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To export references to a bibliography, go to the Format option in the stripe at the top.

You can export all your references, only those in a particular group, or use the search function to make a "Quick List" to export certain references.

To Create a Bibliography

  1. Make sure you have a group or a "Quick List" with the items you want to appear in the bibliography.
  2. In the bar at the top, click on Format, then on Bibliography.
  1. In the References section, choose the group you want to export.
  2. In the Bibliographic style section, choose the Bibliography style, such as "APA 6th", "MLA-Annotated" or "Chicago 15th A" (to limit the list of styles to ones you actually use, you can click on "Select Favorites" and select only the styles you want to display.)
  3. In the File Format section, choose HTML,  or RTF (rich text format). To retain the correct formatting for Word or other word processors, we recommend choosing RTF.
  4. Click Save to save the file locally, (Or Email to send it; to just print out a copy, choose Preview and Print).

Once you've created the bibliography and saved the file to your hard drive, you should be able to open it with most word processors.