained the instructional services center, now the media reso
Page: Hannan House
History Constructed: 1914 Converted from a private residence, Hannan House served as the focal point for the Division of Special University Programs and Continuing Education, affording study and lounge space for the continuing education for women program
Page: Hardin Prize
Endowed by Winifred Baldwin and Inez Nelbach in honor of Paul Hardin, former president of the university. Awarded to one or more graduating seniors whose active and productive participation in the academic and community life of the college best exemplifie
Page: Harry Simester Character Award
Awarded annually to a senior who gives such spirit, dedication and energy to supporting the athletic department that he or she becomes a role model and gives each team and program the drive to excel. Year Awardee 2015 Brian Fredrick Ford 2014 Jessica Lean
Page: Harry Simester Intramural Memorial Award
Awarded to non-varsity students in recognition of their outstanding contributions and service to Drew University intramurals. Year Awardees 2015 Rachel Tavani 2014 Matthew Roche 2013 Jonathan Peña 2012 Christopher Michael Gibaldi 2011 Chris Argese 2010 Th
Page: Haselton Hall
History Constructed: 1959 Haselton Hall is named for Philip Haselton, a former chair of the university's board of trustees. It is one of the most sought after residence halls by undergraduate students. It has an elevator for easy access to all floors and
Page: Health Center
History Former Names: Morris Infirmary; Morris Health Center Constructed: 1961 The Morris Health Center was named for Robert Morris, a former president of the university board of trustees. When the Health Center opened, it contained two four-bed and two t
Page: Heath McLendon
The name of Heath McLendon, a longtime university trustee and former board chair whose contributions helped shape the Drew of today, was bestowed on Drew's 'new dorm' built in 2008-09. Drew President Robert Weisbuch had this to say about Heath McLendon on
Page: Helen C. Fenske Internship
Endowed in 2007 by Arthur G. Fenske P '74, '78, Karl A. Fenske C '74, Susan Fenske McDonough C '78 and Mark Fenske in memory of Helen C. Fenske. Awarded to students pursuing an internship in environmental studies, sustainability or public policy pertainin
Page: Helen LePage and William Hale Chamberlain Prize
Graduate Division of Religion. Established by Joan Chamberlain Engelsman G '77 and endowed in 2001 in her memory by her husband, Ralph G. Engelsman. Awarded annually for the Ph.D. dissertation that is singularly distinguished by creative thought and excel
Page: Henry Anson Buttz
HenryB.png Henry Anson Buttz (1835-1920) was the fourth president of Drew Theological Seminary, later Drew University. Buttz attended the College of New Jersey (now Princeton University), where he attained an A.B. in 1858 and an M.A. in 1861. He preached
Page: Henry L. Lambdin Prize for Excellence in Pastoral Leadership
Theological School Division V prize. Endowed in 1989 by friends and colleagues to honor former faculty member Henry Lambdin T'14, T'35. Awarded for excellence in pastoral leadership. Year Awardees 2016 Pedro Antonio Pillot 2015 Sydney Marie Avent 2014 Cra
Page: Honors, Prizes and Awards
(For lists of named scholarships, see the Development Offices' pages on College of Liberal Arts Scholarships, Theological School Scholarships
Page: Hoyt-Bowne Hall
History Constructed: 1893-1894 A joint gift from William Hoyt and S.W. Bowne (members of the board of trustees), Hoyt-Bowne was Drew’s new student residence. In 1915-1916 the building also housed a post office, parlors for social gatherings and a telephon


Page: Irene and Simon Raicer Prize for SHOAH Education
Established in 1995 by Howard and Abbie Raicer Halperin, Jerome and Hildred Raicer Nozick G'94, and Barry and Naomi Raicer Schimmer in honor of their parents. For a graduating senior who has achieved excellence in Holocaust education. Year Name 2014 Maris
Page: Irene Weyer Memorial Prize
Endowed in 2002 by Donald and Arlene Roden P '92 and Frederick S. Roden C '92 in memory of Irene Weyer. Awarded annually to a student of promise enrolled in the teacher certification program who is pursuing travel related to his/her degree. Year Recipien


Page: J. Newton Davies Greek New Testament Prize
Theological School Division I prize. Awarded to the first-year student who has excelled in New Testament Studies.Established in honor of the late professor of New Testament, J. Newton Davies. Year Awardees 2016 Sooah Na Sung Hyuk Kim 2015 Sharon Hausman M
Page: Jacqueline Berke
Berke_Jacqueline_3-215x300.jpg "Jackie" Berke, 1922 - 2017. Professor Emerita. English Department, 1960-1992; Director of the Writing Program 1965-85; founding Director and a Director Emerita of the Center for Holocaust Study. Taught literature and writin
Page: James A. McClintock
James Alfred McClintock, Professor of Psychology, one of the founding professors at Brothers College, served twice as acting Dean of the College of Liberal Arts: 1963-65 and 1971-72 (coming out of retirement to do the second stretch, according to John Cun
Page: James A. McClintock Award for Excellence in Psychology
Endowed by friends and colleagues in honor of James A. McClintock T '30, dean emeritus of the the college and professor emeritus of psychology. Awarded to graduating seniors, for either academic excellence in psychology and potential contribution to the s
Page: James Gilmore Ranck
James Gilmour Ranck (August 26, 1911-May 17, 1979), married to Edna Ranck with two daughters, was a professor, clinical psychologist, and United Methodist minister with a specialization in the relationship between mental health and religious attitudes and
Page: James J. Higgins Memorial Prize
Established in 2006 by family, friends and colleagues to honor James J. Higgins, Esq., former counsel to Drew University. Awarded to a senior who will be attending an accredited law school following graduation from Drew and who has demonstrated academic m
Page: James Lyman McFadden Award
Endowed in 1982 by Mrs. Dorothy Bruegger in honor of her husband, James Lyman McFadden, founder and president of Gow-Mac Instrument Company in Madison. Awarded for outstanding work in chemistry. Year Awardees 2016 Saif Yasin 2015 Madeline Lederer 2014 All
Page: James McClintock Prize for the Outstanding Student-Teacher
Graduate Division of Religion. Awarded to a Ph.D. student who has demonstrated exceptional ability, dedication and promise as a teacher. Year Awardee 2016 Elyse Ambrose Minson 2014 James Hoke 2013 Leah Thomas 2012 Karen Bray 2011 Linda Dietch 2010 Geoffre
Page: James O'Kane Award
Established in 2005 to honor Professor of Sociology James M. O'Kane's long and devoted service to Drew University. Awarded to a sociology major of good character who has done outstanding work in the discipline. Year Awardees 2016 Thomas Anthony Losito 201
Page: James Pearsall Prize for Outstanding Academic Achievement
Graduate Division of Religion. Awarded to a Ph.D. student who has completed the comprehensive exams with exceptional academic distinction. Year Name 2014 Karen Bray 2013 Sara Rosenau 2012 Holly Hillgardner 2011 Christopher Alan Hayes Erika Helene Murphy 2
Page: James Strong
Strong2.jpg James Strong A.B., A.M., S.T.D., LL.D. Professor of Exegetical Theology, 1868-1894 Summary James Strong was a Methodist layman who argued for formal ministerial training and the establishment of a major Methodist seminary in the mid-Atlantic r
Page: Jane Brown and Albert Norton Wettstein Prize
Endowed in 2004 by J. Edward Jarvis in memory of Albert Norton Wettstein C '58 and in honor of Mr. Wettstein's friend, Jane Brown C '62. Awarded to the graduating senior who successfully completes the requirements for a double major with the highest grade
Page: Janet T. Siler Memorial Prize
Endowed in 1993 by friends, in memory of Janet Siler G '89. Awarded for excellence in the research and writing of a paper on the United Nations Semester and for overall academic accomplishment to a student whose character exemplifies the international spi
Page: Jasper and Ann Steele Prize
Theological School Division V prize. Endowed by Jasper and Ann Steele in 1994. For a student who demonstrates potential for ministry in a multicultural community. Year Awardees 2016 Heeyoung Lim 2015 Dae Woung Jo 2014 Keuk Sik Lee Nina Elizabeth Patton 20
Page: Jeannette V. Balber Internship Award
Endowed in 2005 by Andrew E. Balber, to honor the long-time efforts and widely appreciated and abiding interest of his mother, Jeannette V. Balber, in Madison and Morris County public service and Democratic party politics and to continue the vital traditi
Page: John Alfred Faulkner
John Alfred Faulkner, A.B., A.M., B.D., D.D., LL.D., Professor of Church History, 1897-1931 johnfaulkner.jpg Summary John Alfred Faulkner came to Drew in 1897 as professor of church history, having earned his A.B. at Acadia College and his B.D. at Drew. H
Page: John B. Cornell
John B. Cornell, a university trustee, donated one-third of the total cost of Drew's first library. Unfortunately, he died before the Cornell Library was dedicated in 1888. In 1890, his wife gave a stained glass window to the library in his honor. The Cor
Page: John F. Ollom
Dr. John F. Ollom (1923-2013) was the Robert Fisher Oxnam Professor of Science and Society from 1956-1988. According to the Drew Gateway: Ollom’s career in physics began when, as part of his WWII military service, he was a research assistant on the Manhat
Page: John F. Ollom Prize in Physics
Established by friends, family, and colleagues in 1989 to recognize Dr. Ollom's retirement from the physics department. Awarded to a prospective physics major for promising performance in physics courses to date. Year Awardees 2016 Natalya Shcherban 2015
Page: John Fletcher Hurst
JFHurst.jpg John Fletcher Hurst (1834-1903) was the third president (1873-1880) of Drew Theological Seminary, later Drew University. Hurst occupied the chair of Historical Theology in Drew from 1871 until his elevation to the episcopacy in 1880. His geniu
Page: John G. Berg Jr. Memorial Prize
Endowed in 1985 by Mr. Robert Callander as a gift to his wife, honoring her father, John Berg Jr. Awarded annually for excellence in English to an outstanding English major. Year Awardees 2016 Michael Anthony Collina 2015 Christopher C. Recio 2014 Mariel
Page: John Heston Willey Prize
Theological school Division V. Originated in 1920. Presented to the student who excels in pulpit oratory and manner. Year Awardees 2016 Qujuana Jeffress 2015 Kathleen Anne Kerin 2014 Gerard Anthony Jameson Michael H. Barry, Jr. 2013 Miran Jeon Tisa Joyner
Page: John L. Pepin
John L. Pepin came to Drew in 1955 as treasurer. He subsequently became executive vice president and served twice as the university's acting president. In 1977, the university's services center was named in his honor. Pepin died in 1999. Courtesy of the D
Page: John McClintock
McClintock-HIGHRES.jpg John McClintock (1814-1870) was the first president of Drew Theological Seminary, later Drew University, and served the institution as both president and professor of practical theology from 1867 until his death in 1870. The Reveren
Page: John Miley
A.B., A.M., D.D., LL.D. Professor, Systematic Theology, 1873-95. Summary John Miley joined the Drew faculty as chair of systematic theology in 1873, after his brother-in-law, President Foster, left the seat vacant. Miley had graduated from Augusta College
Page: John Paterson Old Testament Studies Prize
Theological School Division I prize. Endowed by family and friends in memory of John Paterson, professor of Hebrew and Old Testament from 1931 to 1957. Awarded to the first-year student of greatest promise in Old Testament studies. Year Awardees 2016 Vane
Page: John R. Mulder Prize
Established in 1992 by Geraldine Horowitz G '91, '92. Awarded annually to the student in the Caspersen School of Graduate Studies who has written the best comprehensive examinations of the past year. The award allows the student to order books to be used
Page: John T. Cunningham
John T. Cunningham (June 26, 1915 – June 7, 2012) was a member of the CLA class of 1938, but he will be best remembered at Drew's storyteller: the author of University in the Forest, the engaging and encyclopedic history of Drew University. Called "New Je
Page: Joseph R. Patenaude Theater Internship Program
Theater internships, established by Thomas H. Kean, 10th president of Drew University and named in honor of Joe Patenaude, beloved long-time professor of theater arts, are awarded to students who are interested in a career in theater and have chosen to pa
Page: June 4, 1969 Charter Revisions
On June 4, 1969, a revised charter for Drew was signed into law. The charter appears on pages 257-259 of the New Jersey Session Laws, Legislature 193, 1969. Links for these three pages, courtesy of Rutgers School of Law, appear below. Pg 257 http://njlaw.


Page: Kenneth E. Rowe
Kenneth E. Rowe was Professor of Church History and Methodist Librarian for thirty-two years and retired in June 2002. He: Championed the idea that Drew University should compete for the archives and persuaded President Hardin to embrace it (University i
Page: Key People in Drew History
*Indicates that Drew University Archives contains a significant collection relating to the person/family. *Baldwin, Arthur and Leonard Arthur and Leonard Baldwin, two brothers who grew up on a farm in the nineteenth century and went on to become very succ


Page: Language and Motion Recognition
In 2010, The College of Liberal Arts recognized the accomplishments and service of the students who served as 2009-2010 Fellows of "Language in Motion @ Drew University," a Spanish language and culture educational outreach program in New Jersey public hi
Page: Larry Horner Female Athletic Leadership Award
Page: Larry Horner Male and Female Athletic Leadership Awards
Endowed in 1998 and named for Larry Horner C'40, a two-sport athlete, active Drew alumnus for 60 years and devoted advocate of athletic teams. Awarded annually to student-athletes recognized for their commitment to the promotion and display of the values
Page: Lawrence E. Toombs Prize in Old Testament History
Theological School Division I prize. For a student who has excelled in Old Testament History. Year Awardees 2016 Graham Hays Stetler Soonil Park 2014 Joanna Chenoweth 2013 Miso Park 2012 Sarah Jane Parker 2011 Dong Sung Kim 2010 Jennifer Lynne Pick Candy
Page: Leavell-Oberg Honors Prize
Endowed by Professor Perry Leavell, who taught at Drew for over 40 years and his wife, Professor Barbara Oberg, who has taught at Yale and Princeton universities, with support from family, friends and former students, in recognition of their shared love o
Page: Leavell-Oberg Prize in History
Established in 1998 by Professor J. Perry Leavell (1997 recipient of the Presidents Award for Distinguished Teaching) and his wife, Dr. Barbara Oberg, with the support of family, friends, and former students, as an expression of their shared love of histo
Page: Lectures, Digitized
The University Archives, teamed with the Methodist Archives ( and United Methodist Communications (, began digitizing audio material related to the Theological School. L
Page: Lenox Rose, Nellie Rose
Lenox Rose, wealthy Madison resident, and his wife Nellie, who took classes at Drew, maintained a friendship with President Tipple for many years. Upon Mrs. Rose's death in 1935, her will made provision for a memorial building at Drew, initiated by her hu
Page: Lester Berenbroick
BerenbroickLester.jpg Lester W. Berenbroick, professor emeritus of sacred music, was active at Drew as a member of the faculty from 1952 to 1991. In addition to teaching popular courses on church music, he also served as director of both the theological a
Page: Lester Berenbroick and Warren Crater Scholarship
Theological School Scholarship Endowed in 2003 by Lester W. Berenbroick, Professor Emeritus of Church Music at Drew Theological School, and Warren H. Crater T’59. Awarded annually to one or more students on the basis of financial need or merit who demonst
Page: Lester Berenbroick Award in Church Music
Theological School, Division V. Established in 2005 by Leary Anna Murphy in honor of Lester Berenbroick's contributions, over many years, to the teaching of church music at Drew. Awarded to a student who has completed the second year of theological educat
Page: Lewis House
History Lewis House was converted from a private residence to a faculty residence. It was converted again, to a theme house (French) in 1980. Later it switched to a Spanish theme house. It is now used for faculty office space. Credits Composed by Anthony
Page: Library
History Former Names: Cornell Library, Rose Memorial Library Constructed: 1938-1939 Rose Memorial Library was built by funds donated by Lenox S. Rose and replaced the Cornell Library. When the Rose Memorial Library first opened, it contained four large re
Page: Lynn Harold Hough
Hough1.jpg Hough (1877-1971) was born in Cadiz, Ohio on September 10, 1877. He earned his A.B. from Scio College in 1898. In 1905 he earned his Bachelor of Divinity degree from Drew Theological Seminary. His first teaching position was at the Garrett Bibl


Page: Madison House
History Former Name: Robertsons' House Constructed: 1880 Purchased: 1949 Madison house was built in 1880 and might have been used as a public inn until 1920. Robertson House was purchased in 1929 and was to be a women’s student dormitory. By 1980s the bui
Page: Main Page
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Page: Marshall C. Harrington Prize in Physics and Astronomy
Endowed in 1990 by friends and former students to honor Drew's first professor of physics, Marshall C. Harrington. Awarded to a junior or senior for completion of an outstanding independent study or research project in physics or astronomy. Year Awardee 2
Page: Mary Pennywitt Lester Dissertation Prize
Endowed in 2001 by Mary Pennywitt Lester G '78. Awarded on occasion to an outstanding dissertation written in English literature or modern history and literature. Year Awardee 2016 Michael Anthony King 2015 Nicole Anderson Yanoso 2014 Daniel Moran 2013 Mi
Page: Maxine Clarke Beach Leadership Prize for Outstanding Academic Achievement
Awarded for academic excellence by a Ph.D. student in coursework: Year Awardee 2016 Robert Kyle Warren 2015 Austin Roberts Awarded to a Ph.D. student who has completed the comprehensive exams with exceptional academic distinction: Year Awardee 2016 KwangK
Page: Maxine Clarke Beach Leadership Prize for Outstanding Student-Teacher
Awarded to a Ph.D. student who has demonstrated exceptional ability, dedication, and promise as a teacher. Year Awardees 2015 Sarah Emanuel Hyun Hui Kim
Page: McLendon Hall
NewDorm-perspective.jpg Opened in the spring of 2009, McLendon Hall combines dorm residence suites on the top five floors with group use space on the ground floor (two lounges and a 'convenience'-type store). McLendon Hall represents a major sustainabilit
Page: Mead Hall
Built in 1823 by the Gibbons family, Mead Hall is the original building on the Drew University site. Over the years it has been used for classrooms, student housing and administrative offices. The name Mead Hall honors Roxana Mead Drew, the wife of philan
Page: Mead Hall Fire
MeadHall-Fire.jpg On August 24, 1989, Mead Hall -- the 1832 Greek Revival mansion that pre-dates the University in the Forest on this site-- caught fire. What started as a "reported small fire in the wall of Mead Hall" (History of the Madison Fire Departm
Page: Mead Hall Study Circle Prize
Theological School prize. Originated in 1926. Awarded to a woman student who has achieved an excellent academic record in her first year of study. Year Awardee 2016 Vanessa Wilson Rachel Phelps Laura Quackenbush-Steele 2015 Sooah Na 2014 Dana Gill 2013 Jo
Page: Mead Meadow
The Mead Meadow, a wildlife habitat between Mead Hall and Brothers College, was established in the summer of 2011. It replaces the lawn area under the trees in front of the Hall of Sciences and Brothers College toward Mead Circle. Additional wildflowers w
Page: Merce Cunningham Award for Dance
Year Awardee 2015 Lydia Howard
Page: Michael Ellis Prize
Endowed by Michael Ellis G '73 in 1991. Awarded for the best M.A. thesis in the field of English Literature. Year Awardee 2014 Jonathan Brooks Sanford 2013 Suanne B. Fetherolf 2012 Jaclyn R. Harte 2010 David Arthur Kopp Russell Brandon Horner |
Page: Mildred Moody Eakin
Eakin,Mildred001.jpg Mildred Moody Eakin taught religious education at Drew University (Madison, N.J.) from 1932-1955. She was the first full-time female faculty member at the Drew Theological School, preceding Nelle Morton, who arrived in 1955. Eakin was


Page: Neal Riemer
Neal Riemer was Andrew V. Stout Professor of Political Philosophy at Drew University, where he taught from 1972-1992. A prolific scholar, Riemer earned his M.A. and Ph.D. from Harvard University, held many prestigious academic posts, and left an extensive
Page: Neal Riemer Prize in Democratic Political Theory
Caspersen School of Graduate Studies prize. Established in 2002 by family and friends in memory of former political philosophy Professor Neal Riemer's important contribution to the Caspersen School of Graduate Studies and of his significant body of schola
Page: Newark Project
Courtesy of Drew Magazine. Article originally appeared in the Spring 1996 edition, by Sara Nuss-Galles Confirmed vegetarian Matthias Beier had not planned to experience American cuisine at the local Burger King. Certainly when he came from Germany, the Ph
Page: Norman Guy Prize in Speech
Endowed by Ralph Porzio C '38, trustee emeritus of the university, in memory of the college's first professor of public speaking, Norman Guy. Awarded for distinction in public speaking. Year First Second Third 2016 Chloe Weiss Rachel Tavani Shalini Chalik
Page: Novartis Awards in the Sciences
Given to Drew's most promising seniors graduating with degrees in biology, chemistry, physics, biochemistry and neuroscience as well as in mathematics and computer science. The students chosen to receive these awards are those who not only display excepti


Page: Olin Alfred Curtis
The Rev. Olin Alfred Curtis (1850-1918), A.B., A.M., B.D., S.T.D., LL.D., Professor of Systematic Theology, 1896-1914; Professor Emeritus and Lecturer on Christian Doctrine, 1914-1918 olincurtis.jpg Summary Olin Curtis came to Drew in 1896 as professor of
Page: Order of St. Luke-Hoyt Hickman Award
Theological School Division V Prize. For excellence in liturgical studies. Year Awardees 2016 Christopher David Hardy 2015 Joyce Jayoon Lee 2014 Teresita Matos-Post 2013 Lorie Beth Caulfield 2012 Shannon Elizabeth Sullivan 2011 Rachel Lynne Horst 2010 Tod
Page: Orientation Highlights
Orientation has long been a part of Drew life. It has gone through many changes, from the events through the fashions. Here are a few highlights: ORIENTATION - CLA 1941 – games, chapel, conference on study habits, vocational interest and personality analy
Page: Oscar Buck
Oscar Buck, son of Drew alumnus Philo M. Buck, joined the Drew faculty in 1919 as professor of missions and comparative religions. He died in 1941.


Page: Paolo Cucchi
Paolo Cucchi was Dean of the College of Liberal Arts from 1984 to 2008, and remains a faculty member of the University. From Drew Magazine: Arrivederci, Paolo! (2008)
Page: Patenaude Internships
Open to all students who plan to do an internship at a theatre or in a related field on a part-time or full-time basis. Strong preference given to majors and minors known to be reliable, with good work and communication skills. Year Awardees 2015 Philipe
Page: Patricia Wickham Prize in Feminist Scholarship
Theological School prize. Endowed in 1992 by family and friends in memory of Patricia Wickham T'89. Awarded for overall academic excellence and creativity in feminist scholarship to a woman student who has completed two-thirds of the M.Div. or three-quart
Page: Paul and Yasuko Grosjean Prize
Awarded to a Ph.D. international student of the Caspersen school whose native language is not English and who has excelled in achieving his/her degree. Year Name 2013 Mareen Gresh Reustle 2012 Jeevan Gurung 2011 Kumar Sankar Bhattacharya
Page: Paul Hardin III
PaulHardin.jpg Paul Hardin (b. 1931) was the ninth president of Drew University. Hardin was a Phi Beta Kappa graduate from Duke University, where he also earned a law degree. He had been president of Wofford College and Southern Methodist University befor
Page: Paul Seybold
Assistant Men's Basketball Coach Paul Seybold (1942-2012) joined Head Coach Daryl Keckler's staff prior to the 2009-10 season and coached nearly four years with the Rangers. He added almost four decades of coaching experience to the staff. Seybold was res
Page: Paul Seymour Memorial Service Award
Established in 1984 to honor Drew's late athletic trainer. Awarded for exemplary spirit, support, and aid to the athletic department. Year Awardees 2015 Tatiana Fulmer 2014 Mark W. Barus 2013 Marissa Mastrocola 2012 Yasmin Xiao Xia Baldini 2011 Yasmin Ba
Page: Peter Jennings Prize
Endowed by Dr. and Mrs. Robert Zuck, professors emeriti of botany, to honor a former student, Peter R. Jennings, C '53. Awarded for high promise in botany, particularly for work in plant improvement. Year Awardee 2016 Alyssa Beth Peterson 2015 Maxwell Ben
Page: Philip H. Haselton
Drew Trustee for 43 years, Board chair 1979-1984. Trustee emeritus 1997-2014. Hasleton was a grandson of Leonard Baldwin, one of the Baldwin Brothers who founded 'Brothers College,' now the Drew College of Liberal Arts. Haselton was the uncle of Rev. Dr.
Page: Pinnacle Award
The Pinnacle honor society recognizes the achievements of graduating adult and nontraditional students. The criteria for membership includes a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher, involvement in campus and community service, demonstrated lea
Page: Pranks
Courtesy of Drew Magazine. Article originally appeared in the Spring 1997 edition, by Sara Nuss-Galles Pre-dawn VJ Day in the Forest: As Pat Adams ('47) and Peggy Lance Osborn ('47) regaled dorm-mates with their hitchhiking adventure to the peace celebrat
Page: President' s Award
Given to a graduating senior who represents the best of the Theatre and Dance Department, through rigorous approach to working in production and the classroom as well as through the quality of work in several fields. This is a cash award. In circumstanc
Page: President's Award for Distinguished Teaching
Past Winners: Faculty Member Year Doug Simon 1991 Alan Candiotti 1992 Lee Pollock 1993 Ann Saltzman 1994 Wendy Kolmar 1995 Jim Mills 1996 J. Perry Leavell 1997 Phil Mundo 1998 Louise Temple-Rosebrook 1999 James O'Kane 2000 Jill Cermele 2001 Debra Liebowit
Page: President's Award in Theatre Arts
Established in 1992 by the theatre arts department. Awarded to a graduating senior who has made outstanding contributions to the theatre arts at Drew in a variety of disciplines. Year Awardees 2016 Grace Christine Leneghan 2014 Ryann T. Carey Lauren E. Me
Page: President's House
History Renovated in the 1960s and located on the edge of Drew's Forest Preserve, the President's House has been home to three Drew presidents. Today the President's House is used to house distinguished visitors to Drew as well as the University Chaplain'
Page: Presidential Purchase Prize in Studio Art
Awarded annually to recognize outstanding work of up to three graduating seniors in studio art. The prize provides funding for the university to purchase original creations from these students to be displayed on campus. Year Awardees 2014 Jennifer Costa
Page: Presidents of Drew University
Presidents McClintock-HIGHRES.jpg John McClintock , 1867-1870 RSFoster.jpg Randolph Sinks Foster, 1870-1873 JFHurst.jpg John Fletcher Hurst, 1873-1880 HenryB.png Henry Anson Buttz, 1880-1912 ESTipple.jpg Ezra Squier Tipple, 1912-1929 ArloBrown.jpg Arlo Ay
Page: Priscilla Patten Benham Prize in Biblical Studies
Established in 2001 by Leary Anna Murphy in memory of Priscilla Patten Benham G'76. Awarded to a doctoral student to support travel for Ph.D. dissertation in Biblical studies. Year Awardee 2011 Cecil Berit Marshall 2009 Donna Laird Graduate Division of Re
Page: Priscilla Patten Benham Prize in Dissertation Research
Established in 2011 by Leary Anna Murphy, in memory of Priscilla Patten Benham G '76. Awarded to Ph.D. candidates of the Graduate Division of Religion in Drew Theological School for expenses associated with dissertation research. Year Awardee 2016 Karri W
Page: Psi Chi Award for Community Service
Established by the Psychology Department in 1994-1995. Awarded to Psi Chi members in recognition of academic excellence and outstanding service to the community of psychology at Drew. Year Awardees 2015 Katherine J. Moran 2012 Lindsey Brianne Peré Leeann
Page: Psi Chi Award for Research
Established by the psychology department in 1994-1995. Awarded to a Psi Chi member in recognition of academic excellence and outstanding contribution to the science of psychology at Drew. Year Awardees 2015 Sarah Robinson 2014 Rebecca Fusi Whetten-Goldste



Page: Rabbi Dr. Sheldon J. Weltman Prize for Excellence in Biblical Studies
Graduate Division of Religion. Endowed in 1992 by the estate of Rabbi Weltman G'80,'90. Awarded for the best thesis or dissertation in Biblical studies. Year Awardees 2016 Christy Lee Cobb Woo Min Lee 2015 Matthew James Ketchum Stephanie Day Powell 2014 K
Page: Ralph A. Fenton
Ralph A. Felton joined the Drew faculty in 1931 as professor of rural sociology. Felton's work focused on the training of African-Americans for rural ministry. It is estimated that Felton trained more than 9,000 African-American ministers through a variet
Page: Ralph R. and Ruth K. Johnson Shakespeare Prize
Endowed in 1998 by the family, friends, colleagues and former students of this beloved professor emeritus of speech and dramatics and his wife, in celebration of their lifelong nurture of esteem for Shakespeare's work. Awarded annually to an undergraduate
Page: Randolph Sinks Foster
RSFoster.jpg Randolph Sinks Foster (1820-1903) was the second president (1870-1873) of Drew Theological Seminary, later Drew University. Dr. Foster was the third of that first flight of Drew teachers - McClintock and Nadal were the others - whose connecti
Page: Rev. William L.D. Lyght Prize
Endowed in 2014 by Bishop Ernest S. Lyght T'68 in loving memory of his late father, the Rev. William L.D. Lyght T'33. Awarded to a Drew Theological School student for excellence in preaching who is in good academic standing, with a preference for African-
Page: Reverend Dr. Clayton Z. Miller T'59, T'75 Prize
Endowed in 2013 by the Rev. Dr. Clayton Z. Miller T'59, T'75. Awarded to a Drew Theological School student who has excelled in supervised ministry and shows great promise for congregational clergy leadership. Year Awardee 2016 Melaine Robyn Rochford 2015
Page: Reverend Florence Spearing Randolph Prize
Theological School prize honoring Rev. Florence Spearing Randolph, the first African-American woman to enroll at Drew. Awarded to a graduating African-American woman student who demonstrates powerful preaching skills and potential for outstanding pastora
Page: Rhodes Scholar
Courtesy of Drew Magazine. Article originally appeared in the Winter 1999 edition, by Lynn Peck Rutan Dena Pedynowski C'99 laughs at herself for sometimes "talking in sound bites." The habit stems from the globetrotter's love of pithy phrases and sayings.
Page: Robert B. Goodwin
Rev. Dr. Robert B. Goodwin attended the Theological School and received his M.Div. in 1945, his STM in 1952 and his D. Min. in 1975. He served as a Trustee from 1976 until 1992 when he became an Emeritus Trustee.
Page: Robert Bly Prize
Awarded to advanced translation students and alumni of the MFA Program in Poetry and Poetry in Translation. Year Recipient 2013 Elliot F. bat Tzedek
Page: Robert Campbell Prize for Excellence in and Commitment to Literature
Awarded to an Arts and Letters student in the Caspersen School of Graduate Studies who has excelled in the program's literary offerings. Year Awardee 2016 Jaclyn Renee Harte 2015 Adrienne Wardy Griffin 2014 Colleen Lorraine Harvan 2013 Victor Alcindor 201
Page: Robert Chapman Poetry Prize
The Chapman Prize celebrates the rich legacy of Robert Chapman, a distinguished teacher, linguist, lexicographer, medievalist, and poet who taught at Drew from 1966 to 1986, by honoring extraordinary undergraduate achievement and promise in the poetry of
Page: Robert Fisher Oxnam
RFOxnam.jpg Dr. Robert Fisher Oxnam (1915-1974) served Drew University from 1961 to 1974 as the first lay person to hold the position of university president in Drew history. A native of Boston, Massachusetts, Oxnam was the son of Garfield Bromley Oxnam a
Page: Robert Fisher Oxnam Prize
Endowed by Dean Inez Nelbach and Louise Slipper in memory of Robert F. Oxnam, former president of the university. Awarded annually to a graduating senior majoring in political science who has shown both outstanding ability in that field and a thorough com
Page: Robert Jehu Bull
Dr. Robert Jehu Bull, 1920-2013, professor of church history 1955-1991, Director of the Drew-McCormick expedition to Tell Balatah (1955), Director of the Joint Expedition to Caesarea Maritima (1971-1996), and husband of Drew University President, Dr. Viv
Page: Robert Jehu Bull Prize
Theological School Division II Endowed in 1996 by Dr. Henry O. Thompson T'58, G'64, a dedicated alumni leader, and other alumni and friends of Drew, in honor of Dr. Robert J. Bull, Professor of Church History and Archaeology Emeritus, who brought church h
Page: Robert L. Chapman Prize
Awarded annually for the D.Litt. dissertation in the Caspersen School of Graduate Studies that is singularly distinguished by creative thought and prose style. Year Awardee 2016 Maximillian Joseph Orsini 2015 Tracy Lynne Carroll 2014 Tracy Renee Handerhan
Page: Robert L. Fenstermacher Summer Research Fellowship
Endowed in 2011 by family, friends, students and colleagues of Robert L. Fenstermacher C'63 in honor of his long career of teaching, his continued interest in his students, and his dedication to the entire Drew community. The fellowship provides annual f
Page: Robert Weisbuch
RobertWeisbuch.jpg Robert Weisbuch was the eleventh president of Drew University. He is a graduate of Wesleyan University and holds his Ph.D. in English from Yale University. Weisbuch served in many roles at the University of Michigan and just prior to co
Page: Robert William Rogers
The Rev. Robert William Rogers A.B., Ph.D., Litt.D., D.D., LL.D. Professor of Hebrew and Old Testament Exegesis, 1893-1929; Professor Emeritus and Lecturer on History of the Ancient Orient, 1929-1930. robertrogers.jpg Summary Robert William Rogers arrived
Page: Rose Memorial Library
This is a stub. For more information about the Drew Library, see Library.
Page: Rose Window, Library
The "rose" stained glass window, displayed over the entrance of the present Library building, was designed by Henry Holiday for Drew's first library, the Cornell (1883). Below: the Cornell Library, with the round stained glass window on the back wall. The
Page: Roxanna Mead Drew
Roxanna Mead Drew, wife of Daniel Drew, is honored at Drew University in the name of the main administrative building, Mead Hall.
Page: Rugby Team
The (Mens) Drew Rugby Football Club's webpage is at The Drew Women's Rugby Football Club's webpage is at This article is a ST
Page: Rumi Prize in Choreography
Established in 2000 by a friend of Drew theatre arts and dance. Awarded annually to a student for excellence in choreography. Year Awardees 2016 Nycole Ashley Nurse 2015 Nathan Anthony Foster 2014 Samantha Marie Wilkerson 2013 Katya G. Danko 2012 Richard


Page: Samuel Bowne
A generous benefactor to Drew between 1890 and 1910, trustee Samuel Bowne's many donations resulted in the building of Hoyt-Bowne dormitory, Bowne Gymnasium, and
Page: Samuel Bowne Hall
The Samuel W. Bowne Hall, the latest addition to an already important group of buildings on the famous campus of Drew Theological Seminary, Madison, New Jersey, is the gift of a great and good man whose honored name it bears, who died in Christ October 29
Page: Samuel Foster Upham
The Rev. Samuel Foster Upham A.B., A.M., D.D., LL.D. Professor of Practical Theology, 1881-1904 samuelupham.jpg Summary Samuel Upham joined the Drew faculty as professor of practical theology in 1880, equipped with an A.B. and an M.A. from Wesleyan Univer
Page: Samuel Gardner Ayres
Drew University Assistant Librarian 1889-1896; Librarian 1896-1911. Drew Alumnus. samuelayres.jpg From The Teachers of Drew, 1867-1942, A Commemorative Volume issued on the occasion of the 75th Anniversary of the Founding of Drew Theological Seminary, Oct
Page: Samuel W. Bowne
A generous benefactor to Drew between 1890 and 1910, trustee Samuel Bowne's many donations resulted in the building of Hoyt-Bowne dormitory, Bowne Gymnasium, and Samuel W. Bowne Hall. Bowne died in 1910.
Page: Seminary Hall
SemHall2.jpg History Former Name: Administration Building Constructed: 1898-1899 Seminary Hall was an anonymous gift. Originally an administration building and chapel it also housed lecture rooms and seminar rooms for members of the faculty. By 1961-1962
Page: Sherman Plato Young
Sherman Plato Young -- 'Doc' Young -- graduated from Drew Theological Seminary in 1928 and was subsequently hired to teach Latin and Greek in the newly established Brothers College. As Drew’s baseball coach for 22 seasons, Doc Young’s overall record was 1
Page: Sherman Plato Young Award
Endowed in memory of Sherman Plato Young, beloved professor, coach, minister and friend, in honor of his faithful service to and love of Drew University and its students. Awarded annually to a student on the basis of character, scholarship, and extra clas
Page: Shilpa Raval Memorial Prize in Classics
Established in 2004 by her family and friends in loving memory of Shilpa Raval C'91 (1969-2004), who received her Ph.D. in 1998 at Brown and was assistant professor of classics at Yale University and a brilliant scholar. Awarded annually to a student who
Page: Shilpa Raval Prize in Women's Studies and the Humanities
Established by her family and friends in memory of Shilpa Raval C'91 (1969-2004), the prize is awarded annually to a junior or senior whose interdisciplinary work, like Shilpa's lively and innovative scholarship on gender and sexuality in the ancient worl
Page: Sidney Udenfriend Prize
Established in 2000 by family and friends in memory of Sidney Udenfriend, second director of the Charles R. Dana Research Institute for Scientists Emeriti. Awarded annually to one or more students majoring in science who demonstrate exceptional promise fo
Page: Simon Forum and Athletic Center
William E. and Carol G. Simon Forum and Athletic Center, which opened in 1994, is one of the largest civic center facilities in New Jersey. The center includes an indoor 200-meter track, an eight-lane NCAA pool, a basketball gymnasium, 2 exercise rooms, s
Page: Sitterly House
History Constructed: 1870 Sitterly House is one of three remaining Victorian-era homes built to house the original university faculty. In 1941, Sitterly had three apartments for missionary families. In 1964-1965 it contained special rooms for music, inclu
Page: Slipper-McClintock Prize
Endowed in 1977 by family, friends and colleagues to honor two of the original architects of the Trustee/Drew Scholar Program, James A. McClintock T '30 and Louise Slipper. Awarded annually to the graduating Baldwin Honors Scholar (Drew Scholar) who has m
Page: Smith House
History Former Name: Earp House Built originally in 1909 for Professor Edwin Earp, the Smith House was called Earp House until 1983. The structure came to house college students but was soon renamed for Robert G. Smith, founding chairman of the political
Page: Stanley Prescott Hooper Memorial Prize
Endowed in 1989 by the estate of Stanley Prescott Hooper C '85, family and friends. Awarded to graduating senior with promise and integrity in art. Year Awardees 2016 Salome Escobar-Chaffee, Art Kayla Elizabeth Johnson, Art History 2015 Silvie Marjorie H
Page: Statue of Francis Asbury
The bronze equestrian statue in front of Mead Hall depicts Bishop Francis Asbury (1745-1816), who was the first episcopal leader of the Methodist Episcopal Church in America. It celebrates the role and mission of Asbury in the itinerant preaching traditio
Page: Steve A. Lemanski Prize
Established in 2006 by Steve A. Lemanski C '89. Awarded to students in applied mathematics with preference given to students intending to pursue a career related to the field of actuarial science. Year Awardees 2016 Richa Patel 2015 Michael Tavarone 2013
Page: Sycamore Cottage
History Constructed: 1834 Originally used to house the hired help of the Gibbons’ estate, Sycamore Cottage housed Drew’s first students 1867 until they moved to Asbury/Embury Halls. After this the building became faculty/staff housing, being briefly used


Page: Take My Word For It…”"
Looking for a good book to read? Try one of these personal recommendations from members of the Drew community who responded to a campus request for reviews of favorite summer reading. Not surprisingly, a range of books and contributors are represented h
Page: That Medieval Thing
That Medieval Thing, sometimes called MedFest or TMT, appears for the first time as a Club in the Oak Leaves yearbook for 1991. That Medieval Thing was first run as the spring festival in 1987, making it one of the longer running student led organizations
Page: The Alan Candiotti Fund for Innovation in Technology and Education
Established in memory of Dr. Alan Candiotti , in recognition of his legacy of leadership at Drew, his commitment to innovation in the integration of technology and the liberal arts, and his longstanding dedication to his students and colleagues. Awarded t
Page: The Big Five
GreatFive1.jpg In the early years of Drew Theological Seminary, five professors gained legendary status. These professors: James Strong Henry Anson Buttz Samuel F. Upham George R. Crooks John Miley were "the pride and boast of Drew" in their day, and wide
Page: The Drew Song
Words by Chris Grygo C’98 Music by Paul Quinn C’96 Standing proud in this great forest Is our beloved University, Spreading knowledge, growth, and friendship At the heart of this community. From these places and in our faces, May the name of Drew prevail
Page: The Other End
The Other End (TOE) Coffeehouse and Cabaret provides a comfortable atmosphere for students to eat, study and enjoy live music during the late-night hours. Founded 1986. Sitterly House is the primary location. Acorn article appears in January 31, 1986 iss
Page: The People of Drew
This is a stub, for organizing entries based on Drew People.
Page: Thomas D. Sayles Jr. Student Award for Outstanding Service to the Community
Awarded annually to a third-year undergraduate student, who, like the award's namesake, has demonstrated an exceptional commitment and unselfish dedication to the Drew family and to the larger community through exemplary volunteer service. Year Recipient
Page: Thomas Gibbons
Summary Thomas Gibbons was a Savannah lawyer turned New York steamboat tycoon. With his son, William Gibbons , and his captain, Cornelius Vanderbilt, he took on New York ferry monopolies and won a Supreme Court decision regulating interstate commerce. Gib
Page: Thomas H. Kean
ThomasKean.jpg President, Drew University, 1990-2005. Thomas H. Kean was born on April 21, 1935. Kean received his B.A. degree from Princeton University and his M.A. from Columbia University Teachers College. He taught private school in Massachusetts befo
Page: Thomas Oden
ThomasOden.jpg Thomas Oden was born October 21, 1931 in Altus, Oklahoma, the son of an attorney and music teacher. He married Edrita Pokorny on August 10, 1952. They had three children: Thomas, Edward, and Laura. Oden was the Henry Anson Buttz Professor o
Page: Tilghman House
History Constructed: 1894 Tilghman House was originally part of the Gibbons estate and was bought by Daniel Drew. Before Drew bought it, however, the home was the private residence of the Sidell Tilghman family who were directly descended from English Bar
Page: Tipple Hall
History Constructed: 1954-1955 Tipple was originally home to male Theological School students. Today, Tipple and its nearby companion structure, Wendel Hall, are the primary residences for Graduate School and Theological School students, especially those
Page: Tipple Pond
TipplePond1.jpg In the space bordered by S.W. Bowne Hall , Hoyt-Bowne Hall, and the Learning Center addition to the Rose Memorial Library, lies a deep circular declivity. Though the precise geological origins of this declivity have not been labelled, the
Page: Tolley-Brown Hall
History Constructed: 1964 The dorm complex contained a dorm for college men and one for college women, joined by a connecting unit with a large central lounge and several meeting and study rooms. Credits Composed by Anthony D. Rogers, Courtesy of the Drew
Page: Tour
Courtesy of Drew Magazine. Article originally appeared in the Spring 1998 edition, by John T. Cunningham C'3 Any proper walking tour of Drew's campus begins by climbing the 10 thick stone steps to the broad piazza of Mead Hall , Drew's first and forever h
Page: Tracey J. Shors Neuroscience Prize
Endowed in 1999 by John F. Brinster C '43 and Doris A. Brinster. Awarded to an outstanding Drew student for collaborative, multidisciplinary research in the neurosciences. Year Awardees 2016 Robert Candia 2015 Susan Weiner 2014 Monal Mehta 2013 Gregory Ge
Page: Trustee Presidents
1867-1876 - Daniel Drew 1876-1876 - Bishop Edmund Janes 1877-1879 - Bishop Matthew Simpson 1880-1888 - John B. Cornell 1888-1901 - William Hoyt 1901-1911 -Samuel W. Bowne 1911-1928 - Bishop Luther B. WIlson 1928-1933 - Leonard D. Baldwin 1933-1940 - Willi


Page: United Methodist Archives
MCtr_entr.jpg History Constructed: 1982 The United Methodist Archives and History Center at Drew holds the world's richest collection of artifacts and historical materials related to the United Methodist Ch
Page: University Center
History Constructed: 1958-1959 The University Center originally housed a dining room, snack bar, bookstore, post office, music and game rooms, office for campus publications, a private dining room, and other facilities open for special events and meetings
Page: University Commons
History Constructed: 1971 Originally the University Commons housed a dining hall, an auditorium seating 480 people, and two classrooms. By 1985 it contained in addition to the dining hall, a president's dining room and a student built Common's Theater and
Page: University Seal
DrewSeal.jpg The university seal was created to celebrate the institution's new status in 1928 when the Drew Theological Seminary of the Methodist Episcopal Church added Brothers College (now the College of Liberal Arts) and changed its name to Drew Unive
Page: University Shield
DrewShield.jpg Adapted from those of Oxford University and two of its colleges, Lincoln and Christ Church, the Drew University Shield reflects the formal education of John Wesley. The noted 18th century churchman was an undergraduate at Lincoln, a tutor a


Page: Vincent Masco Female Athlete of the Year
Year Awardee 2016 Jordan Jessup 2015 Krysta Rose Cento
Page: Vincent Masco Male Athlete of the Year
Year Awardee 2016 Daniel Giraldo 2015 Michael L. Reyes
Page: Vivian A. Bull
Dr-Vivian-Bull-682x1024.jpg Dr. Vivian A. Bull became Drew University’s president for the interim term on July 1, 2012. She will be succeeded by Dr. Mary Anne Baenninger on July 21, 2014. Before 1992, Dr. Bull taught for more than 30 years as a member of


Page: W. Scott McDonald
W. Scott McDonald came to Drew in 1975 as vice president for planning. He subsequently held the posts of vice president for administration and finance, and executive vice president & Chief Operating Officer. In 1988, he became interim president for nearly
Page: Walter F. and Alice Gorham Foundation, Inc. Prize in Jewish Studies
Awarded to graduating seniors who, in the course of their years at Drew, have best exemplified the Jewish value of integrating excellence in Jewish study with exemplary service to campus and community. Year Awardees 2016 Mikaela Simon 2015 Zoe Kara Braite
Page: Wendel
Courtesy of Drew Magazine. Article originally appeared in the Spring 1995 edition, by Mary Luthi, with special thanks to library director Jean Schoenthaler The Drew Archives do not reveal how the university's fifth president, Ezra Squier Tipple , heard th
Page: Wendel Family
The Wendel family had ties to Drew beginning with President McClintock in the mid-nineteenth century. A wealthy and mysterious family from New York City, the Wendels were modest benefactors through Drew's early years. President Tipple nurtured a relations
Page: Wendel Hall
History Constructed: 1951 Wendel was originally home to male Theological School students. Today, Wendel and its nearby companion structure, Tipple Hall, are the primary residences for Graduate School and Theological School students, especially those with
Page: Wendell
Page: Whitefield's thumb
It is true that the Methodist Center contains what purports to be the dessicated thumb of famous Methodist evangelist George Whitefield. Nobody knows how it got there, though various 'relics' of Whitefield were apparently pilfered from his tomb. The thumb
Page: Whitfield's thumb
See Whitefield's Thumb
Page: Will Herberg
Will Herberg was Andrew V. Stout Professor of Philosophy and Culture at Drew University's Graduate School, where he taught from 1955 until his retirement in 1976. He was an internationally renowned Jewish scholar, best known for his landmark book, Protest
Page: William E. and Carol G. Simon
The late William E. and Carol G. Simon, a Drew trustee, gave the University $2.5 million, thereby making possible theSimon Forum and Athletic Center that bears their names.
Page: William Gibbons
William Gibbons was the son of steamboat tycoon Thomas Gibbons. Upon the death of his father, William inherited Thomas' assets - steamboat holdings, land, houses and several plantations in the south, which included more than 500 slaves. It is believed tha
Page: William Gibbons' Horse Journal
Preserved in the Drew University Library archives is a small, bound unlined book -- apparently purchased on Wall Street in New York, according to a label inside the front cover – in which William Gibbons records in his own handwriting notes on his horse p
Page: William Hoyt
William Hoyt was one the university's most generous trustees, and his efforts included the construction of Hoyt-Bowne dormitory and Seminary Hall. He died in 1902. Courtesy of the Drew University Archives
Page: Winifred B. Baldwin Fellowship
Endowed by Inez Nelbach in memory of Winifred B. Baldwin, wife of former trustee Donald Baldwin. Awarded to one or more Baldwin Honors Scholars (Drew Scholars) with excellent academic records at Drew who show great promise of continued distinction in grad
Page: Women
Courtesy of Drew Magazine. Article originally appeared in the Summer 2002 edition, by John Cunningham C'38 In the sping of 2002. Jean Remaly C'47 and I sat comfortably in her pleasant home in Upper Nyack NY, remembering well that autumn day in 1946 when s




Page: Zuck Arboretum
Created and named in honor of Drew botany faculty members Robert and Florence Zuck, the Zuck Arboretum was establishe by the Drew board of trustees in 1980. Situated along the Loantaka Way side of campus, behind the Copper Beech complex, the Arboretum inc


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