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Page: 12 Campus Drive
Page: 1866 Incorporation Act
Page: 1868 Charter
Page: 1928 Name Change


Page: A Short History of Drew University
Page: A Walk Through Mead Hall
Page: Academy of American Poet's Prize
Page: Acorn
Page: African-Americans
Page: After Dark (Drew Magazine Fall 1993)
Page: Alan Candiotti
Page: Albert Norton Wettstein Prize
Page: Alfred B. Haas Prize
Page: Alfred M. Waller Jr. Memorial Prize
Page: Allen Ware Rodes Memorial Prize
Page: Alma Mater
Page: Alton Raynor Prize
Page: American Bible Society Award
Page: American History Award
Page: American Institute of Chemists Award
Page: Anna-Lisa Barofsky Prize in Biology
Page: Annin Memorial Prize in Theology
Page: Annual Award in Music
Page: Arlo Ayres Brown
Page: Arnold S. Boxer Memorial Prize in Physics
Page: Asbury Hall
Page: Athletics


Page: Baldwin brothers
Page: Baldwin Brothers and Brothers College
Page: Baldwin Hall
Page: Barent Johnson
Page: Benjamin Kimpel
Page: Bernard Harrison Nadal
Page: Bernhard Anderson Prize
Page: Bessie Stak Schiffman Award for Excellence in Women's Studies
Page: Birds of Drew Forest
Page: Bishop Edmund S. Janes Prize for Outstanding Academic Achievement.
Page: Bowne Gymnasium
Page: Brothers College
Page: Buildings & Campus Locations
Page: Burke Prize in Language and Literature
Page: Business Studies Prize
Page: Busts in the Library


Page: Campus Maps
Page: Carl Michalson
Page: Carriage House
Page: Caspersen School Graduate Student Teaching Award
Page: Chalice Press Book Award
Page: Chalk Message Project
Page: Charles Fremont Sitterly
Page: Charles Sitterly
Page: Chauncey Lester and Elsie Stewart Benedict Memorial Prize
Page: Christopher Goin Memorial Prize in Writing
Page: Clarence Tucker Craig
Page: Clarence Tucker Craig Prize in Biblical Studies
Page: Class of 1983 Senior Gift Award
Page: Class of 1985 Senior Gift Award Prize
Page: Class of 1988 Senior Gift Prize
Page: Clubs and Organizations
Page: College Seminar Librarians 2011
Page: College Seminar Librarians 2012
Page: College Seminar Librarians 2013
Page: College Seminar Librarians 2014
Page: Concert Stories
Page: Concerts
Page: Copy of African American Firsts at Drew
Page: Copy of Drew Seminar Librarians 2015
Page: Cornell Library


Page: Daniel Drew
Page: Daniel Kidder
Page: Daniel P. Kidder Prize
Page: David Graybeal Prize
Page: David Kohn Award in Close Textual Reading
Page: Dean Anne B. Yardley Prize for Hospitality through the Arts
Page: Dean Pain Community Service Award
Page: Dean Pain Prize
Page: Dean Paolo Cucchi Student Research Fund
Page: Dean Robert Ready Award for Putting the Humanities to Work
Page: Dean's Award for Excellence in Art
Page: Dean's Master of Arts in Teaching Prize
Page: Dean's Medical Humanities Dissertation Prize
Page: Dean's Prize for Excellence and Creativity in Poetry
Page: Deans of the CLA
Page: Deans of the Graduate School
Page: Deans of the Theological School
Page: Design Award
Page: Donald J. Fariello Memorial Prize
Page: Donald K. Baxter Prize for Drew Community Engagement
Page: Donileen R. Loseke Prize for Excellence in the Study of Religion and Social Contexts
Page: Dorothy Young
Page: Dorothy Young Center for the Arts
Page: Dorr Diefendorf Award
Page: Dr. Franz Hildebrandt Award
Page: Dr. Robert G. Smith
Page: Dramaturgy Award
Home page: Drew History
Page: Drew Magazine
Page: Drew Seminar Librarians 2017
Page: Drew Student Life
Page: Drew University Alumni Association Senior Female Career Athlete of the Year
Page: Drew University Alumni Association Senior Male Career Athlete of the Year
Page: Drew University Archives
Page: Drew University Robert Fisher Oxnam Ensemble Studio Theatre Award for Playwriting
Page: Drew Veterans of the Civil War


Page: Eberhardt Hall
Page: Economics and Business Department Service Prize
Page: Economics Prize
Page: Edward D. Zinbarg Prize
Page: Edward L. Long Peacemaking Fund Award
Page: Edward Le Roy Long
Page: Edwards-Mercer Prize
Page: Elbridge and Edna Smith Prize
Page: Eleanor Mason Intramural Service Award
Page: Election Night Watch
Page: Embury Hall
Page: Evelyn Jacobs Ortner Prize
Page: Ewing Award for Leadership and Public Service
Page: Ewing Distinguished Political Science Major Award
Page: Ezra Squier Tipple


Page: F. J. Yetter Prize
Page: FACULTY 1901
Page: Fashion - "Madison's Thoroughbred"
Page: Faulkner House
Page: Fellowship Seminarian Award
Page: Firsts at DTS / Drew University
Page: Florence A. Bell Prize
Page: Forum
Page: Foster Hall
Page: Fred Garrigus Holloway
Page: Frederick Buechner Prize for Excellence in Preaching
Page: Frederick Buechner Prize for Excellence in Writing
Page: Friends of Mead Hall


Page: Garyth Nair
Page: George deStevens Award for RISE Research
Page: George Kelsey
Page: George R. Crooks
Page: George R. Crooks Prize
Page: George R. Warren Memorial Prize
Page: Ghost Stories
Page: Ghosts
Page: Gilbert House
Page: Goldwater Scholars
Page: Grace Weggeland Prize
Page: Greek Letter Honor Societies


Page: H. Jerome Cranmer Prize in Economic History
Page: Hall of Science
Page: Hannan House
Page: Hardin Prize
Page: Harry Simester Character Award
Page: Harry Simester Intramural Memorial Award
Page: Haselton Hall
Page: Health Center
Page: Heath McLendon
Page: Helen C. Fenske Internship
Page: Helen LePage and William Hale Chamberlain Prize
Page: Henry Anson Buttz
Page: Henry L. Lambdin Prize for Excellence in Pastoral Leadership
Page: Holloway Hall
Page: Honors, Prizes and Awards
Page: Hoyt-Bowne Hall
Page: Hurst Hall


Page: Irene and Simon Raicer Prize for SHOAH Education
Page: Irene Weyer Memorial Prize


Page: J. Newton Davies Greek New Testament Prize
Page: Jacqueline Berke
Page: James A. McClintock
Page: James A. McClintock Award for Excellence in Psychology
Page: James Gilmore Ranck
Page: James J. Higgins Memorial Prize
Page: James Lyman McFadden Award
Page: James McClintock Prize for the Outstanding Student-Teacher
Page: James O'Kane Award
Page: James Pearsall Prize for Outstanding Academic Achievement
Page: James Strong
Page: Jane Brown and Albert Norton Wettstein Prize
Page: Janet T. Siler Memorial Prize
Page: Jasper and Ann Steele Prize
Page: Jeannette V. Balber Internship Award
Page: John Alfred Faulkner
Page: John B. Cornell
Page: John F. Ollom
Page: John F. Ollom Prize in Physics
Page: John Fletcher Hurst
Page: John G. Berg Jr. Memorial Prize
Page: John Heston Willey Prize
Page: John L. Pepin
Page: John McClintock
Page: John Miley
Page: John Paterson Old Testament Studies Prize
Page: John R. Mulder Prize
Page: John T. Cunningham
Page: Joseph R. Patenaude Theater Internship Program
Page: June 4, 1969 Charter Revisions


Page: Karen McCarthy Brown Award for Excellence in Teaching Award
Page: Kenneth E. Rowe
Page: Key People in Drew History


Page: Language and Motion Recognition
Page: Larry Horner Female Athletic Leadership Award
Page: Larry Horner Male and Female Athletic Leadership Awards
Page: Lawrence E. Toombs Prize in Old Testament History
Page: Leavell-Oberg Honors Prize
Page: Leavell-Oberg Prize in History
Page: Leavell-Oberg Summer Fellowships in History
Page: Lectures, Digitized
Page: Lenox Rose, Nellie Rose
Page: Lester Berenbroick
Page: Lester Berenbroick and Warren Crater Scholarship
Page: Lester Berenbroick Award in Church Music
Page: Lewis House
Page: LGBTQ Student Activist Prize
Page: Library
Page: Lisa Nocks Student Award
Page: Lynn Harold Hough


Page: Madison House
Page: Main Page
Page: Marshall C. Harrington Prize in Physics and Astronomy
Page: Mary Pennywitt Lester Dissertation Prize
Page: Maxine Clarke Beach Excellence In Service Award
Page: Maxine Clarke Beach Leadership Prize for Outstanding Academic Achievement
Page: Maxine Clarke Beach Leadership Prize for Outstanding Academic Achievement in Comprehensive Exams
Page: Maxine Clarke Beach Leadership Prize for Outstanding Student-Teacher
Page: May 1994 Commencement - Governor Mario Cuomo
Page: McClintock Hall
Page: McLendon Hall
Page: Mead Hall
Page: Mead Hall Fire
Page: Mead Hall Study Circle Prize
Page: Mead Meadow
Page: Merce Cunningham Award for Dance
Page: Merrill Skaggs Award for Excellence in Teaching
Page: Michael Ellis Prize
Page: Mildred Moody Eakin


Page: Neal Riemer
Page: Neal Riemer Prize in Democratic Political Theory
Page: Newark Project
Page: Norman Guy Prize in Speech
Page: Novartis Awards in the Sciences


Page: Olin Alfred Curtis
Page: Order of St. Luke-Hoyt Hickman Award
Page: Orientation Highlights
Page: Oscar Buck


Page: Paolo Cucchi
Page: Parting Glass
Page: Patenaude Internships
Page: Patrice Marie and John Francis Kelly Faculty Fellowship in Arts and Letters
Page: Patricia Wickham Prize in Feminist Scholarship
Page: Paul and Yasuko Grosjean Prize
Page: Paul Hardin III
Page: Paul Seybold
Page: Paul Seymour Memorial Service Award
Page: Pearl Primus Award
Page: Peter Deunov (Dunoff/Dunov)
Page: Peter R. Jennings Prize
Page: Philip H. Haselton
Page: Pinnacle Award
Page: Pranks
Page: President' s Award
Page: President's Award for Distinguished Teaching
Page: President's Award in Theatre Arts
Page: President's House
Page: Presidential Purchase Prize in Studio Art
Page: Presidents of Drew University
Page: Priscilla Patten Benham Prize in Biblical Studies
Page: Priscilla Patten Benham Prize in Dissertation Research
Page: Psi Chi Award for Community Service
Page: Psi Chi Award for Research
Page: Published Histories of Drew University Available Online



Page: Rabbi Dr. Sheldon J. Weltman Prize for Excellence in Biblical Studies
Page: Ralph A. Fenton
Page: Ralph R. and Ruth K. Johnson Shakespeare Prize
Page: Randolph Sinks Foster
Page: Rev. Dr. Clayton Z. Miller T'59, T'75 Prize
Page: Rev. Dr. Joyce Bailey Memorial Award for Academic Excellence and Community Participation
Page: Rev. William L.D. Lyght Prize
Page: Reverend Dr. Clayton Z. Miller T'59, T'75 Prize
Page: Reverend Florence Spearing Randolph Prize
Page: Reverend Robert W. Edgar Prize for Social Justice
Page: Rhodes Scholar
Page: Riker Hall
Page: Robert B. Goodwin
Page: Robert Bly Prize
Page: Robert Campbell Prize for Excellence in and Commitment to Literature
Page: Robert Chapman Poetry Prize
Page: Robert Fisher Oxnam
Page: Robert Fisher Oxnam Prize
Page: Robert J. Duncan, Jr. Prize
Page: Robert Jehu Bull
Page: Robert Jehu Bull Prize
Page: Robert L. Chapman Prize
Page: Robert L. Fenstermacher Summer Research Fellowship
Page: Robert Weisbuch
Page: Robert William Rogers
Page: Rose Memorial Library
Page: Rose Window, Library
Page: Roxanna Mead Drew
Page: Rugby Team
Page: Rumi Prize in Choreography


Page: Samuel Bowne
Page: Samuel Foster Upham
Page: Samuel Gardner Ayres
Page: Samuel W. Bowne
Page: Samuel W. Bowne Hall
Page: Samuel W. Bowne Memorial Gateway
Page: Seminary Hall
Page: Sherman Plato Young
Page: Sherman Plato Young Award
Page: Shilpa Raval Memorial Prize in Classics
Page: Shilpa Raval Prize in Women's Studies and the Humanities
Page: Sidney Udenfriend Prize
Page: Simon Forum and Athletic Center
Page: Sitterly House
Page: Slipper-McClintock Prize
Page: Smith House
Page: Stanley Prescott Hooper Memorial Prize
Page: Statue of Francis Asbury
Page: Steve A. Lemanski Prize
Page: Sycamore Cottage


Page: Take My Word For It…”"
Page: That Medieval Thing
Page: The Alan Candiotti Fund for Innovation in Technology and Education
Page: The Big Five
Page: The Drew Song
Page: The First Korean Student
Page: The Other End
Page: The People of Drew
Page: Thomas D. Sayles Jr. Student Award for Outstanding Service to the Community
Page: Thomas Gibbons
Page: Thomas H. Kean
Page: Thomas Oden
Page: Tilghman House
Page: Tipple Hall
Page: Tipple Pond
Page: Tolley-Brown Hall
Page: Tour
Page: Tracey J. Shors Neuroscience Prize
Page: Trustee Presidents


Page: United Methodist Archives
Page: University Center
Page: University Commons
Page: University Seal
Page: University Shield


Page: Vincent Masco Female Athlete of the Year
Page: Vincent Masco Male Athlete of the Year
Page: Vivian A. Bull


Page: W. Scott McDonald
Page: Walter F. and Alice Gorham Foundation, Inc. Prize in Jewish Studies
Page: Weddell Research Fellowship
Page: Welch Hall
Page: Wendel
Page: Wendel Family
Page: Wendel Hall
Page: Wendell
Page: Whitefield's thumb
Page: Whitfield's thumb
Page: Will Herberg
Page: William E. and Carol G. Simon
Page: William Gibbons
Page: William Gibbons' Horse Journal
Page: William Hoyt
Page: Winifred B. Baldwin Fellowship
Page: Women




Page: Zuck Arboretum


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