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  • Philip H. Haselton
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Drew Trustee for 43 years, Board chair 1979-1984.  Trustee emeritus 1997-2014.

Hasleton was a grandson of Leonard Baldwin, one of the Baldwin Brothers who founded 'Brothers College,' now the Drew College of Liberal Arts.

Haselton was the uncle of Rev. Dr. D. Stuart Dunnan, Drew trustee 1997-present.

Haselton is remembered in the the Cynthia Baldwin Haselton and Philip H. Haselton Scholarship in memory of his parents, the Shirley Haselton Endowment for Undergraduate Neuroscience Research named for Haselton's wife, the Haselton Room in the Simon Forum and Haselton Hall, currently home to six theme houses.

(Credits: Drew Communications)

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