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  • Capturing citations to web pages using the Firefox Toolbar
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If you install the Endnote Web toolbar in Firefox on a particular computer, you can capture citations to web pages while browsing.

Instructions for installing the toolbar are at:

When installed, the EndnoteWeb toolbar looks like this:

If you are browsing the web and come upon a web page (not a database citation) you want to cite, do this:

  1. Make sure the page you want to cite is displayed in the Firefox window, and you are logged into EndnoteWeb.
  2. Click on the Capture button in the EndnoteWeb toolbar
  3. A citation form screen will come up with the Title of the page and the URL already filled in
    1. Add the information you want to add about the web page. (You may want to change the format to "Web Page").
    2. At the bottom of the page, select any groups you want to add it to in your Endnote Web.
    3. Make Sure "Endnote Web" is selected next to the "Save To:
    4. Click the Save To button.