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Constructed: 1966

Dedication: 1968

When the Hall of Science opened, it housed the departments of botany, chemistry, mathematics, physics, psychology, and zoology. In 1976 the building contained the instructional services center, now the media resource center, which makes a wide range of non-print electronic media services available to the entire university community. Two years later the building expanded and was home to an observatory, a greenhouse, a laser-holography lab, a machine shop, a chemistry library, and a 250 seat auditorium in addition to everything else. By 1979 the third floor contained the auxiliary facilities for the theater arts program including the Attic Theater. In 1983-1985 it contained a radio telescope. A few years later it also contained the administration offices of the NJ Shakespeare festival and the arts council of the Morris area. The building currently houses the departments of biology, chemistry, mathematics, computer science, physics, psychology, and economics.


Composed by Anthony D. Rogers, Courtesy of the Drew University Archives.

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