Welcome to U-KNOW, the Drew University Enterprise Wiki Tool!

U-KNOW is a great resource for departments or ad-hoc teams to keep track of projects, business processes, meeting minutes and agendas, and any other information about how your departments work. It is running on the Atlassian Confluence software. Below you will find information about what a wiki is and potential uses for U-KNOW. To the right are links to documentation explaining the functions within U-KNOW.

What is a wiki?

A wiki is a piece of software that allows you and your colleagues to create and edit web pages quickly and simply. Just click, edit and save. Content is published immediately. Within U-KNOW all of the separate wikis are organized into "spaces". Each team can have its own space within U-KNOW. Security roles can be used to allow each team to maintain control over their portion of the U-KNOW software and the information it contains.

What is a space?

A space is an area within Confluence containing your wiki pages. You can think of each space as a sub-site, or mini-site, each with its own home page. New spaces can be created, and you can protect your space to allow or restrict access based on roles or individual users as needed. All of the spaces you have access to will be shown on the Dashboard when you login to the U-KNOW site.

What is the Dashboard?

The Dashboard is the home page of your U-KNOW wiki. The Dashboard contains a list of all the spaces you have access to within U-KNOW, as well as a list of recently updated content.

What is Confluence?

Confluence is an enterprise wiki with some extra communication tools, including news items (blogs) and RSS feeds.

What makes Confluence an enterprise wiki?

Different organizations use Confluence for different purposes: as a company intranet, corporate website, project workspace, knowledge base, documentation site and a host of other implementations. All these are made possible by Confluence's enterprise-appropriate features, including: security permissions at the page, space and site level; content structuring and restructuring options and more.

How do I use U-KNOW?

Check out the Welcome to Confluence tour for the basics. A few additional articles appear in the box to the right.

If you have questions, log a ticket at help.drew.edu, call the User Experience team at 973-408-4357, or email ux@drew.edu.

What is the difference between space and page permissions?

Here is an analogy: A space is a building, and the space permissions are the keys to the building - some keys grant only view privileges (so maybe employees can see the pretty things in the building, but they can't move around the furniture, because they only have view access - the whole key/building analogy is a little wobbly on this one), and some keys grant edit privileges (so specific groups or individuals can move around the furniture and even change the location of the rooms, since they have add/delete pages permissions; they can also make copies of the keys, if they have restrictions access). If an individual is not listed either in a group or individually at the space level, they cannot get a better key to a room inside - a specific page in the space - because their key to the building only allows view access (or they don't have a key at all!).