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James Alfred McClintock, Professor of Psychology, one of the founding professors at Brothers College, served twice as acting Dean of the College of Liberal Arts: 1963-65 and 1971-72 (coming out of retirement to do the second stretch, according to John Cunningham's University in the Forest).

His credentials, according to The Building of Drew University (1938), included:

  • A.B (Bachelor of arts), Williamette University, 1927
  • B.D. (Bachelor of divinity), Drew University, 1930
  • M.A., New York University, 1930.
  • Graduate Work, Columbia University, 1933, 1935;
  • Ph.D., Drew University, 1934.

His teaching career:

  • Teaching Fellow in Psychology and Philosophy, Brothers College, 1930-1931
  • Instructor, 1931-1932
  • Assistant Professor, 1932-1938
  • Associate Professor, 1938-1942
  • Professor of Psychology and Philosophy, 1943-1971

James McClintock served as a Navy chaplain during WWII, starting in 1943.

We have not been able to find any evidence that Dr. James McClintock was related to President John McClintock. Nor, based on a reference in an essay of Dean McClintock's in our files, was he able to find such a genealogical connection.

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