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  • Creating a Business Process or Workflow with Gliffy
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Here is a page that lists the different icons you would use and why:

(Ignore when they try to get you to sign up for a free account)

Steps to creating a Gliffy Diagram

  1. Create or edit the U-KNOW page where you want to include the Gliffy diagram
  2. Put your cursor in the body of the page (all that empty white space) where you want the diagram to appear
  3. Click the plus sign in the menu bar along the top and choose Gliffy Diagram
  4. Either pick a template to start from or choose Create a New Diagram (I recommend starting with the Basic option in Create a New Diagram) and click Create
  5. Use the Basic or Flowchart shapes from the area on the left (scroll down to find the Flowchart options). You can use the arrow shapes or the connectors (the button that looks like  ) to connect the shapes.
  6. Click Save at the top right and name your diagram, then click Exit to return to the U-KNOW page.
  7. Publish or Update your U-KNOW page
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