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There are 2 main ways to get citations into MyEndnoteWeb: one is to is to hand-enter them yourself;  the other is to import them from one of the research databases.

There is a Firefox toolbar you can install to assist in importing citations and some Chrome & Safari Extensions as well.

Importing from databases

Many library subscription databases available through the web can export citations either directly into EndnoteWeb or indirectly, by exporting a citation file that you then upload into Endnote web.

Exporting Directly from a Database into MyEndnoteWeb

Many of our databases come from a vendor (Ebsco) that has a direct export to Endnote Web. Drew ScholarSearch is one of those databases!

Exporting to a File and Uploading to EndnoteWeb

Some database products don't have a direct export-to-EndnoteWeb option. For them, you will need to Export a list of your citations and Import them into Endnote web. If you use the Mozilla Toolbar for Endnote Web, the process skips a few steps.

More Ways to Capture Citations from Specific Databases/Software