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  • Winifred B. Baldwin Fellowship
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Endowed by Inez Nelbach in memory of Winifred B. Baldwin, wife of former trustee Donald Baldwin. Awarded to one or more Baldwin Honors Scholars (Drew Scholars) with excellent academic records at Drew who show great promise of continued distinction in graduate or professional school.



2019Ansel Elliot Bloom
David James Van Dongen
Uma Kantheti
Brooke Elizabeth Winters
2018Tyler Jonathan Dorrity
2016Taylor Tracy
Saif Yasin 
2015Adefolakemi Olamide Adenugba
Thomas H. Price

Andrew William Bishop
Nicholas D. Chiappini
Khemani Mark Antonio Gibson
Rachel Marie Schachter
Robert J. Scheffler


Sarah Florence Colmer
James A. Fargher
Francesco Laterza
Daniele DeAngelis Walker


Grace Ellen Landaw


Ann-Marie Ming Ar Tang 



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