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There are three ways to find full text periodicals:

  1. Within Drew's databases, use the Article Linker icon to access full text. See Article Linker tip sheet.

  2. Type the journal title into the Find Journals page. If Drew has access to the journal online, follow the hyperlink options. To see if the library has the journal in print or microfilm/fiche, click on the hyperlinked Drew Print Serials option:

  3. To check if the Drew Library owns a journal title in paper or microformat, go to the Drew Homepage, scroll down and click on Library catalog. For online journal access only, check Full Text Journal Holdings.
  • Once in the catalog, opt for the Exact Search.
  •   Drop down the "search for" menu and opt for periodical titles. Type in the title of the journal and click "do 'exact periodical title search' now".

  • If the Drew library owns the journal in print/microfiche format, or provides online access to the journal, the title will appear first on the resulting list. Click on the blue hyperlink titles.
  • After clicking, you will see records for the journal. In this case, the library has the journal in both electronic and print/microfiche formats. In each brief record shown below, choose either of the circled links to open the full record that will have the information for locating the journal online or in the library. Click on hyperlinked title to see if we have the date you need online or in another format (print or microfilm/fiche).

Explanation of terms in a periodical's Holdings Table (library map) :

  • STACKS: Bound volumes for the years listed (in this case, 1869-2007, incomplete) are housed on Level A alphabetically by title in compact shelving. Range finders on the shelving units will help you find the one with the journal you need.
  • MICROFORM ROOM: Microform (film or fiche) for the years/volumes listed are in the Microform Room on the A-level. The Reference staff can assist you in locating and using these collections.
  • ATRIUM (not shown): The open area by the brick pillars on C-level houses current periodicals.

Remember that at Drew periodicals, unlike books, are not assigned call numbers. They are organized alphabetically by title.

When searching for periodicals, if the title begins with "the,"skip to the next word. Within the title, however, all words including "of" and "the" are part of the alphabetical order. For example: Journal of Economic History is not shelved near Journal of the Economics of Business.

If the periodical is not in either the Drew Catalog or the Full Text Electronic Journals Holdings pages, or the article you want falls outside the date range we provide:
Our Interlibrary Loan department can work with you to obtain a copy from another library. Ask our Circulation or Reference staff to point out the office on our main floor, or submit an Interlibrary Loan Request form from our web site.