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  • Miscellaneous Tips for Using Google Apps for Education
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Google Sheets

There are a few ways to insert a hyperlink. These include:

  1. Type or paste the URL into the cell
  2. Type "=HYPERLINK(url)", replacing url with the link you want
  3. Go to the Insert menu and choose "Link..."
  4. Follow the instructions below to add a text box if you wish to have a hyperlink in a cell with additional text

Additional Text Formatting Options

By inserting a text box into a cell, you will be able to use some formatting options not available for regular text. A prime example is indenting text within a single cell.

  • First, in Google Sheets, select 'Insert' in the upper left hand corner. On the drop down, go to the very bottom and select 'Drawing...'. 
  • From here, another window should open up. Within this window, labeled 'Insert Drawing', select the icon of a boxed T. 
  • Then, using your mouse, make a box on the space below. This will determine the size of your box. 
  • Once done, you can write, copy and/or paste what you want, allowing you to indent and hyperlink. (You have to paste in hyperlinks, unfortunately). 
  • Hit Save and Close located at the top right of the Insert Drawing window. Doing so will place the text box in your sheet. 
  • If you want to edit your text box, you need only double click it. 

Insert smart chips in your Google Sheets

See this article from Google,, for information about how to add "smart chips" to your Sheets. Smart chips are a way to see more information about a person, file, or event that you tag in Google Sheets.

They can also be used to create a colorful dropdown menu - useful for something like project lists, when you need to know if a task has been started or completed.

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