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  • Novartis Awards in the Sciences
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Given to Drew's most promising seniors graduating with degrees in biology, chemistry, physics, biochemistry and neuroscience as well as in mathematics and computer science. The students chosen to receive these awards are those who not only display exceptional talent in the classroom and research lab but also demonstrate exceptional promise as future scientists, researchers, doctors, health-care professionals and educators.




Tyler Johnathon Dorrity, Biochemistry
Olivia Nicole Blondheim, Biology
Julie Mary Alex, Chemistry
Michael Steven Clancy, Mathematics
Pearl Anna Sutter, Neuroscience
Michael Steven Clancy, Physics
Camille Elizabeth Berger, Computer Science


Jal J. Trivedi, Biochemistry
Rayyan Sayeed, Mathematics
Justyna Karolina Pupek, Biology
Robert Francis Candia, Neuroscience
Saif Yasin, Chemistry
Ashley Taylor Bloodgood, Physics
Emily H. Evans, Computer Science


Mitchell Hillel Dittus, Biochemistry
Jhon A. Orozco Arismendy, Biology
Madeline Rose Lederer, Chemistry
Daniel Martin Kortiz Gaston, Computer Science
Michael Tavarone, Mathematics
Ryan A. Healy, Neuroscience
Robert Lawrence Gelosa, Physics 


Elizabeth Regedanz, Biochemistry
Arsenoi Asfour, Biology
Allison Rose Staniec, Chemistry
Adam D. Fanslau, Computer Science
Bezalem S. Lemma, Mathematics
Ugomma Crystal Eze, Neuroscience
Ian M. Lowry, Physics


Timothy A. Andres, Computer Science
Nicholas D. Chiappini, Chemistry
Katelyn Rose Cusmano, Biology
Barbara M. Diogo, Mathematics
Gregory Louis Gedman, Neuroscience
Mary Grace Lamont, Physics
Robert J. Scheffler, Biochemistry


Ronak H. Mistry, Biochemistry
Brittany Marie Barretto, Biology
Timothy J. Barnum, Chemistry
Marisa Elizabeth Romanowski, Computer Science
Gregory James Hunt, Mathematics
Rachel Amanda Masia, Neuroscience
Melissa M. Hoffman, Physics


Selime Aksit, Biochemistry
Sophie Chen, Computer Science
Daniel R. Clement, Chemistry
Laura Jamison Frese, Biology
Gregory J. Hunt, Mathematics
Melissa Levinsky, Neuroscience
Christopher Mascia, Physics


John T. Bone, Physics
Laura Jamison Frese, Computer Science
Amanda Rae Kearns, Biology
Aaron Benjamin Loether, Mathematics
Lisa Maria Mustachio, Biochemistry
Melissa Kate Nadler, Neuroscience
Laurie Anne Woodill, Chemistry

2010Karen Elaine McMurdie, Biology
Stephan Joseph Wozniak, Computer Science
Cass Andrew Sherman, Mathematics
Michael Lukacs Jokubaitis, Physics
Matthew Robert Dunn, Chemistry
Vincent Costa, Biochemistry
Katherine Diana LaClair, Neuroscience


Amanda Christine Driesse, Biology
Blake Jordan Gideon, Computer Science
Brian G. Kelly, Mathematics
Brian G. Kelly, Physics
Ann Elizabeth Mularz, Chemistry
Jeremy Sui Bon Tang, Biochemistry
Jeremy Sui Bon Tang, Neuroscience

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