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titleInstructions on setting your voicemail greeting and phone's availability state from off-campus

While employees work remotely, we can forward our phones to voice mail and record a greeting letting people know they should email us. Here are the steps to take.

Note that we are assuming you have not changed the default behavior for your Out of Office state and that it is set to Always forward to voicemail (7101).

To change your phone's state and set the recommended greeting provided at Drew's Coronavirus page, please follow these steps:

  1. Call 973-408-4933.
  2. Enter your extension.
  3. Enter your password followed by #.
  4. Press 7 to change mailbox options.
  5. Press 2 to set your availability state.
  6. Press 3 to choose Out of Office.
  7. Press 1 to record a personal greeting.
  8. Press 2 to record this greeting:
    1. You’ve reached the voicemail of [NAME, TITLE/DEPT]. Through early August, Drew has moved to virtual business operations as a precaution against the spread of COVID-19. I’ll be checking my voicemail, but would appreciate you also reaching out to me by email at [YOUR EMAIL] Thank you.
  9. Press # to finish, and # again to accept.
  10. Hang up to disconnect from voicemail.