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You may sometimes hear Drew Technology staff talk about, or you may receive email updates from, something called "". What is This is Drew University's issue management system. Put simply, is the database that we use to keep track of every problem reported, computer dropped off, or any other service request made of University Technology. allows us to organize our workflows so that we know the status of every issue we are working on for our customers, thus enabling us to provide efficient customer service.

As a Drew technology user, you may interact with the system anytime, day or night, via the website,


Drew's new page, which you may reach from the Drew start page or simply by visiting, is your single source for Drew technology issues. This page allows you to look at your entire issue history as well as view warranty and other information related to your Drew computer. There are also links to other services on campus. You may also log a new issue with the UT Service Center simply by clicking Fill Out a Support Request.

System-wide Bulletins

In addition to tracking individual customer issues, we also use this system as a tool to track system-wide issues  -- such as unexpected network or server outages -- as well as planned system maintenance. You may review any current system-wide bulletins via as well as the System-wide Bulletins page on U-KNOW.

What is MI6?

You may come across references to "MI6" as you work with the system. MI6 is the name we gave this system before its most recent renovation in the summer of 2013.