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  • Access to Files and Programs When Not Joined to the Drew Network
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Please Note

Many of these instructions, though written with those not on campus in mind, also apply to any computer on campus that is not joined to the Drew network.

Some of the instructions may also prove useful to those working from home.


Drew University uses Gmail as its email client. Your email is available from any computer connected to the internet, through a web browser.  You will need to login using your uLogin and password.  Remember to check your Drew email regularly, as this is the address used for all official University email communication.

If you try to login from (rather than, only enter your Drew email address ( and not your password. You will be brought to Drew's uLogin page, where you can enter your username (without and password to access your email.

Accessing Files 

Accessing Programs

Many programs used at Drew that are not otherwise accessible via the Web can be found in CloudPC - learn more about Using CloudPC.