In the Fall of 2022, the University is debuting print kiosks with a service provider called ePRINTit. 

This page will share information on how to use these printers.

As the University in the Forest, sustainability is important to us. As such, we encourage you to only print what you absolutely need in printed form. Reducing our printing takes a positive step in the right direction toward saving our planet.

Do I have to be at the printer kiosk to print?

You can send files to print from anywhere (your mobile device, your computer, etc), but you will have to be at the print kiosk to actually print.

How do I set up and access my ePRINTit account?

Your ePRINTit account is tied to your Drew email address.

Log in at

To log in, please visit and follow these steps.

NOTE: Do not create your own account. It will not be pulled into the Drew ePRINTit environment properly and you will not be able to print.

The login page looks different than the uLogin page you are used to. It says "Drew University AD FS" at the top and requires your complete email address rather than only the username.

If you are enrolled in Duo Security, you will be brought to a Duo login page after entering your email and password at the page above. On the Duo page, choose your preferred login approval method (push, call, passcode) and approve the login request.

Once logged in, you can add files that you want to print (see below), review your print history or transaction history, and add additional money to your ePRINTit account.

All of these options are available in the menu you can expand by clicking the 3 lines to the left of the Drew logo. 

Log in to the ePRINTitTM Mobile app

The ePRINTitTM Mobile app is available on the iTunes store and in the Google Play Store

Please note: You will see more than one result if you search one of the app stores for "eprintit" (especially if you do not have it all as one word). Please make sure you install the one named "ePRINTitTM Mobile".

Enter "drew" as the organization. Click NEXT.

Enter your Drew email address (the full and your Drew password. Choose Sign In.

If you are enrolled in Duo Security, you will be prompted to choose an approval method. Scroll to the right to choose your preferred approval method. 

You will now be logged in.

You can see your balance at the top of the first page (called the JOBS page), and to the right of that is a button to add funds to your account. 

You can also see your print history on that tab.

Transaction history can be found in the Settings.

How do I make something available to print?

You can use the website at or the ePRINTit mobile app. ePRINTit offers YouTube videos on how to use the web interface (see video here) and the ePRINTit mobile app (see video here).

Adding Files in the Mobile App

The ePRINTitTM Mobile app is available on the iTunes store and in the Google Play Store

Please note: You will see more than one result if you search one of the app stores for "eprintit" (especially if you do not have it all as one word). Please make sure you install the one named "ePRINTitTM Mobile".

After installing the app, you can decide if you want to let it use your device's location. If you do, it will look for the nearest organization. 

Enter "drew" as the organization. Click NEXT.

Choose Sign In.

Enter your Drew username (uLogin ID) and password. Click LOG IN.

Click the cloud icon to add files you would like to print. 

 Which option you choose will depend on where your file is saved. 

When prompted, provide credentials to log in to cloud locations such as email or Drive, or provide permission for the app to view your files on your device for options like Files and Pictures. Do both if you have files in more than one location!

Click Submit to add the file(s) to your JOBS space so it can be printed once you are ready.

Touch the file name for any file you've uploaded to see additional information, such as how many pages the file has and an option to delete the file (a trash can icon). You will be prompted to confirm deletion if you touch the trash can.

Adding Files at


Enter your Drew username (uLogin ID) and password. Click Login.

ePRINTit website with welcome back, drag and drop field, list of uploaded files, current balance, and the Drew logo

Use the drag and drop option or click Select File and navigate to the file(s) you wish to add.

You can click on an individual file to see additional options, including download and delete icons. You will also see the anticipated print cost (and your balance after you print) to the right.

Note: The system is set up to forget your uploads after 8 days.

I'm ready to print!

Come to the print kiosks on the main floor of the University Library. 

Log in to the kiosk you have chosen by touching the "Login with Username" button (apologies for the terrible photo!).

Enter your Drew uLogin ID and password.

NOTE: At the kiosk, which we will sometimes call a vPAD, you only enter your Drew uLogin ID - the part before the in your email address. This is different than logging in to the web portal or mobile app, where you have to enter the full Drew email address.

ALSO: Make sure you do NOT check the "Remember my credentials" box. This will make it hard for the next user to log in.

Choose the Cloud option to view the files you have available to print.


You will then see your name, current balance, and how many pages you would be able to print in either B&W or Color. 

Check the box to the left of the file(s) you want to print. 

Ensure the print settings are correct:

  • Black and white, or color?
  • Single-sided or double-sided?
  • 1 copy only?

As you adjust the settings, the cost displayed to the right will change. If you are printing more than one file, you will see the total cost reflected all the way to the right in the "Your Print Cost" area. 

You can also see your current account balance in a box in the top right.

When you are ready, press Print

After the job prints, you will see your current account balance.

Click Logout.

How much does it cost to print?

Black and white$0.05

Did your request not print?

If you file didn’t print, ask the Helpdesk. Likely paper is needed, but if it doesn’t print after loading paper, the Helpdesk can log a ticket.

    • Please include the date, time, and name of the file that didn’t print, as well as the money lost. After determining the cause, you will be refunded (but the above details are very important for this to happen!)

Trademark belongs to ePRINTit, not Drew.

Reviewed 5/30/23