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  • Larry Horner Male and Female Athletic Leadership Awards
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Endowed in 1998 and named for Larry Horner C'40, a two-sport athlete, active Drew alumnus for 60 years and devoted advocate of athletic teams. Awarded annually to student-athletes recognized for their commitment to the promotion and display of the values of sportsmanship and the leadership role they assume for the benefit of their teammates and the success of the team.



2017Jonathan Peter Rodrigues
2015Samantha K. DeSimone
Richard Shahpazian
2014Kaitlyn Marie Dalziel
Raymond A. Voorman, Jr.


Brooke Gagliano
Michael Lawrence Bodden
Scott Patrick Humphreys


Jeramie E. Barletta
Sean Patrick McGowan


Anastasia LeDonne Brown
Curtis Bernard Fornarotto


Elizabeth Law
James Lyle Felix

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