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Locating Books

Search for books and journal titles in the Drew Library Catalog.

If you know the title of the book or journal, or the name of the author, use the browse feature. When you find the item you want, be sure to check our holdings at the bottom of the record to find the complete call number (for a book), status, and location of the item within the library.

Library Maps will help you locate books, periodicals, government documents and other library resources and services.

Locating Journal/Newspaper Articles Online

On the Library's Research Resources page, chooseResources By Subject. The opening page shows a list of multidisciplinary databases and online reference works. Useful multidisciplinary databases which contain many full text articles are:

  • Academic Search Premier indexes nearly 3,200 newspapers, magazines, and journals, with full-text for a sizable majority of the articles.
  • ProQuest indexes 1,900 magazines, journals, and newspapers, with full text available for the majority.
  • Lexis-Nexis Academic is a large database that spans many subject areas, including News and Medical. The New York Times from 1980 is searchable in this database, and articles from it are available there in full text.
  • New York Times Historical is keyword searchable and offers pages and images of the newspaper from 1851 to 2007.

At the top of the Resources By Subjectpage are links for Drew's majors and minors, as well as links for News, Careers, and Government Information. Try the links for Psychology, SociologyPolitical Science, Government Information, and Women Studies to look for articles that contain survey information.

Subscription databases in specific subject areas, provided by Drew that may contain survey information: (Tip: include "survey" as one of the search terms.)

  • America History and Life abstracts articles on US and Canadian history to the present; published since 1964.
  • Columbia International Affairs Online. See Maps/country data to find statistics on various countries from the Columbia International Affairs Handbook (2003). Case studies can also be a source of statistics
  • Ethnic News Watch covers minority and native press, offering other viewpoints on the news, back to 1990.
  • GenderWatch -offers information on the women's movement and the changes in gender roles with some materials back to 1970.
  • Historical Abstracts -published since 1954, abstracts articles on history of the world, excluding the US and Canada (see America History and Life above)
  • Women's Studies International -searches several databases on the subject of women's studies, going back to 1972 or earlier.
  • PsycInfo -indexes journals, book chapters, on a wide variety of topics relating to psychology including the psychology of opinion and manipulation, back to 1887.

Sometimes accessing full text of an article will be a few easy clicks from the database in which you found the citation. Click on a link or . If that does not produce full text, then use the information in the citation (journal title, year, volume, issue, page, article title) and follow the steps in the Finding Periodicals Guide to determine if articles can be found in the Drew Library. If the library does not own a journal title or book you need, you can request from Interlibrary Loan.

Survey Sources on the Web

Suggested keywords: public opinion, polls, surveys


American Fact Finder Source of census information including population, housing, economic, and geographic data.

FedStats has an A to Z topics list to browse, an alphabetical list of agencies with a description of the types of statistics they supply, a link to information on quality of statistics, and much more. Data and Statistics search by topic


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) -collects data on health issues. Click on the Data & Statistics link for more information.

Kaiser Network. Free archive of opinion polls on health topics conducted in the US.

World Health Organization (WHO) provides some statistics on mortality, cause of death, and diseases.

International (see below for UN)

Columbia International Affairs Online. See Maps/country data to find statistics on various countries from the Columbia International Affairs Handbook (2003). Case studies can also be a source of statistics in this Drew subscription database.

EU eurobarometer -public opinion polls relating to the European Union.

Transatlantic Trends 2007 opinion poll of residents of USA and Europe, covering EU concerns, politics, concerns about global warming, war in Iraq, nuclear arms, etc. Compares data from previous years when available.


National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) - collects data on education in the US and other countries, including some on college age students and career outcomes.

UN Sources

UN Statistics Division -gathers statistical information from international sources on demographics, trade, social indicators; and provides information on best practices in statistics gathering.

World Health Organization (WHO) provides some statistics on mortality, cause of death, diseases.

Universities that conduct opinion polls

Eagleton Institute (Rutgers) Browse by subject or date; display info as bar chart or pie chart.

National Opinion Research Center (U of Chicago)

Quinnipiac College. Covers politics in NY, NJ, PA, CT, FL, and nation.

Roper Center (Univ of Connecticut)
Choose: Public Opinion Matters. See also NSF polls on attitudes towards Science and Technology showing trends from the 1970s to recent.

World Values Survey ( Univ of Michigan) Has surveyed 80 societies worldwide in "waves" that last a year or more, then releases information from the wave and sometimes offers comparisons with previous waves

News Organizations

  • CNN: Possibly the best source for coverage of breaking news. Has a real “Front Page” to scan, has links to foreign coverage, analysis, and opinion. Searchable.
  • Fox Cable News online Search for opinion polls or surveys from this news organization that is generally thought to be conservative.
  • News radio 88

Other Polling Organizations

Gallup Organization searchable public opinion polls on many topics searchable site provides a full-text poll archive on various topics. Daily updates available by clicking Newsflash. Covers politics, economy, American scene, and National barometer, with frequent updates. Access to some items is by subscription only. Searchable and frequently updated. (It seems easier to find Fox News polls here than on the Fox News web site.)

Locating Reference Sources

The books listed below can be found in our Reference collection, which is on the main floor in the stacks opposite the Reference Counter. The following list provides examples of the kinds of useful background information you can find in the Reference collection. (Note that call numbers are subject to change, as books are reclassed to the Library of Congress Classification system. Ask a reference librarian for help.)

Statistical Abstract of the United States (back to 1893) (Most recent is at the Reference Counter, earlier years in Reference.) Reference HA202.S84 xxxx (where xxxx is the year)

Index to International Public Opinion, xxxx/xx (where xxxx/xx stands for 2 consecutive years beginning with 1981/82 and ending with 1999) Reference HM1236 .I53 1981/82

Trends in public opinion : a compendium of survey data. (Covers mid-20th century US opinion up to 1980. Reference HN90 .P8 N53 1989

The World Almanac (most recent at Ref counter; back to 1868 in Ref stacks) Reference AY67 .N5 W7

Canada Year Book (by year, from 1935 to 2001) Reference HA744 .S81


Please feel free to contact Cathy Ryan, 973-408-3483 if you have any questions!