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  • Using the Firefox Toolbar to import citations
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If you install the Endnote Web toolbar in Firefox on a particular computer, when you export citations as files using that computer, EndnoteWeb will automatically open and import those files into your "Unfiled" folder. It's also useful forcapturing citations to web pages into your EndnoteWeb.

Instructions for installing the toolbar are at:

When you have the toolbar installed, are logged into MyEndnoteWeb and choose to Export citations from a database in "ris" format, Firefox will automatically open the .ris export file and import the citations into MyEndnoteWeb.

Exporting A Citation from ScienceDirect using the Firefox Toolbar:

  1. Be sure you are logged in to Endnote web and that the EndnoteWeb toolbar appears in your Firefox menus.
  2. Find the ScienceDirect page for the article you want to cite.
  3. Click on the "Export Citation" button (at the top of the citation) in ScienceDirect:
  4. In the screen that comes up, choose "Content Format" -- either citations only (which will include a link to the full text) or citations and abstracts.
  5. Then, under Export Format, make sure that "RIS format (for Reference Manager, ProCite, Endnote)
  6. Click the Export button.
  7. A pop up window will appear, first showing you the progress, then announcing "[x] citations exported to EndnoteWeb"
  8. The new citations will appear in your Unfiled folder.