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  • Slipper-McClintock Prize
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Endowed in 1977 by family, friends and colleagues to honor two of the original architects of the Trustee/Drew Scholar Program, James A. McClintock T '30 and Louise Slipper. Awarded annually to the graduating Baldwin Honors Scholar (Drew Scholar) who has made the most outstanding contributions to the success of the Baldwin Honors Program (Drew Scholar Program) and to campus life.



2020Kassel Franco Garibay, WGST & International Relations
Vincent Costa, History
2019Kyra Jean Cipolla
Shayna Racquel Miller
2018Zoe Coates Fuentes
2017Saif Yasin
2016Madeline Rose Lederer
2015Saif Yasin
2014Eliza Louise Mauhs-Pugh
Evelyn Elizabeth Meisenbacher


Janelle Antoinette Hoffman
Maeve Elisabeth Olney
Daniele DeAngelis Walker


Caitlin Mariele Aase
Kathleen Michelle Burke
Stephen Lawrence Petro


Matthew Ian Fingerman
Curtis Bernard Fornarotto
Yang Yang


Anastasia Q. Sailer
Lauren Dayna Spiechowski
Christine Elizabeth Beckhusen

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