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Also available in PDF.
Note: The Board of Trustee Biography files contain biographical material -- press releases, photographs, memorials, newspaper or magazine articles -- relating to the trustee’s service to the university. They are arranged alphabetically by last name. An exception to the arrangement occurs in box 1, where collected membership lists and biographical booklets are placed. The file is updated as regularly as necessary.

Summary Title: Board of Trustees Biography Files

Quantity: 6 boxes (open collection)
Format of Materials: paper, photographs
Access Restrictions: Outside of University community, viable addresses and phone numbers are restricted. Any personnel information is restricted, as per the University Archives Access Policy.
Location: Room 312, Shelf C12
Compiled by: Rebecca Rego Barry and Timothy Esh, February 2004

Further Research Resources

  • Drew University Board of Trustee Minutes

Container Listing

Box 1:

Early members and benefactors (previously collected material), c. 1860s-1910s
Early membership lists, c. 1908-1928
List of presidents, c. 1867-1992
The Trustees of Drew University, booklet issued by the Office of the President, 1962-1964
The Trustees of Drew University, booklet issued by the Office of the President, Nov. 1965
The Trustees of Drew University, booklet issued by the Office of the President, 1968
The Trustees of Drew University, booklet issued by the Office of the President, 1976
Alderson, William H.
Anderson, William Franklin (Bishop)
Andrews, Edward (Bishop)
Andrews, Lewis Davis ("Chip")
Andrus, John E.

Box 2:

Baker, Frank E.
Baldwin, Arthur J. – See Baldwin Collection
Baldwin, Donald R. – See Baldwin Collection
Baldwin, Fred Clare
Baldwin, Leonard – See Baldwin Collection
Bennett, Walter C.
Berry, Joseph F. (Bishop)
Blanchard, Milton E.
Bosley, Harold A.
Bowne, Henrietta ("Nettie") Youngs
Bowne, Samuel W.
Boyd, William H.
Bradley, James
Brown, Lowell H.
Buckley, James Monroe
Buckley, James T.
Burt, William (Bishop)
Campbell, Edward
Carman, William N.
Carmichel, Alexander
Carnahan, A. Vernon
Caspersen, Barbara Morris
Clark, Robert E.
Cobb, George T.
Comfort, Walter R.
Cornell, John M.
Cornell, John B.
Corson, Fred (Bishop)
Cunningham, Guy, file 1
Cunningham, Guy, file 2 (relating to Ranson case)

Box 3:

Davis, Ralph Emerson
Diefendorf, Robert R.
Drew, Daniel
Dunkle, William Fredrick
Elliot, Ray A.
Eppler, Jerome C.
Ferry, Joseph R.
Fowler, Anderson
Friday, Paul C.
Gabrielson, Guy G.
Garrison, R. Benjamin
Goodell, Charles L.
Grady, Kenneth B.
Gray, Joseph M.
Guffick, William R.
Haselton, Philip H.
Havemeyer, Horace
Haven, William Ingraham
Helms, Paul H.
Henninger, F. LaMont
Herrigel, Fred
Hodgman, George B., file 1
Hodgman, George B., file 2
Howard, J. Gordon (Bishop)
Hughes, Richard J.
Janes, Edmund S. (Bishop)
Joy, James R.
Kelley, William V.
Kingsford, Wilmer H.

Box 4:

Layton, William A.
Lovett, Radford D.
Lyon, Roswell W.
Marks, Leonard
McConnell, Francis John (Bishop)
McDowell, William F. (Bishop)
McElroy, John A.
MacRossie, Allan
Millar, William B.
Moore, C. C.
Moore, Leon T.
Moore, Wilson S.
Morell, Joseph B.
Morris, Robert Clarence
Nelson, Reuben
Noble, Eugene A.
North, Eric McCoy
North, Frank Mason
Orr, Edwin W.
Parker, Robert B.
Parlin, Charles C.
Pearsall, J. W.
Pearson, John M.
Perry, Harold M.
Phillips, Ellis L.
Phillips, Ellis L., Jr.

Box 5:

Pilling, William S., file 1
Pilling, William S., file 2
Porzio, Ralph
Powell, Omar
Ramsey, R. Paul
Reeves, Richard
Richardson, Harry V.
Ripple, Julius A.
Robertson, W. Spencer
Roda, William B.
Runyon, John H.
Sayre, Charles
Schaenen, Nancy S.
Simpson, Matthew (Bishop)
Sloan, Alfred P.

Box 6:

Smith, Eugene L.
Smith, George W.
Smith, Harold Norman
Smith, Herbert J.
Sockman, Ralph W.
Stout, Andrew V.
Sturtevant, Paul
Tucker, Roy
Tuggle, William P.
Tuttle, James M.
Upham, Francis B.
Van Benschoten, William H.
Ward, W. Ralph (Bishop)
Washabaugh, Jacob E.
Watters, Philip S.
Weatherby, Raymond B.
Welch, Herbert (Bishop), file 1
Williams, Colin
Wilson, Luther B.

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