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Constructed: 1958-1959

The University Center originally housed a dining room, snack bar, bookstore, post office, music and game rooms, office for campus publications, a private dining room, and other facilities open for special events and meetings. In 1964 there was an addition to the UC and a meeting-music lounge, meeting room, board room, multi-purpose room, faculty dining room, kitchen, and private dining room were added. After the Commons opened, the University Center contained a snackbar and a coffee house. In 1976 a pub was also housed in the UC. By 1978 it contained the Career Planning and Placement Center, University housing office, art gallery and photography exhibits. In 1981-1983 it also contained student employment office, the student government association office, and the Acorn office. In 1993-1994 it also contained a multicultural center. Today, The University Center is home to the Academic Internship office, the Career Center, Bookstore, pub, snack bar, Acorn (the student newspaper), student government offices, and a game center, and frequently hosts outside vendors who come to campus to sell items such as posters, CDs, clothing and jewelry.


Composed by Anthony D. Rogers, Courtesy of the Drew University Archives.

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