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Catalog and Databases

Dewey to LC
Print to Electronic
"Digital World Demands a New Mode of Reading"
        Ejournals without print analogs (e.g. Bible & Critical Theory, Religion Dispatches, Open Access titles, SPARC)
        Ebooks from publishers (e.g. University of California Press)
        Ebooks via Drew Catalog(e.g. ebooks only on the subject of religion)
        Google Books
        Oxford Scholarship Online
        Ministry Matters  
        Electronic reference books and another and another and another (some list here)
        blogs; and finding them: Google blogs, e.g. "Postcolonial theology"
Individual databases to discovery tools (Summon!)

Online Library Helps
    Database Guides
    Course guides
    Recommended public websites
    Quick Links

The Information Landscape
    Library catalogs vs.Periodical Indexes 
        Uniform vs Idiosyncratic
        Cooperative vs. Competitive
        Free vs. Costly
        Citation vs. Fulltext
        A blurring boundary
    Database producers (e.g ATLA) vs. Database vendors (e.g. Ebsco)
    Periodical indexes (e.g. ATLA) vs. Journal storage systems (e.g. JSTOR)
    Databases of primary source materials (e.g. TLG, MGH, Early American Newspapers)
    Protestant vs. Catholic (ATLA vs. CPLI)

Searching Tips
    "In Search of Quietude" (Tan You)
    Authority terms (LCSH)   vs Keywords
    Browsing vs Keywording
        LCSH: Black Theology, Feminist Theology, Postmodern Theology, Postcolonial Theology....
        But also:  (postcolonial) and (theology)

    New look to the catalog: The Rose Window
        Search methods: simple, advanced, exact
        Boolean searching (tip: enclose each conjoined word in its own parentheses)
        Cross-field Boolean searching (Use search qualifiers: au, ti, su)
        Phrase Searching (tip: hyphenate!)
        My Library Account
        Broadening the search for books
        Deepening the search at Drew
    Dissertations and Theses: Fulltext!
    ATLA: Searching scripture by pericope or chapter/verse

Beyond ATLA
Ethnic Newswatch
Women's Studies International
Bibliography of Asian Studies
Black Studies Center
Statistical Data Sets

    Role of reference works
       Encyclopedia of Religion        
       Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy
        Searching for Drew's Reference Works
        Searching the catalog for reference books
    Role of Introductions
        The Cambridge Companion to: Augustine, Kierkgaard, Postmodern Theology
        The Blackwell Companion to: Modern Theology, Postmodern Theology, Study of Religion
        Guides for the Perplexed (Continuum) to: Augustine, Wesley, Heidegger, the Trinity
        Philosophy and Theology (Continuum): Hegel, Nietzsche, Derrida
        Routledge Critical Thinkers: Bhabha, Derrida, Levinas, Spivak, Zizek
    Searching for bibliography
        Religion Compass!
        In library catalogs, e.g. Drew
        In periodical databases, e.g.ATLA
        In Dissertations and Theses

Primary sources
     See "Primary Source Materials" for RLSOC725 
     Critical editions (e.g. Clavis volumes in the Corpus Christianorum series; and Alfred North Whitehead and George Santayana

Tracing Influence
    Google Books    
    Google Scholar
    Arts and Humanities Citation Index  

Chicago Style
    Online Guides
        From Wisconsin-Madison
        From Wisconsin-Parkside
        The Online Chicago Manual of Style
    Converting from library/database style to Chicago style 

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