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  • Miscellaneous Tips for Using Google Apps for Education
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Google Sheets

There are a few ways to insert a hyperlink. These include:

  1. Type or paste the URL into the cell
  2. Type "=HYPERLINK(url)", replacing url with the link you want
  3. Go to the Insert menu and choose "Link..."
  4. Follow the instructions below to add a text box if you wish to have a hyperlink in a cell with additional text

Additional Text Formatting Options

By inserting a text box into a cell, you will be able to use some formatting options not available for regular text. A prime example is indenting text within a single cell.

  • First, in Google Sheets, select 'Insert' in the upper left hand corner. On the drop down, go to the very bottom and select 'Drawing...'. 
  • From here, another window should open up. Within this window, labeled 'Insert Drawing', select the icon of a boxed T. 
  • Then, using your mouse, make a box on the space below. This will determine the size of your box. 
  • Once done, you can write, copy and/or paste what you want, allowing you to indent and hyperlink. (You have to paste in hyperlinks, unfortunately). 
  • Hit Save and Close located at the top right of the Insert Drawing window. Doing so will place the text box in your sheet. 
  • If you want to edit your text box, you need only double click it. 


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