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Former Names: College Hall, Brother’s Hall

Constructed: 1928-1929

Dedication: 1929

Brothers College was the gift of Leonard and Arthur Baldwin. The building originally housed a reception hall, large lecture hall, auxiliary library, 16 classrooms, 14 seminar and faculty rooms, offices of the Dean, a large lounge room for commuters, locker rooms, and science labs in the basement. By 1943-1944 Brothers College became home to a mail room, generator and switch-board room, distilling room, and a dark room. In 1957-1958 the building was used, in addition to its normal academic usages, for arts and dramatics activities. Five years later Brothers College contained a chapel and by 1969 it housed art studios, galleries, and the University Computer Center (at this point featuring an advanced IBM 1130 computer). In 1978 the building housed classrooms, faculty and administration offices, art studios and galleries, a center for undergraduate Continuing Education students, and the University Computer Center. Today Brothers College is one of two primary classroom buildings for undergraduates. It is home to faculty offices, the University Writing Center, the Language Resource Center, and the Academic Computing Center.


Composed by Anthony D. Rogers, Courtesy of the Drew University Archives.

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